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I got a crit chance/electricity (178% chc, 93% ele) riven for it but wasn't sure if I should reroll it because the weapon already gains crit chance for zooming in.

6. Mostly when modded well it appears as the Vectis Prime does not even reload due to its fast reload speed and with just a simple reload mod, it can be fired repeatedly. The type of buff granted, which is displayed just below the current zoom magnification, is dependent upon the individual model of Sniper Rifle, ranging from increased critical chance, critical multiplier, or headshot damage. Best Warframe builds by Odealo.

The Vectis Prime deals a high amount of puncture damage with a slightly balance impact and moderate slash damage. Your email address will not be published.

Today we’re gonna take a quick look at the one and only Stradavar Prime.

It mainly became popular during the Plains of Eidolon update and is well known for killing Teralysts easily. Fire Rate:Fires around 1 projectile per second.

This weapon mainly deals puncture damage along with a low amount of slash and impact. ZAKTI PRIME. Here is a list of 5 of the best sniper rifles in Warframe: The Lanka is one of the best know weapons to be used when it came to taking down Teralysts and its stronger variants. Lanka. Banshee Prime grants one of the highest Rifle damage bonus in Warframe, making it one of the best Mission-grinding Frames, Banshee Prime Max DPS Sniper build - Odealo. Sniper Rifles are a type of Primary Weapon designed to fire high-damage shots with high accuracy at very long ranges. While a shot combo is active, the current combo count and damage multiplier (if combo count is at least Minimum Combo) is displayed below the aiming reticule while zoomed in. Hey guys and welcome to another Warframe build article.

It makes it a perfect Frame for sniping out enemies from a large distance. Or perhaps you got a new Weapon or Warframe and don’t know how to build it right? When it comes to dealing excessive damage to enemies and cutting bosses or heavy enemies down to size, these amazing weapons do an excellent job and remain some of the strongest weapons in the game. ARCHGUN ARCHMELEE MELEE PISTOL PRIMARY SENTINEL WEAPON . Today we’re going to take a quick look at our newest sniper rifle that was released with update 25 - the Komorex.

And all of these builds are waiting for you to check them out. Update 29 - HEART OF DEIMOS.

Crits, multishot, the standard mods. Today we’re going to check out Saryn Build that focused around the Contagion Cloud augment. Find the best mod loadouts and build guides for Warframe. if two bullets from a single Multishot hit the same target, then the Shot Combo Counter will register that as two hits.

They are also great for taking down bosses and enemies that are harder to kill.

Use Overframe's advanced Warframe builder to create and share your own builds! For the hunter, the apex of the sniper's art. Dec 10, 2015 @ 4:44am My Rubico sniper rifle build 103K crit Im using this rifle with Ivara.

Ive heard snipers are the best way to take down the Teralysts, ive got a Vectis prime but zero idea how to build it as ive never used a sniper before. Well, then this is the page you are looking for! I have used many sniper rifles since I had first been playing and through that time discovered amazing ways to build and make use of the different sniper files in the game. The Lankahas the following stats: 1. At the same time making it a Glass Cannon type of Frame, which relies on Sound Quake with Resonating Force for the defenses. This is a great choice when it comes to Grineer or Corpus bosses and can make boss fights last mere minutes with its high damage and functionality. 4.

It’s one of the augments that got changed or rather buffed with the latest update so I wanted to see what I can do with it. The primary feature of Sniper Rifles is their sniper scopes, which allows them to zoom in further than other ranged weapons when aiming (default RMB ), allowing for precise shots when firing at long range. Being the Wraith version of the Vulkar, the Vulkar Wraith surpasses it with better stats and can use the Lasting Purity mod which is exclusive for only the Vulkar and Vulkar Wraith. Your friendly neighborhood sortie reward. APPLY CONDITIONALS. OROKIN REACTOR . Each Sniper Rifle requires a minimum number of shots, referred to as Minimum Combo, before the Shot Combo Counter activates, starting with a damage bonus of 1.5x. SNIPER. 5. The Vulkar Wraith deals a high amount of impact damage along with a small amount of puncture.

One of the most iconic sniper rifles in the game, the Vectis Prime is the prime variant of the Vectis which is the choice for many starting players as a sniper rifle due to its high damage. Noise:Shots are alarming and will alert ene…

BUILD NAME . When it comes to high damage and medium to long range combat, sniper rifles play an excellent role in Warframe.

1 meter punch through added to all snipers without any to start with (snipers with innate punch through unchanged). Reticle sway removed from all zoom levels! 1 meter punch through added to all snipers without any to start with (snipers with innate punch through unchanged). Finding the perfect aura polarity isn’t that easy and highly depends on what you plan to do with your Nekros. Visage: All VHS Tape & Mask Pieces Locations [WIP], Ghostrunner: Fixing Mouse Error Reaction Times & Input Lag, Teardown: Altering Detach Alarms, Alarm Times & More, Teardown: Remove TuxedoLabs Splash & Enabling Dark Mode.

A Sniper Rifle is a type of Primary Weapon designed to fire high-damage shots with high accuracy at very long ranges.

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General Sniper Changes.



Critical Multiplier:Shots deal 2x more damage on critical hits. Not only does this build up your Mastery Rank, allowing you access to new content and weapons, but it also provides you with a lot of options for challenging missions. Damage fall off begins at 400 meters and ends at 600 meters with damage reduced to 50% past 600 meters.


WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Getting this weapon early on is a great advantage to many players due to it decent stats and damage.

Not only does the Snipetron Vandal have a nice new look but it also gains an increase in several of its stats. Back then when the Rubico itself was a good match for the Lanka and ever since the Rubico Prime had been released, it has become very popular with many players. All sniper rifles have a 2 second combo duration, with the exception of the Lanka, which has a 6 second combo duration.

This duration can be extended with  Harkonar Scope.

Warframe Blog has no official link with Digital Extremes or Warframe, we are just a fan site.

I hear that it takes into account shotgun mods and i already have a fully modded Hek. I have used many sniper rifles since I had first been playing and through that time discovered amazing ways to build and make use of the different sniper files in the game. Each zoom level also has a corresponding buff to one of the Sniper Rifle's stats, with higher magnifications granting greater bonuses, though leading to a corresponding decrease in field of view. With the following Mods your attributes will be at: Corrosive Projection: requires changing Aura polarity to -, Coaction Drift: requires adding - polarity. My build has a riven in it so it's a personal build that no one else can have exactly... ...but use the Lanka since it will output the most damage per shot if build for radiation, crits, and raw damage.

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