wargroove s rank guide

Once you enter the throne room, all enemies in the throne room becomes active, and more spawn will happen, so if needed, park your units outside of the throne room until you are ready, try to aim for Valder as soon as you reach the throne room, using your slower units to clear the path, and rush forward with your commander, knight, dog and mages. Have the dragons assist where needed, but have them fly north if you can. Also check out Ekudeht's S-rank guide, which has video guides for each mission, much lower turn counts, and is generally probably better than this one. Emeric's crystal can block enemies and serve as a bait. Valder loses his groove before the graveyard spawn, then regains 100% groove after the spawn finishes. At this point you should have a very strong army, with most people at 8-10 health, and you can advance a little more aggressively, for example letting Caesar tank multiple hits and then just healing him up. It is possible to block villager spawning location, thus failing the map. Thanks. Also, I would always try to set up Mercia to get a second turn, because anything that lets her charge her groove faster is super valuable. You don't need to capture all the villages (I usually skip the knight village). You have three heroes, you start with an army and a decent income, and Valder only defends his bases with crappy footsoldiers and isn't aggressive at all. A special dialogue will play if you enter bottom left section of the map. Some of the S-rank Turn count are wrong though. If you have units in the first lake, then Emeric cannot cast his magic to summon Mercival, but this restriction does not apply for the rest of the lakes. It's probably a good idea to wagon Caesar back to the front lines after the base is taken (although I forgot). For the first few turns, push forward normally while using the dragons to pick off any units that aren't covered by AA. Known Lowest Turn Count is 18 turns, but can probably probably be lower. 11 turns is an S. This mission is super interesting. Special dialogue plays if Ryota loses 1 unit, Special dialogue plays if Sedge loses a village, Special dialogue plays if Ryota have units close to Sedge's stronghold. Dark Mercia will ignore her own safety when you defeated a total of 77 of her units. Keep making pikes every turn, and dragons when you have enough money, and send them along the same path. I build around 3 pikeman that was it. At this point you want to just push very aggressively, and start making pikes/wagons at your barracks. However, instead of dragon cheese, I captured the western barrack and then marched straight to the stronghold with a bit of misdirection. Caesar is tanky, and he regenerates hp, so don't be afraid to sent him to the frontline. By the time he gets about halfway to your base (for me, he walked along the eastern edge of the island), your dragons should be in roughly the same position, but on the western edge. I can't repeat that enough. Anyway, block the bridges as best you can while taking out the enemy with your siege units. Given a choice, let the commander with the most valuable groove take the kill on an enemy, and put those valuable commanders on the front lines. I like to build a Wagon on turn 1 to rush Ragna to contested villages and barracks. if you can get your units to Valder in 2 turns, you can probably kill him in one turn (minimal damages on Valder on max hp units are: 40 damages from knight, 35 from commander, 15 from dog, and 25 from mage). Spam mainly water units. They tore the outlaws' ground troops apart as they tried to get back to defend the barracks. Sent the Initial 2 Spears to the west end of the road, and the Cavalry with Mercia to the south, Mercia also needs to be transported back to safety, so have another wagon for Mercia before turn 9. In particular, you should use a wagon to drop Mercia into the gate ASAP, because it seems like this affects what the AI does. I like building Spears and Archer for this level because of the guaranteed critical due to their spawn location. I believe that it might help if you put the giant in front of Mercia, because it seems like when you do this, the AI can't figure out a path to hit Mercia, and runs away instead (I even had a game where, instead of attacking me, the AI bizarrely tried to run the long way around to attack me from the rear). Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Milo Secret Endings Guide, Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp Calculester Secret Endings Guide. This orb is used to unlock a secret commander. Design and share maps, cut-scenes and campaigns with easy-to-use editors and in-depth customization tools! The witches aren't really necessary (harpoon ships are better), but it's good to have one near the end just in case the dragon starts running away and you need to chase it down. Just follow the tutorial and keep moving forward towards Mercival's chamber. I was a little lucky to get this setup (I happened to have Valder run along the beach to the northwest, so he was in position to form the left wall), but you may want to start thinking about it 1-2 turns ahead so you can make something like this. It is possible to block all the spawning location to the south. You'll just have to take the 35% or so damage per hit and heal it with your mages later. The dragon tower is on a mountain tile...... Why? Pushed the final room with obviously Mercia, the giant, 2 pikemen, 2 archers, 2 mages and a knight. Groove charge when getting attacked, attacking, and killing enemy, so try to do all these to get Mercia's groove charged, Remember your unit counters. [EDIT: see original post, it is possible but takes way too long]. Bring your archers behind her for support. Send your three amphibians down the three different waterways, capturing bases as they go. Send the warships north and hit the enemy port - two hits is enough, so you can freely sacrifice your turtles in order to get your warships in range. But Knight works too. If you hold the bases, you'll save up gold even while producing units at the port every turn. 26 turns is a B, 22-23 is an A, 18 is an S. This is a very unusual mission to S-rank. Eventually, Sedge will start wandering out of his base towards you. As you make a pike every turn, you should be accumulating money. More about the count down timer in fun facts. You can use Caesar's groove to save a turn here and there - for example by letting Mercia get two hits on the gate in one turn, or getting more hits on Valder (although it might be better for Caesar to just hit Valder himself).

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