web2py default password

The password field of the db.auth_user table defaults to a CRYPT validator, which needs an hmac_key. It attempts to cast the string value passed in the PATH_INFO into an int. It must be underlined that OAuth2.0 is limited only to authentication and authorization (for instance CAS has more functionalities), this means that each OAuth2.0 provider has a different way to receive a unique id from their user database through one of their APIs. The interface of the wizard will change over time to include support for more features and easier visual development. The code embedded in {{...}} is pure Python code with one caveat: indentation is irrelevant. All of the methods above can be extended or replaced by subclassing Auth. Notice the API of the built-in wiki is still considered experimental and small changes are still possible. The "access.wsgi" script contains the following line: which points to the web2py application we have requested but you can edit it to point to a specific application, running on a port other than 8002. Under the hood, this login method defines the following table: which stores the openid usernames for each user. Before writing any instructions in the application model a first step is needed for any provider: registering a new application; this is usually done on provider's site and is explained in provider's documentation. Finally here is the code for the view "default/search.html": which generates the following Ajax search form: You can also try to call the callback action directly by visiting, for example, the following URL: If you look at the page source you see the HTML returned by the callback: Generating an RSS feed of your wiki pages using web2py is easy because web2py includes gluon.contrib.rss2. With web2py we can move one step further and ask web2py to generate the form for us, including validation. A new menu item called "[wiki]" will allow you to create, search, and edit pages. PyCharm or PyDev. Mind that the menu is appended to response.menu. In the case of OpenID, the visitor chooses the service provider.

You can also embed special wiki functions such as the search by tags: When your wiki-enabled app gets more complicated, perhaps you might need to customize the wiki db records managed by the Auth interface or expose customized forms for wiki CRUD tasks. They can be uncompressed manually with tar xzvf [filename] although this is never necessary.

There are a few things that needs to be known once there is the need to add a new OAuth2.0 provider to your application: 1. the Authorization URI; 2. the Token request URI; 3. the application identification token and secret received upon registration of the new application; 4. the permissions that the provider must grant to the web2py application, i.e. It queries the database with .select() and then extracts the records as a list with .as_list() and returns the list.

Each file listed in the section corresponds to a file physically located in the subfolder. The source code package assumes that Python 2.7 or 3.5 (or even newer) is already installed on the computer. If there are comments, it loops over them and displays each one. If the counter is there, we ask web2py to increase the counter by 1. The administrative interface, admin, is only accessible from localhost unless you run web2py behind Apache with mod_proxy. Here is how to do it: You can add any field you wish, and you can change validators but you cannot remove the fields marked as "required" in this example.
You, as first user/teacher, will be able to access them all. If multiple apps share the same auth database you may want to disable migrations: auth.define_tables(migrate=False). Titles must be prefixed by a #, sections by ##, and sub-sections by ###. How to do it is web server dependent and therefore omitted here. From the admin application's site page, you can perform the following operations: When you create a new application using admin, it starts as a clone of the "welcome" scaffolding app with a "models/db.py" that creates a SQLite database, connects to it, instantiates Auth, Crud, and Service, and configures them. DOS attacks are theoretically possible.

All tickets are listed under admin in the errors page for each application: If you are running from source, the administrative interface shows one more menu item called "Versioning". Here is an example of how to access the XML-RPC handler from an external Python program. More information about components can be found in chapter 13.

If you have the SDK you may want to change these config parameters to the correct value. Go to your phone, choose your profile and type the PIN you have introduced before in the form.

Notice that the admin application includes "plugin_jqmobile" which packages jQuery Mobile. Using this mechanism, multiple applications can use a single sign-on via a single CAS server. You can make your own view for this action: and add extra HTML or code as needed. For custom forms you may want to disable automatic error notification in forms: Also for custom forms you can change the style: (it can be "bootstrap3_inline", "table3cols", "table2cols", "divs" and "ul"; for all options, see gluon/sqlhtml.py). The script ships with web2py. URLs are automatically converted into links. If you don't want to use TLS, set mail.settings.tls = False. Notice that each field type is rendered by a widget. The unique id is sent to the browser via a cookie. If one wishes to do so, one must declare explicitly which "upload" fields contain files that need access control upon download.

This page is the main administrative interface of web2py.

Nevertheless, de-compilation can be difficult and can be illegal. After you login into admin you can edit the admin configuration file via the URL: Notice that admin can be used to edit itself. beach is the title. You can use the env parameter of auth.wiki to expose functions to your wiki.

The administrator password is the password you chose at startup.

Using extra_fields is the recommended way as it will not break any internal mechanism.

From now on we assume web2py is running on localhost ( Some times you want to implement your own logic and do "manual" user login. The "show" action, though, should have a view, so return to admin and create a new view called "default/show.html". You can also change the check_access() action and make its logic more complex. The example shows how the OAuth2.0 access token can be used when calling the remote API of the provider.

It is called if registration fails. Internally, at the web2py level, they are stored as datetime.date, datetime.datetime and datetime.time object respectively and they can be manipulated as such: When dates are converted to strings in forms they are converted using the ISO representation. The first of them shows the web2py version and proposes to upgrade it if new versions are available.

The only caveat is that the form displayed by form=auth() depends on request.args(0); therefore, if you replace the default auth() login form with a custom login form, you may need an if statement like this in the view: The controller above exposes multiple actions: Logout, profile, change_password, impersonate, and groups require login.

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