what boarding school did hamish macdonald go to?

When I visit him in the studio, Macdonald – who grew up in Jindabyne in south-east NSW – is wearing scuffed Blundstones, blue jeans and a faded T-shirt. “You know, we just went to an event where I was working, and they asked to take a picture. He does one every afternoon to clear his head, taking the advice of Fran Kelly, who has observed the same routine for years. He sets a cracking pace to the cafe where, I regret to inform the ABC’s critics, he orders avocado toast and a piccolo latte in a KeepCup. The ambitious program launched on Channel Ten in 2011 but was cancelled later that year, leaving Macdonald to do bits and pieces for The Project, a gonzo Louis Theroux-style series called The Truth Is, and anchor the network’s late news bulletin.

Disillusioned, Macdonald applied for and won a Nieman Fellowship – a Harvard University fellowship for working journalists – and spent 2015-16 studying foreign policy, Chinese history, global geopolitics and digital transformation. At home, his unhappiness at boarding school became a real “faultline” in what was becoming a “complicated family life”, he says, causing disharmony between his parents.

“I was getting sick a lot, constantly run down and unwell,” he says. If he’s filling in on The Project, he will fly to Melbourne after RN Breakfast and go straight to the Channel Ten studios, working a full afternoon and evening before retiring to a hotel room to read his briefs over a takeaway grilled fish dinner.

“I’m genuinely a deeply private person,” he tells me later.

Macdonald is unwilling to offer parts of himself for public consumption, but it’s my job to persuade him to give some of himself up.

I was enthusiastic about seeing the world and going to different places. “We definitely had a very heavy diet of ABC programs when I was young.

The two were friends for a few years before they got together, says Macdonald, but keeps further details, such as how long they have been a couple, private. The childhood idyll ended when Macdonald – there being no high school in Jindabyne at the time – was sent to boarding school in Sydney, which his parents decided was for the best. The lesson was one of camouflage, something he’d been honing since adolescence, when he was badly bullied at a Sydney boarding school and developed skills of detachment and social observation to cope. “Hamish is quite popular on The Project,” says Marc C-Scott, a Victoria University senior lecturer in screen media.

“For all the negativity there is about the times we live in and the rancour of public discourse, I think a program like Q&A can be a force for good,” he says. But none of this reticence is evident when Macdonald greets me warmly with a hug, and suggests we walk out for a coffee. Macdonald says he is “not really a big TV watcher”, but concedes to enjoying Gogglebox.Credit:Nic Walker. “And, you know, he was more enthusiastic than everyone else,” Macdonald says. Two months later, the broadcaster consented to the move but producers are yet to convince current Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who last appeared on Q&A in 2012, to return. “My childhood was pretty wild in many ways. In 2014 he started with ABC as an international affairs correspondent based in London. URL : http://www.networthwikibio.com/hamish-macdonald-wiki-birthday-married-wife-partner-gay-and-net-worth.html, © 2020.

MacDonald has stated that several teachers have played a pivotal role in his interest in sport. He also has a knack for attracting influential mentors, such as George Negus. [13] MacDonald indicated that he would most likely remain involved in Paralympic sport as a coach. It is a sunlit oasis, only two rooms, simply furnished and studded with house plants and a few pieces of art. “This is one of the best jobs in Australia journalism,” Macdonald says. [2] At the 2003 South Pacific Games, he was an athlete ambassador for the World Anti-Doping Authority.

There was controversy during the Men's Shot Put where MacDonald was forced to change his technique mid-competition due to an official's ignorance of the rules. ABC News Breakfast co-host Lisa Millar, who does the Tan walk with Macdonald when he’s in Melbourne, says he’s “not someone who has a bottle of wine and spills every thought”. Dashing good looks with an amazing voice to wow the world, Australian Broadcast journalist and News Presenter Hamish Macdonald is the one to admire.

[5] He said: "They were the best teachers; they certainly gave me a big boost and helped to set my sights on track and field sports." I broach the subject of his being bullied at boarding school, which we had discussed on our walk. Q&A is set to evolve a little with the change of guard.

[6], MacDonald competed at five successive IPC Athletics World Championships from 1994 to 2011. He moved to the United Kingdom, where he reported for Channel 4 and ITV. He is known as an international affairs correspondent for the 'ABC Television Network' in the US. It is one of the most contentious and scrutinised jobs in Australian journalism, with its critics poised to leap upon any hint of bias. He competed in his less preferred events, the Men's 100m T35 and Men's Discus F34.

Macdonald was hired to replace Q&A host and award-winning journalist Tony Jones, who’s moving to China with wife Sarah Ferguson, who will head the ABC’s China bureau. And he does not treat anything lightly. After two years there he found himself burnt out, “completely fried” from relentless foreign deployments for nearly a decade for Al Jazeera English and ABC. Lisa Wilkinson praises his “curiosity, professionalism, humility and tendency to always be the first to take the piss out of himself”, while Millar says he has “a twinkle in his eye, this kindness that can rope people in”. [8], At the 2004 Athens Games, he won a silver medal in the Men's Shot Put F32-33 event.

And yeah …  I just,” he says, with a husky voice. “He was the person who came and found me when my dad was killed in a bike-riding accident [in 2014],” she says. “He drove across Sydney and came and found me to give me the news. "Credit:Nic Walker. They do. Hamish wears clothing by Hugo Boss. You know, a moment of reflection and pause.”, For Macdonald, this is what makes Q&A a gig that is equal parts talent wrangler, interrogator and audience advocate, a satisfying journalism job. Styling by Jolyon Mason; Grooming by Kyye.

“A breakfast TV debate or Karl Stefanovic hosting [failed Q&A imitation] The Verdict?”, The show has an unusually large impact beyond its live broadcasts, generating a lot of coverage in other outlets, and short clips from its episodes often go viral on social media. On Melbourne weeks, he does RN Breakfast from the ABC’s Southbank studio. US TV news doyenne Diane Sawyer, who gave Macdonald the nickname “Mac” when he worked for the American ABC network.

In 2011, he finished 6th in Men's Shot Put F34. “Questions need to be asked about whether it was an accident waiting to happen.”. All Right Reserved. Hamish Anderson MacDonald, OAM[1] (born 19 August 1974) is an Australian Paralympic athlete. “At its core, it’s a two-way conversation that’s good not only for television but the public,” says Marc C-Scott. Macdonald will need all those skills for Q&A. The Project's Hamish Macdonald will be the new face of ABC program, Q&A. Macdonald, together with his partner Jake Fitzroy, enjoys hiking, running and “jumping in the water”. We sit down at his dining table to talk. As noted by Riminton, Macdonald started his foreign correspondent career young. [2] His achievements and advocacy have made him one of Australia's most respected Paralympians. You can lose the audience really easily if you’re too aggressive.”. “What I became was a good observer, and a good listener, and someone who understood the various interests around me, and what people thought, what they needed, what their concerns were.” He pauses. In the lead up to the Barcelona Games, the people of Alice Springs raised $12,000 for him to compete. I did make good friends and have good times,” he says. Personal life: Is Hamish Macdonald married? Kelly later conceded she ought to have done more to challenge the original assertion. “There’ll always be a robustness when politicians disagree, but I’m not sure that’s the thing everyone is tuning in for,” he says. In 2017 she won the Peter Ruehl Award for Outstanding Columnist at the Kennedy Awards. (Producer Erin Vincent says Q&A will keep its time slot in 2020.). The murder was videoed and posted online. “You’ll always have issues when you involve an audience but that doesn’t mean it should change.” Knox also cautions against messing with a format that allows citizens “town hall access” to decision makers. Credit: Macdonald has filled in as Q&A host several times and is bemused by the way the panellists will be perfectly civil to each other as they sit side by side in the make-up chair, or chat in the green room, only to clash when they assume their on-camera roles. Before he arrived, his bosses told him to blend in more – unlike the big American networks, their news crews travelled without a security detail and its journos needed to be able to pass as locals. After Macdonald is finished with Keelty, they have a warm exchange off-air. Since August, he’s been filling in for RN Breakfast anchor Fran Kelly, who was tapped to host ABC TV’s Sunday morning political program Insiders until new presenter David Speers takes over in February. There's something about Hamish: TV's It boy reveals how being bullied shaped his career, NSW South Coast becomes engulfed by bushfires. ), “Audiences are fragmenting across the board and Q&A is no exception,” says David Knox, editor of television industry website TV Tonight. It is a testament to his politeness and professionalism that we manage to negotiate this tension peaceably. And he does not treat anything lightly.

Macdonald on location in Malaysia for the short-lived current affairs show: 6.30 with George Negus.Credit: Catharine Lumby, Macquarie University professor of media, says Q&A is “probably the most difficult job on TV”: “It’s a finely balanced high-wire act for the host … you’re dealing with contentious and complex issues, but at the same time you’ve got to [have] a listening persona, an audience-friendly persona – you can’t come across as impatient or abrupt,” she says. I have asked Macdonald if I can speak to someone in his family, and he gives me the number of his cousin, Louise Campbell, who he calls “Goo”. Asked about violence as a means of achieving political ends, Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy asked “how many rapists must we kill before men stop raping us?” When viewers complained, Eltahawy urged them to direct their anger towards real instances of violence and not the “rhetorical” scenario she raised on air. [21] His chest was shaved for the photograph and he appears nude from the waist up. “If he ever went down in a sinking ship he would bob up like a cork, he’s got such a positive outlook,” says Harry Dillon, his former journalism lecturer at Charles Sturt University. He did an intensive Indonesian language course in Yogyakarta before starting. Riminton, who raves about Macdonald’s qualities as a man and a journalist, calls him “quite private”. As outgoing host Tony Jones says, “There is a multiplier effect that means it’s impossible to know the actual reach of the program.”, Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy caused Q&A host Fran Kelly problems when she appeared on the show in 2019. Credit:Q&A. Hamish sees his work as one long learning exercise, not a one-man show. “There was nothing deliberate about that particular event,” Macdonald says.

Macdonald remembers the day in 2005 when Snow stormed into the newsroom brandishing the leaked attorney-general’s advice to the then UK prime minister Tony Blair on the legality of the 2003 invasion of Iraq – a prized scoop that everyone had been chasing. We didn’t lock doors, we had a huge amount of freedom to roam the area, and in the winter when Mum and Dad were working a lot, we were out on the mountain skiing and having adventures with our friends,” Macdonald says.

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