what happened to outdaughtered

Hazel undergoes eye surgery, causing Adam and Danielle to wait anxiously for the results; Blayke prepares for kindergarten and Mimi officially moves in. "The Last Time This Happened We Had Quints!". But due to the fact that they were renting, the Busbys constantly worried about getting kicked to the curb if the place sold. Adam considers quitting his job to spend more time with the girls. A talk show asks the Busbys to make a live appearance in New York, but a last minute trip to the doctor has Danielle and Adam concerned about Hazel. If you're wondering why you're not seeing more of the Busbys on TLC tonight, look no further than Adam's message on Instagram. Season 7 of TLC’s hit reality series Outdaughtered premiered on June 2, and the Busbys confirmed what fans had already been speculating: they bought what was supposed to be just their temporary house in Houston, Texas. While Adam struggles with his emotional issues, the Busbys tackle a playroom makeover for the quints and Blayke; Hazel gets fitted for her new glasses just in time for the girls to take the stage for their first recital. Adam returns to work, leaving Danielle to care for the quintuplets and Blayke by herself; Hazel gets a fever, leaving the family scrambling and Danielle feeling overwhelmed. Will she hit a breaking point? Adam and Danielle Busby give birth to the first set of all girl quintuplets in the U.S., and have their lives turned upside down. [7] Adam was placed on Clomid, which helped his sperm counts, but his sperm motility remained low. Adam and Danielle head to Nashville, Tenn., leaving the family to watch the quints, and Hazel gives her uncle a big scare; while away, Adam confronts the fact he's not the only one suffering from his issues. Blayke was in love with this guy. Adam and Danielle decide to host 20 people for Thanksgiving, but soon realize they have bitten off more than they can chew; Hazel has a major breakthrough; Adam and Danielle push Mimi to consider living in an apartment. Find Out! The Busbys plan a special Thanksgiving, but bad news for Mimi may throw the holiday into turmoil; when Adam and Danielle find out that Riley and Parker are moving up to a different classroom, Adam struggles with the idea of separating the quints. [5] She went home on July 6, 2015. No, he doesn't have quintuplets or as many kids as Adam and Danielle Busby, but he does have a son and daughter, whom he loves so incredibly much. After Danielle confronts Adam about his money spending ways, they realize they need to make some tough choices to provide for their girls; the family puts more effort into Hazel's walking so she can join her sisters in pre-school. Adam and Danielle want the girls eating healthier, but the Quints aren't on board. Mattresses need to be discarded. 21 Pumpkin Faces to Carve or Design This Halloween, 75 Creative Couple Halloween Costumes for Any Duo, 40+ Seriously Cute Halloween Cupcake Ideas, 32 Epic '80s Costumes to Try This Halloween. The Busbys take a road trip to Lake Charles to help Mimi with her garage sale, and Danielle learns some shocking news; Danielle and Adam wrestle with the decision to allow Hazel to have a risky eye surgery. Adam and Danielle are parents to their eldest daughter, Blayke, and quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker. It remains unclear whether the Busbys are plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit. [9] The condition causes Hazel to have uncontrolled eye movements and hold her head at unusual angles to compensate for her lack of clear vision. [7] On the fourth cycle of intrauterine insemination, Danielle became pregnant with the quintuplets. [14], "Cuteness Overload Returns to TLC's Tuesday Lineup with the Premieres of "Outdaughtered" and "Sweet Home Sextuplets, "TLC's "Outdaughtered" Returns with New Episodes Beginning Tuesday, October 1 at 8PM ET/PT", "More Multiples, More Fun - "Outdaughtered" and "Sweet Home Sextuplets" Return and Bring All Kinds of Adorable to TLC Just in Time for Summer", "First-Ever All-Girl Quintuplets Now All Home", "First All-Girl Quintuplets Ever Born in US Start to Head Home", "1 Year Old Goes for Major Eye Surgery | Outdaughtered | S2 Episode 3", "What Is Wrong With Hazel on 'OutDaughtered'?

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