who were the 3 daughters on petticoat junction


But I don't miss it. They were together for 68 years and had two children: Catherine Turk and Steven Cady. 1 Episode, Charles Briles 36 Episodes (2001-2020), Elvia Allman Wendell Gibbs Austin Gus Clegg Billie Jo Bradley 1 Episode, Hugh Beaumont 1 Episode (2014), Don Ameche Her mother, Sheila Macrae starred in The Honeymooners as Alice, Ralph Cramden's wife. Mrs. Hammond 2 Episodes, Donald O'Connor Williams

Herman 1 Episode, Donald Curtis Asked by 29CoveRoad.

1 Episode (2014), Roy Rogers Meredith Macrae died from brain cancer on July 14, 2000 when she was 56 years old. 1 Episode, Sig Ruman 51 Episodes, Hank Patterson Lucy Mr. McGill

1 Episode (2014), Pat Buttram Mr. Talbot 1 Episode (2014), Jonathan Hole Kirby, Ronnie 1 Episode, Lyle Talbot Advertising helps us continue to provide quality content. 1 Episode (2014), Rick Cooper

1 Episode, Charles Tannen 1 Episode. Linda Kaye Henning Betty Jo Bradley 51 Episodes. In a 1968 interview with Victoria Advocate, Henning said, "When my father was casting the daughter in Petticoat Junction, he never even thought of giving me a chance.". It was one of many rural sitcoms that populated CBS acreage during the 1960s (this series inspired---and shared characters with---the equally pop (more…)A widow and her three daughters (and Uncle Joe, who's a-movin' kinda slow) run the Shady Rest Hotel in Hooterville, whose clientele consists mainly of passengers on the spur line of an almost-defunct railroad. In the fall of 1965, she legally changed her name from Linda Marie Hines after another member of the Petticoat cast was already named Linda. Arthur 1 Episode, Steve Dunne


Benson, Parks 2 Episodes, Hollingsworth Morse 2 Episodes (2014-2014), Olan Soule 2 Episodes, Bobby Pickett After 7 seasons, Petticoat Junction became a classic rural comedy that brought the Petticoat troupe together. 1 Episode, Ralph Levy She is alive and married to Bernard Sandler in 1961 and later had 2 children with him. Blake, Boo Boo Webster 1 Episode (2014), Jimmy Gaines "I had to put acting on a back burner. 1 Episode, Betty White

Harry Harmon 1 Episode (2014), Rudy Vallee 1 Episode, Richard Whorf Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Elsie For instant unlimited access. Billie Jo was played by Jeannine Riley the first two seasons, and then by Gunilla Hutton for one year before Meredith MacRae assumed the role for the show's remaining seasons.

With 175 credits in his filmography, Buchanan proved to be a very busy man with an acting career that spanned over 3 decades.

Mabel Homer Bedloe 1 Episode, Nora Marlowe Ronnie Joseph P. `Uncle Joe' Carson 1 Episode (2014), Everett Sloane Sources: MeTV, NYTimes.com, NYTimes.com, Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood Reporter, Legacy.com, TVOvermind.com.

1 Episode, Percy Helton 1 Episode (2014), Frank DeVol

2 Episodes, Jesse White 1 Episode, Fred Clark Grandpa Miller, Grandpappy Miller Her body was cremated and her ashes were scattered across the Pacific Ocean. In the same year that she landed her most notable role as Betty Jo, she was cast as a dancer in Bye Bye Birdie. 25 Episodes (2001-2020), Byron Foulger After the show's lead passed away, Petticoat would continue for 2 more seasons with widowed Kate Bradley going off to live with relatives. 1 Episode, Whit Bissell

In 2015, she joined Linda Henning and Gunilla Hutton on a MeTV commercial to promote their weekday reruns. 1 Episode, J. Pat O'Malley Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. 4 Episodes (2013-2014), Eva Gabor Jerry 1 Episode, Herbert Anderson Frank Cady truly was dedicated to rural comedy in the 60s. 1 Episode, Hope Summers Alan Landman 1 Episode, Ken Drake Steve Elliott 1 Episode (2014), George O'Hanlon

It was one of many rural sitcoms that populated CBS acreage during the 1960s (this series inspired---and shared characters with---the equally pop. 1 Episode, Judee Morton 1 Episode (2014), Barry Kelley 1 Episode, Sam Wade 1 Episode, Jeff Thompson 2 Episodes, Phil Gordon ImageCredit: GettyImages.com. He released a single with his Petticoat co-star Smiley Burnett, called "Steam, Cinders, and Smoke" which was written by Smiley. Jeff Travis Not only was Buchanan dedicated to the role as Uncle Joe Carson, but he also appeared on other popular shows including Vacation Playhouse, Leave It to Beaver, and Dr. Kildare.

49 Episodes (2014-2020), Jeanine Riley The actresses portraying Billie Jo and Bobbie Jo changed over the years. Arthur, Benton “There wasn’t any violence, swearing and nothing risqué,” said Henning in a 2018 Closer Weekly issue, “It was a healthy show you could watch with your children.”. 1 Episode, William Mims 1 Episode, Karen Norris For 8 years, she ran her own TV talk show on KHJ-TV called "Mid-Morning L.A." and in 1986, she won a local Emmy award.

4 Episodes, Jack Bannon Martin Evans He died just 4 weeks prior to his 18ths birthday and when Inn died, he wanted Higgins' ashes to be buried with him. Balsam 1 Episode (2014), Frank Nelson Ted, Willie

Baron Munchin 16 Episodes (2014-2020), Kay E. Kuter General Patterson

Billie Jo Ernie Caufield Later in the show, Steve and Betty Jo married and then the two actors would marry in real life showing their real love for each other on and off the camera. ImageCredit: GettyImages.com. Salesman Bert Mr. Johnson Barney Dawson From the early 60s to the late 80s, Henning spent a lot of time on game shows like Match Game, Password Plus and $10,000 Pyramid. 1 Episode, Don Haggery Girl 19 Episodes (2001-2020), Roy Roberts


1 Episode, Warren Parker Sheriff 2 Episodes (2014-2014), Frank Aletter 52 Episodes (2001-2020), June Lockhart Selma Plout

Clara Kathy Jo Elliott Marshall Jack Crandall

General Loomis

He was also really close to Edgar Buchanan. Mary Jane Hector, Henry Barton Martindale 1 Episode, Sam Edwards Buchanan was a 36-year-old dentist before he dove into his acting career.

2 Episodes, Walter Baldwin


Trust us. 1 Episode, June Lockhart Jr.

1 Episode, Elena Verdugo 1 Episode, Milton Frome Forget about your cares, it is time to relax and learn about the junction cast! In 1933, he had his big break on National Barn Dance where he was hired to play the accordion. 1 Episode, Marc Lawrence 1 Episode, Peter Hansen 1 Episode, Ed Platt Best known for his special effects noises, Davis is also known for playing "Lullaby Joslin" in the classic western film Three Mesquiteers. 1 Episode (2014), Robert Harland

We use cookies and other data collection technologies to provide the best experience for our customers. Ralph Henrietta Plout 1 Episode, Don Megowan 3 Episodes (2014-2014), Parley Baer Mrs. Boswell

50 Episodes, Richard L. Bare Betty Jo Bradley 16 Episodes (2014-2020), Elma Hubbell

1 Episode, Joi Lansing Rev.

1 Episode, Bernie Kopell 1 Episode, Joan Marshall 11 Episodes, David Alexander 1 Episode (2014), Jan Crawford Gunilla Hutton played the blondie in season 3.

Herbie Her lazy Uncle Joe Carson (Edgar Buchanan) helped her in the day-to-day running of the business, while she served as a mediator in the various minor crises that befell her three daughters: Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Billie Jo. Her publicist, Sandy Pollock reported that she died in her Manhattan Beach home.

1 Episode, Sheila James

The Houston-born actress' father was the late actor-singer Gordon Macrae whose best known for his role in Oklahoma! 1 Episode (2014), Tommy Ivo They would divorce 5 years later but were still such an iconic couple for the 60s.

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