who wrote ashokan farewell

In fact, the pushback was so strong that Ungar began to second-guess himself.

It got played at concerts. “We don’t travel too much in the winter, and we have all our camps in the summer, so this is the time of year we get pretty busy traveling,” he said. The release of the album generally coincided with the years Ken Burns spent researching and producing The Civil War. GREATER ROXBURY BUSINESS ASSOCIATION'S FIFTH ANNIVERSARY PARTY, The Arts Converge - Mutual Muses in the Catskills. I don’t know the right word, but it bordered on being disturbing at times.”. And it wasn’t a Southern waltz; it was created in the style of a Scottish lament—and in celebration of a town, and a reservoir, in upstate New York.

The emotion that comes through in the final version was there for Ungar, too.

Jay Ungar’s “Ashokan Farewell” sounded so much like a 19th century melody that even he developed some doubts about its origin. Mason suggested “Ashokan Farewell.” Ungar liked that.

I think the letter and the music are so intertwined that I wanted to share it below.

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason perform "Ashokan Farewell. It was endless, and a little scary, frankly, and so unexpected.

But when the song was written down—when Ungar was satisfied that he had made the tune what he wanted it to be—he kept it to himself.

It was named for the Ashokan summer camp, as well as the Ashokan Reservoir in Ulster county and the drowned town of the same name beneath the reservoir's waters: [I]t was created in the style of a Scottish lament—and in celebration of a town, and a reservoir, in upstate New York.

He asked for permission to use the song in the documentary. “They have a warmth to them and a rapport with the audience that is extraordinary.

They also have a swing band they call “Swingology,” which will be performing at the Ashokan Center on May 16. And since “it’s very easy to drift away from your initial inspiration,” he turned on a cassette recorder to make sure his experiments were captured.

It’s called “Ashokan Farewell,” and it’s the de facto theme song for the Ken Burns miniseries The Civil War, which premiered 25 years ago this week. “Now, it’s become pretty huge in our lives. All Rights (Ungar and Mason still run dance and fiddle camps at the Ashokan Center, in Olivebridge, today.). When you order the music it actually comes with the letter. In a sense, I didn’t really know where it came from because it did come to me quite easily, and so many people were searching for the antecedent because they were convinced that I copied it, I started to doubt myself.”. “We used to do it at The Linda [WAMC’s performance space], but now we record it in a studio much closer to us down here,” said Mason. “A number of people made it their goal to prove that the song had existed and that I really didn’t write it,” he said. “I love it,” Ungar says.

“We invite guests over and have a great time. Ashokan Farewell Lyrics: The sun is sinking low in the sky above Ashokan / The pines and the willows know soon we will part / There's a whisper in the wind of promises unspoken / And a love that will

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A popular folk musician and composer who lives in the Hudson Valley, Ungar wrote the song back in 1982. “In writing it,” he says, “I was in tears, but I didn’t know why, or what was happening.” There was a kind of “tingling feeling,” he remembers, as the song took shape in his mind and on his fiddle. The song is a thoroughly Catskills tune, the story notes.

“It’s the only piece of music in the film that wasn’t written in the 19th century,” said Ungar. Ungar had traveled through Scotland earlier in the summer, he told me, and he wanted to compose a tune in the style of a Scottish lament—something that would capture the sense of sadness that the camp, and all the camaraderie and community and joy it represented to him, would be ending. Fiddle players in Civil War period costumes began flocking to his summer camp at the Ashokan Center in the Catskills years ago, and they’re still coming.

“Ashokan Farewell” seemed so authentic that some people were convinced it was material that Ungar had dug up somewhere and tweaked to make it his own.

“Yet, within the context of the series it seemed so authentic. “We had been performing ‘Ashokan Farewell’ for about six years with our band, ‘Fiddle Fever,’ and we knew it had a powerful effect on people,” said Ungar, who, along with his wife, Molly Mason, will perform at the Valatie Community Theatre in Columbia County next Saturday at 7 p.m. “But I was extremely surprised at the national interest that occurred after Ken’s series came out.

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