will crowfeather and leafpool be together in starclan

Oh, crud, I meant to say she had a loving look in her eyes, not gad! I want it to be GrayxSilver but I think he’ll choose millie ): gRAyxSiLVeR iS oNLy gRAy shIP!!!!1!!11!!! Brightheart,[22] Jayfeather[24] Please be aware of our rules before posting as well as our spoilers policy. But i personally think he’ll pick Silverstream. Living It's up to her to help decipher what it means and to help him find the other four cats--but finding them might not be as easy as she hopes. Succeeded by: // Book 1 (of 2 or 3?) all of that "Finleap wants me to have kids" nonsense, Featherpelt aka Crowfeather's fifth daughter, each time i look at Breeze and Jay together, he forgets that breathing is a way to live, what Warriors would be if Tiger had been a good dad, that yellow cake batter smells disgustingly nice, maybe skip 63 cause you know what kind of decision THAT is, my version of human Breeze DOES have a tiny beard, includes my smart resourceful beautiful ladies, Goldenflower picks her grandson up from his body, while her son is questioning everything in his life so far, yes he was about to be accidentally named chicken nugget, i don't need to add anything to chap 94's comment, SPOILER WARNING for Gray's Vow for 98- i mean 97, RIP beautiful dark ginger curls we'll miss you, could've gone into deep description about his hair but me tired, please don't let "magic juice" mean anything questionable, see? Cats who should be long dead begin to encroach upon their territory, and the clans must choose a side in their spectral war. Nightcloud and him have broken up, and their relationship was very unhealthy and I prefer to see them as friends who’ve moved on from the bitterness of a past relationship that wasn’t built out of love.

Silverstream likes Millie and ENCURAGED Greystripe to be mates with her.

I’m pretty sure he’s going to choose Silverstream, even though I don’t like it. Even when Firestar (Fireheart) tells Graystripe to stop, Graystripe insists he loves her, and continues meeting her. But I don’t want this article to be biased, so I’m going to choose based on facts. Plus, Crowfeather seemed to grieve over Silverstream more than Leafpool when she died in the rock fall.

Leafpool and Crowfeather later ran away together, but Leafpool's dreams were haunted with visions of badgers attacking ThunderClan.

ShadowClan medicine cat position That was great! (I also think that Moonkitti is right and we should rename Brook Where Small Fish Swim to Brooklyn Bridge Where Small Cars Speed. Frecklewish[28] Find one here! The three possible she-cats that Crowfeather had some kind of relationship with are Feathertail, Leafpool and Nightcloud. But he mentioned Feathertail more than his kin in TC, and one of the reasons he went to the tribe was to visit his son, Stormfur. Senior warrior: She was born as Leafkit to Firestar and Sandstorm alongside her sister, Squirrelkit, and was apprenticed as a medicine cat apprentice to Cinderpelt as Leafpaw.

The only cat Crowpaw really gets along with is Feathertail, who is a Riverclan warrior.

many people is being reasonable,thinking he’ll pick millie.

The only thing keeping them from having a relationship was the fact that they were from different clans and Leafpool was training to become a medicine cat. Additional tags will be added as more oneshots are written. “If I’d known...If I’d only known when you were kits, when you needed me, surely things would have been different.”. Please post you opinion on the comments. Honestly I agree with Crowfeather but I’m not so sure about Graystripe.

But once in StarClan, there won't be any boundaries anymore. That’s got to be true love! When Blossomfall was getting yelled at by Millie, Graystripe just say there and watched.

I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool because he never truly loved Nightcloud as a mate and I’m pretty sure that sense Feathertail died in the mountains that she’s in The tribe of endless hunting, and I think that she can only visit Starclan.

He implied in Crowfeather's Trial that they don't love each other anymore, but I think that's not true. Because when I read the first dialogue from him he had instantly declared my favourite warrior, although some of the action based stuff was mainly in hollyleafs POV and lionblazes POV I found them kinda bland from going to the grumpy and witty cat to a overly stale and bland POV from his siblings. They live far from the clans in their own world with their kits. Hopefully, this time, they will be able to save them all from the darkness that awaits. How will their destiny's be changed with this change in their paths direction? In Crowfeather’s Trail Crowfeather actually realises what he did wrong, and asks Nightcloud if they should become mates again, but Nightcloud herself points out that Crowfeather doesn’t love Nightcloud, and they should just be clanmates.

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