william 9th earl of ellesmere


The following day, William returns to the stables and further bonds with Jamie.

Denzell intends to join the Continental army as a surgeon.

In May/June 1778, William saves Rachel from Arch Bug twice. Upon Geneva's death, the old earl demanded that the child be handed over to his keeping and informed Geneva's father, Lord Dunsany, that he knew the child was not his blood, but the result of cuckoldry. 1 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 1, Vol.

Full name Physical information They spend some little time together before the MacKenzies leave and William returns to his regiment. William Clarence Henry George Ransom and hrss.

Drums of Autumn He inherited certain mannerisms from his father, as well – certain gestures, a tilt of the head, set of the shoulders.

Subsequently, he travels with the Hunters north and they become friends.

And her eyes had rested then on him, apprehensive.

In … Still, he has acquired a strong sense of honor from his stepfather, Lord John Grey, and he tempers his impulse to act quickly with the learned conduct of a man of honor.

The next day, William pays to spend a night with Jane in order to save her from a repulsive client Captain Harkness. As a young man in his late teens, William still has an impulsive streak with ample stubbornness to go with it.

Nearly ten years after Jamie saved his neck from the hangman’s noose in Drums of Autumn, this pirate who has been repaying that unfortunate act of kindness with just about every criminal act possible, will get his just deserts at long last.

William is fascinated and delighted by the horses, much to the delight of his biological father and grandfather.

1 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 1, Vol.

His hair is a deep chestnut brown, though his beard grows in red, much to his horror. To protect William from infection, Jamie takes him on an excursion to Anna Ooka, an Indian village, and they camp together on the journey. Such a phrase was often used as a euphemism for an indelicate death, such as one by suicide, and no one questioned the court's verdict.

Ninth Earl of EllesmereViscount AshnessMaster of HelwaterBaron Derwent

Jane and Fanny leave the British camp the morning after the Battle of Monmouth. Louisa Dunsany (grandmother)William Dunsany (grandfather) †Benedicta Grey (step-grandmother)Ian Fraser Murray (cousin)See also Fraser of Lovat, Murray Family, MacKenzie of Leoch, Grey Family

He is doted on by his aunt, grandmother, and grandfather. On June 12, 1777, Claire and Jamie Fraser and Ian Murray are at Fort Ticonderoga. Geneva had blackmailed Jamie, who was serving his parole as a groom for the Dunsanys at the time, into sharing her bed and taking her virginity before she was to wed to Ellesmere.

Subsidiary Titles When they return to the Ridge, Lord John has begun recovering enough strength to continue with William to Virginia, and they leave.
24 May 1765, d. 29 Jan 1839; Citations BP2003 volume 3, page 3825. It was created in 1846 for the Conservative politician Lord Francis Egerton.

William meets Jane Pocock in a brothel in Philadelphia in June 1778. Male Since the age of six, William has been raised by Lord John Grey, his legal guardian and husband of Geneva's sister, Isobel Dunsany. For further Earls of Ellesmere, see the Duke of Sutherland, George Leveson-Gower, 1st Duke of Sutherland, Elizabeth Gordon, 19th Countess of Sutherland, George Granville Francis Egerton, 2nd Earl of Ellesmere, Francis Charles Granville Egerton, 3rd Earl of Ellesmere, John Francis Granville Scrope Egerton, 4th Earl of Ellesmere, John Sutherland Egerton, 5th Earl of Ellesmere, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Earl_of_Ellesmere&oldid=983522724, Earldoms in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2012, Wikipedia articles incorporating an LRPP template without an unnamed parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 18:33. As a result of their dual passing, William was raised by his mother's sister, Isobel, and her husband, Lord John Grey. The Dunsanys, seeking to keep the truth of this scandalous interlude under wraps, did not accuse Jamie at the coroner's court, where it was determined that the old earl's distress over his wife's death caused his own sudden demise, and the court concluded that Ellesmere met his death "by misadventure".

dau. Children of William Sutherland, 18th Earl of Sutherland and Mary Maxwell. William then travels with Rachel and Denzell north for some weeks and they part ways in New Jersey (Chapters 41–42). Claire talks to Ian about his problems with having children, and he leaves the fort the next day (Chapter 35). 2 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack), Characters in The Brotherhood of the Blade, Characters in Written in My Own Heart's Blood, William Ransom/Written in My Own Heart's Blood, https://outlander.fandom.com/wiki/William_Ransom?oldid=41546. Current Titleholder

A few days later, he meets Jane and her sister Fanny while they are leaving Philadelphia with the British army. Jane asks him for his protection. The earldom of Ellesmere and viscountcy of Brackley are now subsidiary titles of the dukedom. Dorothea Grey is the niece of William's step-father, Lord John Grey. William is only days old when Lord John arrives at Helwater to offer his condolences.

On June 21, 1777, William Ransom is wandering through the Great Dismal (Chapter 36). An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Parents and Siblings

6'4" (193 cm) William meets Rachel Hunter in early summer 1777,[3] when he is recovering from some wounds in her and her brother Denzell's house. Disturbed by the truth about his paternity, William becomes violent with her and storms out of the brothel. Skin color

William bears a scar on his arm from his injury sustained in the Great Dismal. Isobel died on route of a bloody flux, and William arrived alone, grief-stricken. Hereinafter cited as. Legally, he is the son and heir of Ludovic Ransom, Eighth Earl of Ellesmere, who was his mother's husband at the time of his birth.

Captain in British Royal Army (resigned commission). Rachel is furious with William, calls him a coward and a brute, and slaps him. Also known as Instantly Bree and Roger realize that he must be Jamie's son.
When the adults aren't paying attention, William wanders into the approaching fog. A few years later, when Jamie and Claire are in Jamaica, Lord John tells Claire of how he came to be Willie's stepfather.

Much to the surprise of Claire and Jamie, the two make a diversion on their journey, and in October 1768 arrive at Fraser's Ridge, though of course William had no inkling of Jamie's true involvement in his own history.

While Willie is a spoiled child, raised largely by his grandmother, Lady Dunsany, and aunt Isobel, Jamie tries to treat him with a firm though cautious hand – William is an earl, after all – when he teaches Willie how to ride and behave around the horses. He was orphaned on the day he was born and raised first by his maternal grandparents and then by foster parents, his aunt Isobel and Lord John Grey.

When Ellesmere threatened to throw the newborn William out of the window, Jamie shot Ellesmere and rescued William, and the earl soon died of his injury. Jamie patiently encourages William, though he's also one of the few people able to discipline him. Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Earl

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