1991 honda accord wagon for sale

I may have still been driving it if it weren’t unfortunately wrecked (not my fault!) I could never warm up to these wagons for a reason I can’t quite out my finger on… I had two sedans of this generation and indeed they were every bit as overbuilt as you’d be led to believe, That said, this looks like a sedan with the roof addition grafted on (which it basically was – rear doors are shared.). 2020 Topclassiccarsforsale.com - Classic cars for sale. 0-60 times only matter as it gets them onto the freeway from the on-ramp. And how are the Big 3 Camcord competitors doing now? Not even from the same planet as the Japanese. He had bought it from the original owner with 120k miles IIRC for $2000, sold it for $1200 to a friend before buying a used Legacy wagon with hidden rust repairs to drive back to the West Coast. Now if you had from the very beginning said ‘list of competitors’ as you say you meant to do, you have a point, but then again, it’s hard to really pinpoint the exact competition for the Camry and Accords of the era, as I assume they were cross shopped with both bigger and smaller cars. It was only built in the US at Marysville, OH, but were exported to Japan and Europe, where it was called the Aerodeck. And it came in wagon too. Great driver, gorgeous looking. In that era (as opposed to today) I believe that a lot of number of people moved from a US branded to a Japanese branded vehicle. I don’t miss that car, and to this day wonder why I didn’t buy a Camry instead. The inside door handles on all these cars also had a tendency to often break since the hinging is incorporated into the actual bezel. So how does this compare with the Japanese? Why? What exactly does that mean? When these came out, I thought they were too conservative looking. Tempo is more comparable in ’83/84 (in theory) than the Fox body LTD. That being said, our family had two Fox LTD’s and a same year Camry or Accord would have FAR outclassed them in virtually every metric bar interior space. It is true that for the 1991 model year some cars were built with drivers side airbags only because Ford had problems sourcing enough propellant for the production run (this showed up as a credit on the window sticker). This same design proved ultimately fragile for the much heavier V6 Hondas like the Odyssey (which I also owned — failed transmission and many other problems). You can still see this today to some extent with full size trucks having become the go-to family haulers. They aren’t very good looking in my opinion, but I imagine that they serve their purpose admirably and without complaint. 1991 Honda Accord EX Wagon 2.2L 4cyl -Automatic- 93K Miles :Must see No Reserve! Search from 3 Used Honda Accord cars for sale, including a 1991 Honda Accord EX and a 1991 Honda Accord LX. It’s clear the Big 3 excelled at marketing. I didn’t see much appeal as a family car. #2 is the Toyota 4 Runner, and #1 is the Tacoma. By the way, since we wanted a wagon and an MT, the only Detroit products we cross-shopped were Escort and Saturn, just to do our due diligence. Amazingly, the oil still looked decent when I changed it. Guess which one I absolutely hate? He’s had it for seven years and it’s been a good ride for him, only reason he doesn’t get a newer ride is that he’s paying off some debts at present. One curiousity about this year of Accords was that only the wagon had a driver-side airbag in it; the coupes and sedans Iacked one and had those annoying motorized shoulder belts to comply with the passive restraint law. Sadly to this day I would never consider owning a GM product…, My friend Tyson Hugie and I shot this little vid last year to commerate it’s 25 Anny… Belleville, New Jersey, United States 2.2L 2156CC l4 GAS SOHC Naturally Aspirated Over the next 8 years it needed 4 rack & pinions, 3 windshield washer pumps, countless power door lock membrane switches. 1991 honda accord wagon EX white exterior, blue interior AT, 1991 Honda Accord wagon 155603 miles clear title. Perfect vacation home car. People can look at the same facts and draw different conclusions. Not so. This car also seems like a winner. I found it coarse, cramped, harsh, and rather spartan compared to the B-body wagon my parents had. Ironically, the subsequent generation – styled at the height of Japan’s design austerity phase that brought with it so many bloody boring-looking cars – actually looks better to my eyes. Power Locks, Power Windows. If I were commuting daily, I’d consider it. We can debate it, but I stand by the fact that the Americans were adequate competition, even though they lacked a lot of refinement. The Big 3 did the opposite. For the person who kept the car for 10-15 years there was a BIG difference between the top tier Japanese and all but a few American vehicles. In many ways, the fourth generation Honda Accord was the Accord that a German automaker would have built. If they had maintain competitiveness then camcords would not have completely replaced the domestic sedan as has happened in the past few years. Unfortunately like my first new car a ’77 Camaro it was riddled with an inane number of issues right out the door. You completely missed my point. They buy whatever is being marketed to them. I found it coarse, cramped, harsh, and rather spartan compared to the B-body wagon my parents had. Does it portend well for the US OEMs? This fourth generation Accord is the last evolution of what I’d call the original Honda Accord, before it was enlarged, given available V6 power, and also somewhat cheapened out. Like the Dodge Dart, they never should have stopped making these. I was talking about the direct competition for the Accord and Camry. I eventually came to really respect these because they seemed to have solved the body rust problems that had given Honda the rustbucket reputation that they had previously had, and because I met or heard of so many people who racked up insanely high miles on them with few mechanical problems. It's in great condition for the year. When you talk about resale value, one thing to understand is that Tundras are stickered a bit lower but sell fairly close to sticker, while F-150’s are stickered higher but can usually be had for $12K+ less than MSRP. People aren’t nearly as stupid as you make them out to be. Buddy of mine had an Accord of this generation, a coupe. That’s the case for almost any segment of cars or trucks. Interior was very high quality. Garaged Mostly. The picture is one I saw while bicycling around Portland earlier last year. D-Body: DeVille/Fleetwood Brougham – standard This is my favorite generation Accord, as it was still a very lithe and light and nippy car, yet quite refined too. If you don’t think one of these Accords or especially a ’92 Camry didn’t completely and totally obliterate the likes of an Acclaim or A-body Century or 1st gen Lumina in terms of quality and refinement, modern design and dynamics, man I don’t know what planet you’re from. Extremely well maintained and cared for. Should do a story on my 80 which I still miss. In terms of modern standards, the back seat wasn’t exactly lavish with legroom, but it seemed pretty adequate in its day. It wasn’t bad by any means, just somewhat of a letdown to me with all the accolades it received. Everything about it says fun! That’s why there’s still a few of these around. So we bought our Corolla instead. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A very compelling package; a BMW in Honda clothes. Did my best to convince her to sell it to me, to no avail. I have never had one, but I stop and think of the possibilities whenever I see one. Lawnside Classics Update: My 1960’s Sears Mower Is Still Ripping Through Tall Grass – Why Can’t I Buy A New Side Discharge Mower? The service manager said it even had a name: “Positive Shift.” What a load. Agree with you and Paul though that the fourth generation was handsome and almost premium in its looks. Old, rare, muscle cars, street rods auctions, 1991 Honda Accord EX Wagon Automatic 4 Cylinder NO RESERVE, 1991 Honda Accord Wagon Automatic 4 Cylinder NO RESERVE. When we need to replace her ’79 Camaro we (I) fell for a new ’85 Pontiac 6000 STE. I feel cars are ‘relative’. Bought my first one an ’89 SEi soon after to replace my ’77 Camaro and eventually replaced the STE with a ’93SE which we still have today. This was in the early 90s a few years after these were new. Driving Impressions: 1959 Porsche 356 Convertible D – The Happiest Car In The World; Or Is It The Driver? CC For Sale: 1991 Honda Accord Wagon – Peak Accord. My wife had a 93 Accord Sedan. When I did it was a revelation. We might still have it if it had not been stolen. Found him a ’92 DX Coupe, in that grey/purple color and black plastic bumpers, 130k miles, automatic, half-dollar sized spots of rear quarter panel rot, got it for $950. 1991 Honda Accord Ex Wagon ~~ 1 OWNER ~~ RUST FREE AZ~~ NO RESERVE!! And the Taurus was not one of them. The suspension only had a few slightly loose balljoints/bushings in the rear suspension, that’s literally it as far as other issues. The issue is that most people did not share those priorities. Still, I concede this here Accord was an excellent car. Curbside Classic: 1991 Chrysler New Yorker – Paging Bill Blass, Curbside Outtake: 2003 Infiniti M45 – Easy To Mistake For An American Four Door Hardtop. Paul, you seem to take it personally if someone does not appreciate things the way you do. Fox: Cougar/T-Bird – standard with 302, optional with 3.8 But not all was perfect. It has a maintenance monitor that tells me when to change the oil (among other things) and the interval for the last change was close to 6,000 miles. It was not better marketing. Because the old Honda automatics were basically hydraulic-actuated manual transmissions. It may not lead to continued sales, but as most American OEMs live for the current based on Wall Street demands, not the future, it is what they excel at.

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