2014 chevy cruze turbo issues

It was like coming back from a Bombing run in a B17 that had taken some heavy hits. As someone who deals with Onstar for our dealership, if you go to your dealership where your car is being worked on, they should have an Onstar regional manager who would likely consider authorizing either a refund for the time you are without your car or extend your contract for that time allotment at the end of your contract for free. Whilst im driving some come things start to happen; the radio/ dash stereo will flicker on and off- all noise stops (any music or blinkers), the heater/ ac wil stop blowing if it is on. Please also check out the I am doing what I can to fix this thing but believe it should not have left the factory. Ball joints on the older Crown Vic’s and many imported cars that did not have grease fittings but were not sealed well break and drop the wheel out.

It is extremely unlikely that there is anything even wrong with the one on my car.

I am very concerned for my safty in this car. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. But when a dealership gets you a rental for when a car is in for warranty work, GM pays the bill but can’t guarantee you will get a GM vehicle as a rental. I was driving down a 45mph road and the vehicle felt like it was hesitating to accelerate.

2014 Chevrolet Cruze engine problems with 207 complaints from Cruze owners.

If that happens while driving, the vehicle would lose power to the wheels and coast to a stop — but steering and braking control can still be maintained. 863-464-0503.

The manufacturer was notified. Your car can run out of gas, the fuel pump can quit suddenly, there are all kinds of ways your car can quit running suddenly. If you happen to get a GM rental, GM won’t hook up the Onstar each time a different customer happens to get that car as a rental.

2014 Chevrolet Cruze LT At 60,000 miles I had the thermostat, turbo and valve cover replaced at no help from GM costing me 1800.00 A month later a squealing noise was heard so had the belt pulley and belt replaced at another 675.00. The stop-sale has since been lifted, meaning compact car shoppers can add the Cruze back to their potential test-drive lists, should they so desire. A very good car, excellent gas mileage, very comfy and quiet. Perhaps the brake lines were cut when the shaft broke. For around-the-clock GM news coverage. A spare tire and jack were options in the 2011 models but not available on all ECO versions.

Gm financial, my financial company said it should be easy they take the car back send it in. I feel like once they made the recall, the replacement part should have been top priority. Faulty parts have caused issues with the engine, such as constant engine ticking, and squeaking when slowing down and below 1300rpm. Very dangerous and scary situation! The repair involved replacing the water pump.

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