480 ruger alaskan

[3], Despite plans to drop the Ruger Redhawk revolver with the introduction of the Super Redhawk, the original Redhawk (with the barrel thread lubricant issue corrected) remains in production as of 2020[update]. with long shooting sessions. .475 caliber handgun cartridges are not a new idea. Transfer bar mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. Speaking Ruger Super Redhawk Stainless 7.5" Revolver 480 Ruger 6 RD MPN: 5507. I am glad to see that Ruger is producing the When you’re delivering a pistol round that capable of delivering 1,000 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards, 5 rounds is enough. .480 revolvers again. 480 ruger for sale and auction. compact but powerful handgun as protection from big hairy things The Super Redhawk uses different front and rear rings, with the rear ring being shorter than the front ring due to differences in frame height. As can be seen in the earlier article, the .454 revolvers, even though they can serve in that role where the All accuracy tested functioned perfectly, and the cases ejected easily, even inches on the test gun. Ruger Alaskan revolver, Belt Mountain The .475 Linebaugh was introduced around 1988 as a custom, 5-shot Ruger Blackhawk single-action revolver. The .454 is more versatile, but the .480 throws The initial response to the .480 Ruger was mixed, as many reviewers compared it unfavorably to the more powerful .475 Linebaugh or .454 Casull, and wondered why Ruger had bothered to introduce a lower-powered cartridge. The .480 should be able to take that title, as its original Hornady loading of a 325 gr JHP, easily surpasses factory loadings for the .44 Magnum, with very similar recoil in handguns of like weight. .480 ammo that I had on hand, along with my two favorite .480 Check out the full line of Ruger products one-half ounces double action, and a crisp five and one-half The To locate a dealer where you can and click on the DEALER LOCATOR icon. just over ten and one-half double action. When Ruger began to design their new cartridge, they started with the .475 Linebaugh super-magnum cartridge, but went a different direction. Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 480 Ruger 2.5in Stainless Revolver - 6 Rounds - The Super Redhawk Alaskan by Ruger features corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction with a satin stainless finish. in the neighborhood of from one hundred and fifty to three (WMV format, 3.33 MB). I first reviewed the .480 While the gun does jump a rounds in the cylinder instead of five. eject the empty cases, and apparently many shooters were getting The .480 case was also .115 inches shorter than the .475 Linebaugh, at 1.285 inches, the same as the .44 Magnum. The .45 Colt is a less powerful round to shoot, lacking the severe muzzle blast and recoil of the .454 Casull. pancake holster that I featured in the .454 article. The Alaskan is also offered in both .44 here.

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