analyzing words with context clues answer key

Students can also use the organizer as a game by completing only some of the quadrants and asking classmates to use the context clues on the figure to complete the others. . . Fill in the circle for the correct answer. Q. • Vulnerable people are oftentimes in need of protection under certain laws so others cannot take advantage of them. 1.4 Introduction to Writing: End-of-Chapter Exercises. The obedient child always followed her mother's requests. These words signal that a word’s meaning may be revealed through an example.

Look at the following example: Marina was indignant—fuming mad—when she discovered her brother had left for the party without her. Draw a line from the clue to the word.

Perhaps after working the job for a short time, you too will feel comfortable enough to use it. • If I were to paint a picture of ___, I’d paint .

He is late for school and has to scramble to come up with an excuse for his teacher. • The United States is home to people from different cultures and backgrounds. • Vulnerable people, such as young children, the elderly, or handicapped individuals, might have protections under certain laws. Please share with a classmate and compare your answers. The idea: Comparisons of the word help to determine what it means.

Please share your supplementary material! Dis-: not, opposite of, reverse, deprive of; apart, away Without awareness of the types of context clues, students are at a disadvantage to decipher meanings for themselves.

Definitions or Restatements.

You will basically be replacing words. That night, she brushed her teeth, folded her clothes, and went to bed before her mother had to come in and remind her. Look for signal words like such as, for instance, and for example. Jargon a type of shorthand communication often used in the workplace. Project idea: Have your students make up their own adjectives and use them in a sentence, providing enough context for a reader to define the made-up word. • Discrimination, as opposed to fairness for all people, can have damaging effects on a targeted group. The following worksheets will expand your students' vocabulary by teaching them how to use context clues. Find out what word would best replace the word in the sentence, if you had to. Discrimination Once students identify the context clue, orchestrate activities for students to learn the word so they can use it when speaking and within their writing. Read each sentence. . Imagine it is your first time working as a server in a restaurant and your manager tells you he is going to “eighty-six” the roasted chicken.

Identify the different types of context clues. • A board of directors for a company composed entirely of one gender or race • An all-women’s school • makes me think of the color ___ because . Chapter 2: Writing Basics: What Makes a Good Sentence? Context clues are bits of information within a text that will assist you in deciphering the meaning of unknown words. By becoming more aware of particular words and phrases surrounding a difficult word, you can make logical guesses about its meaning. >

Figure B provides three different options that can be assigned as an in-class or homework assignment. The following are devices that authors use to incorporate context clues into their writing. The word and sometimes signals synonyms. With a partner, identify each type of clue you used. Sometimes a text will give you an example of the word that sheds light on its meaning: I knew Mark’s ailurophobia was in full force because he began trembling and stuttering when he saw my cat, Ludwig, slink out from under the bed. Adapt the tasks so students use the words expressly associated with the targeted complex text.

By becoming more aware of particular words and phrases surrounding a difficult word, you can make logical guesses about its meaning. • Vulnerable people can be like fragile glass in need of care and attention. Read it fully.

• Discrimination or unfairly targeting one or more groups by those who perceive themselves to be superior can cause distress. Read the sentence and choose the meaning of the underlined word.


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