apple cider vinegar and garlic for goats

The British medical Journal, The Lancet, published a study by two Indian cardiologists. According to many studies conducted around the world, aged garlic extract reduced total cholesterol levels by up to 30 percent! Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful rumen tonic and can actually buffer an acidic rumen affected by lactic acidosis because it contains only 10% of the molar acidity that lactate from starch contains. The results were astounding! Extracting key immune components such as white blood cells (attacks and kills invaders) and killer cells from both groups, he mixed the immune components and cancer cells in a lab dish. A benefit of these natural elixirs is that they have a detoxifying reaction on the body. "80% of the energy needs of a ruminant should come from the production of volatile fatty acids (VFA's) and acetic, proprionic and butyric are the three primary VFA's. Garlic has a potent substance called ajoene. As early as 1500 B.C., it is noted that Egyptians listed 22 garlic prescriptions for a variety of ailments including heart problems, headaches, and physical weakness. This substance promotes the healing by alerting the immune system, reducing harmful deposits, and destroying free radicals, dangerous byproducts that float throughout the body and cause a decline in health. Garlic and vinegar have been recognized by the scientific world as having disease-fighting and powerful germ-killing qualities. There may evidence that garlic fights cancer. The acidity in the vinegar can inhibit the calcium absorption necessary to produce eggs with strong shells. These are some of the medically reported benefits of these natural elixirs. Folks, only two bulbs of garlic (24 cloves +   -) will cost a lousy 45 cents which is much cheaper than purchasing $15 worth of remedies that only treat the symptoms! As expected, blood cholesterol levels soared. Can garlic be used to enhance the health of my pet? Garlic and vinegar are able to spur the immune system to resist and overcome common and uncommon conditions. Reduce heart disease risk by adding garlic to your diet (see your doctor)! You can purchase very inferior ACV in your local grocery store. ENSURE you purchase unfiltered and unpasteurized ACV. Be conservative with using ACV during hot months when hens consume less feed and are therefore taking in less calcium. In many clinical studies in major medical journals, doctors and researchers have praised the preventative and therapeutic of these two wonder nutrients! Finish with a spray of ACV solution to disinfect. One herb from the plant field noted for its wide range of therapeutic qualities is GARLIC. According to my research, below is a partial list of reported maladies that were overcome, controlled, or at least lessened by nature’s medicine, garlic: Can garlic be used to protect my garden in the backyard or even my crops in the field? Are you a backyard chicken farmer? According to an analysis conducted by the Department of Agriculture, a single clove of garlic contains minerals and Vitamins along with its unique high concentration of sulfur compounds: In the former Soviet Union, garlic was used to kill bacteria and fight infections. Some of the many health benefits Apple Cider Vinegar has on people are: Kills bad breath Keeps you full longer Has a beneficial effect on Blood Sugar levels Helps clear up sinuses Can boost energy For dogs, Apple […] What I do look for in a quality ACV product and where can I obtain quality ACV? These two amazing wonders are being used by more and more people throughout the world every day. Apple cider vinegar is a source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, in particular phosphorus (for goats). can help your flock. Like ACV, garlic is its own wonder of nature when it comes to preventing chicken illnesses. Some customers have informed us that they weren't allowed to inject ACV into their water lines. Does cooking destroy the benefits of garlic? Drench with 1 cup of ACV &. Tests have indicated that ajoene is at least as potent as aspirin in preventing aggregation of blood platelets and keeping blood from clotting. Garlic’s allicin was tested against staphylococcus aureus and found to be equivalent to 15 penicillin units/mg! Horticulturists recommend that you border your plantings with garlic as well as planting garlic among them. I doubt you’ll find healthy vinegar products at your local grocery store. Cooking garlic is recommended to reduce the harsh side effects and pungent odor of raw garlic and to eliminate any microbial contamination that may come from the soil. Garlic is absolutely harmless to birds, livestock, and wildlife. The key in determining how much and how often is the dosage size you are going for. Vinegar contents has the basic nutrients of the original food from which it was made. It is activated when whole fresh garlic is cut or crushed. choice container such as a rubber pan with a 50/50 ACV and water mix. Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apple cider. As a matter of fact, garlic may enhance the health of your pet (see next Q\A)! Apple Cider Vinegar… it has amazing health benefits for people and is equally amazing for our dogs. The acetic acid gives vinegar it’s unique tart taste. What can you tell me about garlic; what makes it work, and why does it work? According to 1970’s studies from German physician, Dr. Hans Reuter, of Cologne, Germany, the effectiveness of garlic against heart disease is based on three fronts — controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and fatty deposits in the arteries. Dr. Abdullah and nine volunteers ate either raw garlic or kyolic extract. Another option for getting ACV to your livestock is to put it out free choice. Once garlic has protected your plantings through harvest time, at the end of the season you’ll have some garlic for your healthy diet! True Apple Cider Vinegar (that is alive) is a little cloudy with sediment resting at the bottom of the bottle – called the MOTHER! ACV for chickens can lower the pH in their digestive tract, creating an unfavorable environment for intestinal worms and harmful bacteria. According to research from Dr. Tarig Abdullah of the Akbar Clinic and Research Institute in Panama City, Florida, garlic may be extremely beneficial in fighting cancer. According to researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles, aged garlic extract seemed to have the ability to “prevent and control melanoma” which is one of the fastest-growing types of skin cancer in North America.

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