bathampton toll bridge weight limit

No over legal axle weight. Just S. of Jct. Both directions. [1] => 30.357 BL = 20,000 lbs CL-8 = 20,000 lbs SA = 39,000 lbs. Due to deterioration in the bridge. [0] => Current Forecast: If you don’t have your own transponder, the rental car company will bill you. Loads over 20,000 lbs. 21,500 lbs per axle for CL-8. 0.1 miles South of Mukilteo Ferry Dock. ( No over legal axle weights 105,500 lbs Total Weight Limit ( Only one Truck allowed on bridge at a time. Between Rainier,OR and Longview, WA. per axle weight limit for BL & CL-8 - Permitted loads shall travel the center-line of the bridge, provide traffic control as required. 21,500 lb per axle limit BL. 32,500 lbs per axle weight limit for SA 4/26/2010 US 395 18.59 North & South 395/40 Pioneer Memorial Bridge US 395, Milepost 18.59 US 395, MP 18.59 Overloads to travel centerline “Overloads shall travel centerline of NB or SB lanes” 21,500 per axle weight limit. 37,000 lb per axle limit for SA, 19,000 per axle weight limit for BL & CL-8. 1.3 mi est of City of Montesano. The agency inspects all of its bridges at least once every two years unless there are issues due to age, deterioration, bridge damage or other concerns. 650 Pounds per inch width of tire. SR 507, Milepost 2.36 - 18,000 lbs for BL & CL-8, 20,000 lb per axle weight limit for BL & CL-8, 8 mi W of City of Morton. Traffic control is required. For non-divisible loads running on a permit, traffic control is required. limit, 14.9 Miles East of Makah Res. 21,500 lbs per axle for CL-8 (5-axle combination) & 20,500 per axle for BL. Legal axle weights only. per axle limit for BL & CL-8. 21,500 lb per axle limit. We were only on the toll road from south of Miami to Florida City. No over legal axle weights. ALTERNATE ROUTE: From Clark (360-397-2446)/Cowlitz Co at Must contact Hoquiam Licensing 360-533-4333 for "Reverse Permit" through city streets. 20,000 lbs per axle weight limit for BL & CL-8, 7 mi N of City of Ilwaco. per axle max. When traveling from Tacoma to Gig Harbor, all Trucks over 105,500 lbs shall use both lanes in the direction of travel. 20,000 lb per axle limit. Maximum speed 25 mph. If you are a WordPress user with administrative privileges on this site, please enter your email address in the box below and click "Send". [0] => Wind Direction: 21,500 lbs per axle weigh limit. Maximum Length All tires must remain on the paved surface. ), 4 Axle Single Unit Truck 27 Tons; 5 Axle Single Unit Truck 29 Tons; 6 Axle Single Unit Truck 30 Tons and 7 Axle Single Unit Truck 33 Tons. All other loads, over legal gross weight, must travel center lane of bridge. [1] => Array 21,500 lbs per axle for BL. 20,500 lbs per axle weight limit for BL & CL-8. Truck/Trailer-40 tons. These are the latest bridge restrictions from the Washington State Department of Transportation. OVERLOADS TRAVEL CENTERLINE OF BRIDGE. Maximum Tire Weight Loads over 20,000 lbs. Newport Pell Bridge. Rules Enforced from toll plaza to Jamet Street exit. Then, drove down to the Keys. ) This bridge crosses over I-5, NOT ON MAINLINE. (b) The gross weight limit for any one wheel, or wheels, shall not apply to vehicles with loads of livestock.

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