best elo songs

That definitely takes the difficulty level up several notches, as you try to decide which of front man Jeff Lynne’s many blast of brilliance are better than the others. Straight Up (Remastered 2010 / Deluxe Edition), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

As that arch, punning name indicated, ELO fused electric rock and pop with classical influences, creating a sound that was truly unique. All rights reserved.

Probably the only song in history that makes you want to "air cello".

I heard it while playing random ELO songs and my eyes lit up as I remembered being in love with this song at the age of 4. Part of what makes “Strange Magic” so unique is its odd arrangement: the ascending and descending strings, the random jazz accents of the keys.

If Lynne wanted to call it ELO, he had every right – it was always his band. I can't believe I had to add it to the list myself.

‘Nice planet – we'll take it!’: how ELO took over the known universe.

in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018. For some reason, the original vinyl LP sounded somewhat muffled and distant, as if the EQ was perceptibly off.

(Even the arrangement is a bit sloppy: Notice Bevan’s awkwardly timed drum fill at the :33 mark.) But in 2015, the main man relaunched a new version of the group, billed as Jeff Lynne’s ELO, with a world tour and a new album, Alone In The Universe. Electric Light Orchestra: Where Are The Former Members Now?

Listen to this song and then promptly change your vote in order to move this classic ELO cut where it belongs, which is at least in the top five! Jeff Lynne and his Electric Light Orchestra perform during the kick off tour at Oracle Arena in Oakland. It was Lynne’s genius – illustrated in songs such as Mr. Blue Sky, Livin’ Thing and Evil Woman – that led Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield to proclaim: “ELO are better than The Beatles!” And even Jeff Lynne never dreamed he’d hear that. When I hear it, I never want it to end. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Hearing this at the end of "Paul" brought me back to ELO 30 odd years later. But dude rarely stopped at a simple verse-chorus pattern: The dreamy pre-chorus breakdown and vocoder-heavy bridge illustrate the intricacy of Lynne’s songwriting – and his ambition to fashion pop songs as works of high art. 6) Electric Light Orchestra (Harvest, 1972). Maybe it's safer that way!

"Evil Woman," "Showdown," "Turn to Stone," "Telephone Line," "Strange Magic" -- anyone who was anywhere near a radio in the latter half of the '70s knows them all by heart, whether they like them or not.

Loved watching my mom and grandfather jive to this classic! In their pomp – and in ELO’s case, there really is no other word for it – they sold over 50 million albums in 11 years and performed on stage beneath a giant ‘spaceship’. For one thing, there’s something like 27 songs that need to be in the top 10. (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group). I first heard this song as a little girl...before I began school.

I will always love it. These guys have so many hits it's hard to go wrong with any of them. But as Lynne took over the reigns as ELO’s chief songwriter, producer, and sonic architect, it became clear that he operated best without a co-writer.

"Evil Woman," "Showdown," "Turn to Stone," "Telephone Line," "Strange Magic" -- anyone who was anywhere near a radio in the latter half of the '70s knows them all by heart, whether they like them or not.

Despite operating at opposite ends of the rock spectrum – Lynne the studious craftsman, Wood the cello-bashing oddball – the duo clearly couldn’t align their talents to a Lennon/McCartney level, and Wood left the band after only recording one full LP: their self-titled debut, which cracked the UK Top 40 but flew totally under the radar in America. Four Little Diamonds sounded like something The Beatles had knocked off in five minutes when they were bored. The subject matter is obvious: a lonely man waiting by a telephone, fantasizing about what he’d tell his sweetheart if only they’d answer.

And the best news is that you are likely to hear most, if not all, of these songs when Jeff Lynne’s ELO performs June 22 at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento and June 24 at the SAP Center in San Jose.

But still a beautiful piece of music, Just another uniquely Jeff Lynne creation. This is my favorite song of all time and it will remain for ever. Gotta be my favorite. Not sure how this song isn't #1. “I’m living in twilight,” Lynne sings on the chorus. But best of all is Can’t Get It Out Of My Head, one of Lynne’s most beautiful songs, surprisingly covered in 2007 by Velvet Revolver.

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