boeing 777 anti ice system

As the torque motor current increases, the valve opening increases. In the 777 at least, maybe true of other aircraft as well, our EAI and WAI switches stay in Auto during flight. aircraft windshield frost, fog, and ice control systems and portable water tank ice prevention, Aircraft Ice Control Systems and Ice Detector System, Inspection, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting of Rubber Deicer Boot Systems and Deice Boot Maintenance. When the WAI switch is turned on, the pressure regulator is energized and the shutoff valve opens. The wing leading edge is constructed of two skin layers separated by a narrow passageway. The time since the last periodic test is more than 24 hours. WAI valves control the air flow from the pneumatic system to WAI ducts. Some aircraft with weeping wing systems are certified to fly into known icing conditions. The tube, or duct, sections are attached to each other by bolted end flanges or by band-type V-clamps. In some installations, thin stainless steel expansion bellows are used. The aircrew can monitor the WAI system on the onboard computer maintenance page. The rate of leakage at a given pressure should not exceed that recommended in the aircraft maintenance manual. Activated by a switch in the cockpit, the liquid flows over the wing and tail surfaces, preventing the formation of ice as it flows. These seals are fitted into annular recesses in the duct joint faces. If the valves are already open, the operational mode inhibit causes the valves to close. With the selector off, the WAI valves close. However, if difficulty arises in locating leaks, a soap-and water solution may be used. the Boeing B787 Dreamliner and the new Gulfstream G650 business jet. Figure 1 shows a typical WAI system schematic for a business jet. When ice has accumulated on the leading edges, the antifreeze solution chemically breaks down the bond between the ice and airframe. Ultra Electronics Controls provides worldwide 24/7 spares, repairs and technical support Boeing 787 Wing Ice Protection System - Control Unit Cards Function: The function of the Wing Ice Protection System (WIPS) is to provide electro-thermal ice protection to an area of the Use caution checking the function of the pitot heat when the aircraft is on the ground. If either valve fails closed, the WAI computer card keeps the other valve closed. !Boeing 777-300 Pilot Procedures.doc Author: Alarion The ACIPS computer card controls both WAI valves. Most functions formerly powered by bleed air such as the air-conditioning packs and wing anti-ice systems are now electrically powered. x��\Is7�l,&���)U�D�h����Nr��`��~G���Ӹ?���S&p Yj�z�z���LRe����e{o�`�{.�=�8�|��_�O�o�e76ô�(��|�!����l~(3U��������ͽ������z�͔,*�\�\�HV��J�¢f�{�i All ducting should be inspected for security, general condition, or distortion. The off and on positions are used for manual control of the WAI system. The ducting is lagged with a fire-resistant, heat-insulating material, such as fiberglass. BITE does a test of the card hardware and software functions and the valve and pressure sensor interfaces. <> [Figure 5]. 1. This keeps the airplane aerodynamically stable in icing conditions. High-performance aircraft may have “weeping wings.” Large transport-category aircraft are equipped with advanced thermal pneumatic or thermal electric anti-icing systems that are controlled automatically to prevent the formation of ice. This type of anti-ice is typically limited to small components due to high amperage draw. There is one selector for the WAI system. However, with the introduction of the B787, Boeing has incorporated a new no-bleed systems architecture that eliminates the traditional pneumatic system and bleed manifold. The primary flight computer (PFC) supplies signals for the air data card (ADC) to energize ground and air heat control relays to activate probe heat. ��!I��[)���%�T�_��d;Z�XN:��Z����˜��rZ�(��t�:�b;�+2e��|]��܉\yW�%�u�*0���W~�ct�f�S���3" The wing and stabilizer systems are often called weeping wing systems or are known by their trade name of TKS™ systems. With auto or on selected, the operational mode is inhibited if any of these conditions occur: Airplane on the ground (except during an initiated or periodic built-in test equipment (BITE) test), Total Air Temperature (TAT) is more than 50 °F (10 °C) and the time since takeoff is less than 5 minutes. The air leaves the slats through holes in the bottom of each slat. Some WAI ducts have connecting “T” ducts that telescope to direct air into the slats while extended. The torque motor controls operation of the valve. BOEING 737-800 TECHNICAL REVIEW - CHAPTER 3 _____ ANTI-ICE ENGINE ANTI ICE Engine anti ice is taken from the 5th and 9th stages of the engine compressor, upstream of the bleed air valve. When installing a section of duct, make certain that the seal bears evenly against and is compressed by the adjacent joint’s flange. Transport category and high performance aircraft use thermal electric anti-icing in windshields. Bleed pressure is sufficient to open the WAI valves. [Figure 4]. Contact Us - Thermal systems used for the purpose of preventing the formation of ice or for deicing airfoil leading edges usually use heated air ducted spanwise along the inside of the leading edge of the airfoil and distributed around its inner surface. Advanced aircraft may have more complex circuitry in which control is by computer and flight condition of the aircraft is considered before thermal electric heaters are activated automatically. Cookie Policy - With the selector in auto and no operational mode inhibits, the WAI ACIPS computer card sends a signal to open the WAI valves when either ice detector detects ice. �|�������롪�ʲ��*�Jk���!W�J{� }��҅e� �k�T�V����C�pF+� ]蘐���!��.�|�@����������v�����C�4&p��\J7���N&Z����Em�̣ Water lines, waste water drains, and some turboprop inlet cowls are also heated with electricity to prevent ice from forming. The systems are basically the same. The selector has three positions: auto, on, and off.

Bellows are located at strategic positions to absorb any distortion or expansion of the ducting that may occur due to temperature variations. This system may be operated on ground and as well as in air. The WAI pressure sensor senses the air pressure in the WAI duct after the WAI valve. Wing Anti-Ice: The WAI system routes engine bleed air to the wing leading edge area. Engine failure considerations? The holes allow air to flow into the space inside the leading edge slats. If the temperature in the wing leading edge exceeds approximately +212 °F (outboard) or +350 °F (inboard), the red WING OV HT warning light on the annunciator panel illuminates. ... WING ANTI ICE Wing anti ice system is a supply duct heating the three inboard slats only. The operational mode for the WAI valves can be inhibited by many different sets of conditions. The required positions of the WAI valves change as bleed air temperature and altitude change. The ejector discharges the bleed air into piccolo tubes for distribution along the leading edge. The 777 ice protection system also participates in engine bleed flow management by reducing wing anti-ice flow during transient high-flow demand. The WAI valves stay closed as long as the operational mode inhibit is active.

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