brink pos api documentation

There are no new features in this release. Read More. (BBS-5353), Users with limited access to Locations had access to locations they shouldn't have. (BRNK-7405), The header of a Report was listing all locations within a Location Group as well as the Location Group name. Brink POS System - Cloud Point of Sale for Restaurants. As a cloud-based POS software solution, Brink does not require a back office computer, and all your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud. API Documentation - Sales2 Web Service: Added field “OrderAdditionalDetails” available in the Order Common Data Structures. (BBS-5068), Following an upgrade some locations were showing an offline status on the register. (BBS-666), The Menu Comparison report was including deleted items in the comparison. The API allows you to display and process your online orders in the same place that your staff manage in-store orders I.E your cash point/POS system. (BBS-4576, BRNK-6138, BBS-4641, BBS-3991), Admin Portal users weren't able to access their assigned locations. (BBS-5203), When attempting to edit a Shift in Admin Portal an error would occur upon saving. API Documentation – Settings2 Web Service: The “Type” field is no longer used in this web service. API Documentation – Web Service ModifierGroup Settings Type: Updated field from “IsFlowRequired” to “FlowRequired”. System performance for scheduled Changeset Publishes processed at End of Day to 1000+ locations has been improved. This makes it really easy for you to work with a developer to integrate your POS with online orders through Flipdish. API Documentation – Settings2 Web Service: The field “List” has been updated to “List” in the Employee Common Data Structures. (BRNK-6584), The Break End Time was not correct in the Edited Shifts report for Breaks added on the Register. (BBS-5635), When filtering Changeset Packages picking a Location Group did not limit changesets returned. Designed for the Cloud. (BBS-5210), The table layout appeared differently in Settings Editor-> Layout compared to what displayed on a register. (BBS-5080), Admin Portal Admin User roles were not respecting group level permissions. API Documentation – Web Service LocationOptions Settings Type: Added fields “DisplayName”, “ExceptionDates”, “EnableVariablePin”, and “Language”. An Employee was displayed on the "Clocked In" report with dates in the past, when they had clocked out on those days or had been terminated. (BRNK-2589), A receipt will now print when an open order is automatically closed to an EOD Tender due to the End of Day event. Partner Program You get a beautiful ordering app and website for your restaurant or takeaway. PDQ POS. Read More. Self-Service Kiosks, About Us For over 30 years, Signature Systems, Inc., an award-winning technology solutions company, has been providing top rated point-of-sale (POS) systems to quick service restaurants, pizzerias, bars and fine dining establishments throughout the US and Canada. Contact (BBS-5062), Loyalty Card data was missing from the Customers export report in Admin Portal. (BBS-5202), The House Account Detail report was ran for a specific day, the report populated orders from the next day. (BBS-4944), Changes to Order Item button behavior could not be saved or published in Settings Editor. (BRNK-8322, BBS-6129, BTT-4971, BBS-6346, BBS-6322, BBS-6321, BBS-6276, BBS-6172, BBS-6235), Time Synchronization ownership has moved from the Brink Maintenance Service back to the Register software. (BBS-5077), A Changesets Name and notes did not update when saving/naming a changeset then publishing the changeset with edited name/notes. Customer Support. (BBS-5575, BBS-5715), Publishing a Changeset that included a new Panel being added to a Screen resulted in the Changeset status being stuck at "Working". Value for Money. (BBS-5784), SessionM Loyalty - A new offer lookup type via QR code is now supported. (BBS-3129), Incorrect online/offline status was seen in Admin Portal and in the API which caused stores to show as offline when they were online. (BBS-6320, BBS-6264, BRNK-8273, BRNK-8124, BRNK-8011, BTT-4809, BRNK-7901, BBS-6350), API - the GetMasterTerminalStatus from the Ordering Web Service is now integrated into the Location Status Service and will now return 1 for online and 0 for offline. Privacy Policy (BBS-5138), Removing a Registers Screen when publishing was allowed with Auto Resolve Error enabled. (BBS-2933), Bumping the first order on the second KDS page incorrectly resulted in bumping the last order on the first page. API Documentation - Labor2 Web Service: The “BreakType” field property is no longer used in this web service. (BBS-4958, BBS-4948), Post upgrade a register was kept restarting after upgrade recovery. (BRNK-6291), Copying an item within Settings Editor did not copy its associated item groups.

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