can you whitewash over varnished wood

It’s beautiful! Just hoping you might have tried this already. What type of wood do you find works best to whitewash? Originally I was thinking of painting but now I’m thinking whitewashing them. Of course, Nicole! I want to create the white wash look on it that you did. Pinning! Tip 7: If you are layering any pieces a different direction (like our faux beams below), try to whitewash them before you install them so you don't mess up your brush strokes. Purchase a whitewash stain, not a whitewash paint. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you are considering whitewashing newer planking, I would recommend staining it a bit darker first. I did not, but our planks were raw. Can You Paint Over Varnished Wood? Hope this helps! So pretty. It can be watered down and since it’s a ceiling, it may not even need a top coat. If the house is that old, just beware that the wood make take the paint a bit differently in some places. Hi, I am hoping you can give me just a little advice. I hope you’re able to do something you love in that space above the garage!! In that time, though, I did not see problems with tannins seeping through. Unfortunately, it all depends on whether the boards have already been treated with anything. But our attic already had some of this fabulous, aged cedar planking… How could we resist capitalizing on that with wood walls? Hi Debby! Is it possible to whitewash a wood back porch like this? Thanks! If it is completely untreated, then the world is at your fingertips. Thank you. I’m so glad you found me and that you like it!! Your rooms looks fabulous. Hi Casey. Thank you so much, Abby! It all depends on the amount of moisture that actually accumulates in your bathroom, which is dependent on the airflow in the room, the ceiling height, whether or not you have a fan, etc. I’m so glad it was helpful, Helle! I can’t even bring myself to call this a tutorial…it’s that SIMPLE to do. Love this! This is just another reason why I love whitewash paint. I hope you have fun doing the dresser!! And how could we cover up all that beautiful woodgrain and texture with solid white paint? It’s true that wasn’t our experience. I linked the paint that I used within the post, so if you click on that you’ll see the specifics. We only put one skylight in the space (mostly because it’s going to be a beast to keep it cool during Texas summers! , Thank you so much, Karen! Thanks for being so proactive!! Hi! I love the white washed look with old wood peaking through. But if you’re wanting it to look more solid, then you could but it’s totally up to you. If you’re using an oil-based paint only use an oil-based primer, not an acrylic one. Unfortunately, I don’t actually live there any more (we moved out about a year after we did the renovation). Hope this helps! There were even a few spots that I returned to a little later (remember the note about wetting your rag to remove some if needed) if I wasn’t happy with how they blended into the rest of the room. Your ceiling turned out beautiful! I hope this helps and again, sorry for the slow reply! If you want it to look rustic or to have that farmhouse feel, you really don’t have to add a primer. I would probably do a scratch test and maybe even give it some time. . Can’t wait to hear more about it! Yes, I was able to do it all in one pass, but I did only 2-3 boards at a time. you can try it on a rag to see if it comes off. This is gorgeous! Your email address will not be published. ??? I would probably start by just trying it: paint on a little whitewash, wipe it off, and see what happens. Satin paint may or may not absorb into the wood in the same way, and it definitely can look more opaque than flat (as it is made to be more durable), but if you can’t return it, you can always try a small corner as an experiment! Hi Laura, Here’s the problem: ours was totally raw wood; there was no pre-existing finish, so no sanding was needed. 2) how did applying the white wash on the ceiling go? It was described as Antique Whitewash. Your space is lovely and you did an amazing job. Sounds like you already know this, but if you want to give the whitewashing a shot I would give it a sanding first. Good luck! I bet it will be beautiful. Would love to see results! Thank you so much for linking up with The Party Bunch! Hi Dani, I’m so sorry, I just found this comment buried in my archives… I hope I’m not too late! How would I do this with wood paneling. Hi Danni. Unfortunately, we moved out of that home a little over three years ago, so I can’t tell you what it’s done over time. Unfortunately, you may need to strip the varathane off if you really want to achieve a whitewashed look. The problem is that types of wood vary in their grain, so you’ll want to test a few spots to see if there is enough natural grain in the wood to show if you simply use watered down paint. whitewashing w/paint does not. Amy @ I would suggest trying it on some scrap wood first and seeing what you can accomplish. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate and/or sponsored links. And please don’t feel bad… It’s about time to share some more details of the attic; I’ll try to have them up soon. This is gorgeous! Nice job, it looks gorgeous!!! Hi, question. Have a great week! Can you whitewash over varnished wood? Our full disclosure is available for viewing under About. What did you use for the paint? Thanks so much, Crystelle! Disclaimer: Please use all appropriate and proper safety precautions when attempting projects. The varnish won’t apply the other paints to adhere to the wood and this is going to cause a problem later on. You may have to give it a more faux finish to achieve a similar effect. Your tips will definitely help! Wow! People are always asking us about whitewashing reclaimed wood…. But who knows, it should adhere well enough and it might just save you the trouble of stripping off the finish. I was simply using color to try to match the existing color of the aged wood (since we had some old and some new planks). Explore and enjoy! You can paint over varnished wood as long as you use the right materials and painting process. those saying you have to strip are talking about a whitewash stain. . You could try an inconspicuous corner, give it a week, then try scratching it off. Let me know if you have any questions! It sounds like you did the opposite and just painted over the stain. This turned out so so lovely! . Watch out, it really is rather addictive. "Dry brushing" watered-down paint seems counter-intuitive, but trust me; sometimes it's the easiest way to create the desired texture. Hi Rachel!

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