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But once it is set up, then you know you have a “home living space” to come back to. Where will the caravan or motorhome be stored? Gangsta Granny – A collection of senior ladies knitting everything that moves and serving tea to a hip-hop soundtrack. The Sportsmobile Classic starts at $39,100 and is customisable to your needs. We love that the hob is in front of the sliding door, so you can take in your view while cooking and allowing food smells to escape the camper, keeping it fresher for longer. One thing we love about the Sportsmobile Classic is the outward opening doors on this van, it’s such a unique look that gives this camper iconic style. This allows you peace of mind when hitting the road that your camper will be able to take you wherever you want to go. Experiential. For £32,000 you could buy a 9-year-old motorhome that has done 13,000 miles.
ARE RESIDENTIAL CARAVANS (CREATIONS WHICH PROVIDE BEDDING) ELIGIBLE? On the exterior of the vehicle, handy compartments mean you can access the toilet cassette, gas canister and water storage without needing to go inside. However, it’s unusual to find such a compact vehicle that can sleep five and seat up to seven so if you’re looking for something for the entire family, then it may be worth saving. Subject to licence, bill subject to change. Towing a touring caravan takes more practice and don’t think that everyone whos towing one was amazing at first. The back passenger seats convert into a large double bed for the adults to provide a comfortable nights sleep. With a price starting from £37,899, this campervan is a competitive model that would make an excellent home on wheels.

WHAT IF I HAVE AN IDEA, BUT NOT A CARAVAN? Actually, much depends on where you park. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING MY INSTALLATION SAFE? Due to their age, they can be a lot of work to run and keep, so it is essential to find one in good condition if you are looking to buy a VW Bus. Trailer Tower – a viewing platform in a caravan that is craned into the sky Now it’s Latitude’s turn as we’re encouraging all of you artists, architects, theatre-makers, performance groups and creators of all sorts, with an appetite for what makes a festival really sing to submit an amazing design, The Artistic Director of Trailer Park, Roz Jellett said: “In Trailer Park we really do set out to make people laugh.
Did we also mention that it’s tax-free? Interactive design brings people together around it, provoking reactions and creating roles and transforming voyeurs into active contributors.

If your kids are young then probably a caravan would be better. During the Festival, you are wholly responsible. A generous kitchen with a fridge, sink, hob, storage and food preparation space takes up the central area inside the van, giving you the ability to prepare delicious meals wherever you are. Is a Motorhome More expensive Than A Caravan? You will need to think about a method statement if appropriate, and Festival Republic’s own structural engineer and their safety officer will inspect each creation to ensure they are fit for purpose.

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