combahee river collective discussion questions

Introduction: My discussion questions for the class are, what do you think of the aims of the Collective, and of the challenges to organizing black feminists? Issue of Cultural Competency: In the past five years (2010 – present), there has been an increasing number of street protests around the globe. 971–972) Following Robin Kelley, what was the political and historical context of their formation, and what is the significance of paying attention to gender and sexuality as part of Black radical visions of freedom? Although many black women had been resisting oppression for generations, the first official black feminist group, the National Black Feminist Organization (NBFO), was formed in New York in 1973. To What Extent is there a Racial/Cultural Divide within Feminism? Do you agree with the author’s statement that the freedom of black women would mean the destruction of all oppressive powers, and therefore, comprehensive liberation? Barbara Smith& Beverly Smith A group of young African American women who began meeting in Boston in 1974 The Combahee River

Research Question: S. Lamble calls for a “queer/trans politics of prison abolition.” By using this term, they explain they are “referring less to ‘queer’ and ‘trans’ as umbrella identity terms and more to a political approach that questions, disrupts, and transforms dominant ideas about what is normal. The participants in these demonstrations are typically 18 – 35 year old individuals, demanding, such a thing as feminist theory—even if I do not think of it as social scientific—I find the very idea of feminist methodology in the social and behavioral sciences fundamentally untenable. The Combahee River Collective theorized that “major systems of oppression are interlocking.

Victoria Law, “Against Carceral Feminism”, Talila A. Lewis and Dustin Gibson, “The Prison Strike Challenges Ableism and Defends Disability Rights”, Namrata Verghese, “Queer Liberation Is an Abolitionist Affair”, Qwo-Li Driskill, “Shaking Our Shells: Cherokee Two-Spirits Rebalancing the World”, Liat Ben-Moshe, “Deinstitutionalization: A Case Study in Carceral Abolition,” Scapegoat 7, INCITE! The Study of the Division between Feminists In their Collective Statement they spoke, “A combined antiracist and antisexist position drew us together initially, and as we developed politically we addressed ourselves to heterosexism and economic oppression under capitalism” (1982, 4). I found this reading, overall, to be very interesting and insightful into the organization and unique issues faced by black feminists. Table of Contents: Combahee River Collective and Chicana Feminism Alma M. Garcia Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. One’s struggle is finally recognized for the unique experience that it is, and it becomes not a source of solitary sadness, but a source of shared power. In concurrence with the Combahee River Collective, Clarke notes that women are generally oppressed, paper, I will specifically focus on modern feminist theory and politics rooted in the 1960s wave of feminism. Not only does she sustain contradictions, she returns the ambivalence into something else” I only found two points that I would critique. The writer states that the Collective’s “politics evolve from a healthy love for ourselves” (2), a sentiment which must also serve to affirm and create a source of power for group members. Just in the past five years, individuals worldwide orchestrated over 20 demonstrations, and used social media platforms, principally as Facebook or Twitter, to organize protests. The Combahee River Collective, founded by black feminists and lesbians in Boston, Massachusetts in 1974, was best known for its Combahee River Collective Statement. How do heteronormativity and binary gender norms contribute to the prison industrial complex?

Activists like Ella Baker and groups like the Combahee River Collective pioneered intersectionality by combining antiracist and women’s liberation movements. The Statement continues to address the economic structure—the Collective calls for “the destruction of the political-economic systems of capitalism and imperialism as well as patriarchy” (3), however, the writer believes that a socialist revolution must be specific to the needs of all oppressed peoples, otherwise, society will not improve. Angela Davis, Are Prisons Obsolete, “How Gender Structures the Prison System” (AUDIO), Robin D.G. As previously, mentioned, Black Feminist Politics is the intersectional analysis of the multitude of oppressions that black women face, contribute fully to the national development. The author doesn’t mention the disabled, undocumented, or incarcerated—who, while they would no doubt benefit from the destruction of capitalism and white patriarchy, I would not say that they would become entirely liberated, because each group faces an entirely unique set of challenges. Kelley, Freedom Dreams, “This Battlefield Called Life: Black Feminist Dreams” “Combahee River Collective Statement” Supplemental Materials For an example, you could focus on systems of oppression that shape prisons, or access to food, or housing, or jobs and incomes, etc. The Combahee River Collective statement explores the societal view of sexism using the gender, class and race lenses. This document was one of the earliest explorations of the intersection of … . While I agree with the author’s statement, I believe it can be extrapolated to most women who are poor, working class, or otherwise oppressed. Word Count: 3,415 According to Davis, how do gendered and sexualized power relations inform imprisonment? The impact of the Combahee River Collective, Ransby noted, can be found in the Black Lives Matter movement, which has radical black feminism as …
The writer states that coming to this group is a “political realization that comes from the seemingly personal experiences of individual Black women’s lives,” which I found to be an interesting realization of power. 3 with Andrea Ritchie, Until Black Women Are Free, None of Us Will Be Free, The Prison Strike Challenges Ableism and Defends Disability Rights, Queer Liberation Is an Abolitionist Affair, Shaking Our Shells: Cherokee Two-Spirits Rebalancing the World, Deinstitutionalization: A Case Study in Carceral Abolition, Age, Race, Class and Sex: Women Redefining Difference, ‘It's Really Up To Us’ Barbara Smith on Combahee, Coalitions and Dismantling White Supremacy. How does the prison create and uphold structures of gender and sexuality? - What are the similarities between Truth’s and the Combahee Collective's concerns? Questioning the normalcy of the prison, a queer/trans politics not only helps identify the role of imprisonment in perpetuating gender, racial, and sexual violence, but also provides tools for developing alternative community responses that better address problems of harm” (237). Required Readings.

Why does Angela Davis distinguish between a focus on gender and a focus on women? What are some of these stereotypes and how have they been used to devalue women and block interracial solidarities? Angela Davis, Are Prisons Obsolete, “How Gender Structures the Prison System” Robin D.G. (You could draw in Ritchie & Law here also).

The black feminist lesbian movement is a vital group imperative to the understanding of feminism and its political standings. The author is careful to separate biology from socialization, no doubt because the author is aware of the historical implications of biological determinism. Also, the author states, “the material conditions of most Black women would hardly lead them to upset both economic and sexual arrangements that seem to represent some stability in their lives” (5).
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