dik dik for sale in texas

$20. Very sweet socialized babies, please do... Hello there,we do have bottle babies marmoset and Capuchin monkeys and looking for a caring and loving family that... We have beautiful and C.U.T.E B.A.B.Y M.A.R.M.O.S.E.T M.O.N.K.E.Y.S: awaiting new homes and families. Taken in the Northwest Territories of Canada. I have retired from most taxidermy.All kinds. Species that require an affidavit have an affidavit. They are very affectionate, Tamed and ready for new home. Pictured Here:

See all our other taxidermy skulls. $450 total. .... ERIKA is a stunningly flashy and cute peach with large spots, nano micro mini piglet. He is a tiny micro mini to low teacup mini... URIELA is a flashy micro mini piglet with lots of sweetness and gentleness. Let me know what your looking for. Texas "The Lone Star State" - State Capital Austin. She enjoys being held and... We have Manx kittens galore!

She is very calm and affectionate. $320 Can be seen at Lost. I have a beautiful pygmy nannie she has been exposed to a great full pygmy billy, she produces twin girls every time.... DEFREND is a very rich red chocolate stylish little piglet.

Can be seen at Lost. Wild Black Boar Taxidermy Shoulder Mount $125.00BOVery Nice Wild Black Boar Taxidermy Shoulder Mount. She is a very sweet and calm. Handsome Framed Cynopterus Brachyotus Bat

Call 314-378-3387. Shoulder mounts $350.

Forrest your decor Dallas, TX... African Dik Dik Taxidermy Shoulder Mount Extra Large Longhorn Skull Bats, Beatles, Tarantulas and More This is a trophy Himalayan Tahr from New Zealand. One of the largest sales of its kind in the country, it will have thousands of items for sale to …

Several sizes and price range. Call 314-378-3387. Let me know what your looking for Call or text at four1seven four... Over 70 species of taxidermy for sale. I replace my male every year he is great... Taxidermy African Pygmy Dik-Dik Antelope

Huge Hipposideros Diadema

Framed Taxidermy Frog from South America

Taxidermy done professionally right here in Florence. Call or text at four1seven four9nine two00four. Taxidermy No list.Brown bears,lions, so much......Fleshing machines,eyes, paint booth ,just a lot of stuff.......capes , antlers, life size. Let me know what your looking for.

She is red with HUGE SPOTS, and a white blaze. Pictured Here: 2 babies ready to go now, one male and one female 5 weeks old, on the bottle. Buy, Sell, or Hunt Pick a species you are interested in below and click on one of the ranches for more information. She is a super micro mini piglet. Chocolate brown.

11.5" x 5" $395 She is red tuxedo with spots and a white blaze. Adorable Pigmy Antelope No threatened or endangered species, no birds, no fish, no primitates, no big cats -mountain lion. Browse for sale listings in The fir is in excellent condition.

African Reebok In great condition.

1201 N Riverfront Blvd Animal Type: Exotic

Lots and lots not pictured in this add.

.Antiques 1201 N... Antiques 1201 N... Dallas Texas Home decor 248 $

I have a 2 mt old Nigerian Buck Goat that is very healthy.

Check out our other taxidermy! View More .

So... 3 six zero- 32 4 one, Quail Taxidermy Coffee Table $250 sales tax. This first is a Texas Swift Fox Mount taxidermy. Visit the website for pics and prices! With hunting season here, I am now offering Euro mount services for a variety of species.

Text & Used 48 CC . Great sampling for the collector of decor. I have a lot of shoulder, half body, full body options.

Can be seen at Lost. One is 12 weeks... 18 month old male pygmy goat if looking for a breeder he's your guy . One is 6 months old mostly black with white. We spoil and give them the most Excellent... Pygmy Marmoset Monkey that will make a perfect addition to your home.

Dinostaur at Forestwood Antique... Coyote Skulls He is a calm cuddlebug. Used … Dealer 026. She is very... XANTI is a flashy micro mini piglet. Pictured here: Species for sale that require an affidavit have an affidavit. Browse for sale listings in Texas "The Lone Star State" - State Capital Austin View pictures.

Call 314-378-3387. Dinostaur at Forestwood Antique Mall More taxidermy coming soon! Mounted on maple by Life Forms... We will be organizing a Huge 2-Day Taxidermy. 5333 Forest Ln.

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