diy truck steps

The BedRug was installed, so he knew the space would be comfortable enough. DIY Christmas Truck: Well it's about time for Christmas, and I wanted to make another Christmas project. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(452474, '4d0f9b72-b5fa-4919-8766-a4652dc77196', {}); Every shelter needs to be protected from the outdoors. The ability to plug a cord into an outlet and access electricity is nothing short of magical. We checked out Maine Heritage’s site and learned that they offer free samples, so we put in a request. Also wipe off any excess glue before it drys. If there’s not, then you may need to drill a small hole. I had Lowe's cut my 4x8 (easier than hauling and then setting up my tablesaw). About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them. Screw the mounting brackets together, making a capital “T” shape on its side. Here is a good technique to adopt for a longer-lasting bond between the VELCRO and the blanket; spread out the Fabri- Tac glue on the adhesive side of the VELCRO before placing on the blanket. Truck bed steps don’t waste valuable cargo space, and they provide a strong and stable platform so you can safely climb into the bed on your feet. Mount the Swing Case on the bracket and test shutting it in the locked position under the wheel well. We detached the speaker and tipped it out of its door mounting hole. The components fit very well to the stock mounting points, the wiring harness was the right size for the crew cab, and the kit included some nice details such as butt connectors, cable ties and connecting wires. Truck bed storage containers: There’s still space between the wheel wells that can be utilized. We’re telling you this before we share this DIY project, because we want you to learn from our mistakes. Note the last picture is what you should have. To make this process easier, measure where the plank will be cut before installing on toolbox and use painters tape to make a straight line. We chose hockey tape, as it's fabric based. Start by installing your bulkhead blanket. On my truck, the distance between the bed rails was 62 3/8" (to provide some clearance I cut mine at 62"). An optional step is to cut in a port for your winch cable/fairlead roller setup (well, it's only optional if you choose not to have a winch). You helped us keep our eyes on the prize. And there you have it. No one likes waking up in a damp area. This way the softer side applied to the blanket–also known as the loop–won’t stick to the BedRug floor. “I kept hearing people complain about their running boards being awkward to use,” says inventor/designer Horst Leitner, “so we did some ergonomic research and studied people of various heights, weights and ages to come up with the perfect height and extension for a running board.” He adds, “The research said that most truck and SUV step boards are mounted too high and too close to the vehicle to provide a natural step.”. A post shared by Wild We Wander (@wildwewander) on May 31, 2018 at 10:58am PDT. Based on the pattern, cut 1" VELCRO strips that measure the border of the screen. Print out the pattern, download the PDF file, or design your own. And the distance between the toolbox and tailgate was 45 1/2". What we love most about our ECOFLOW River is it has a built-in charge controller, making it a plug-and-play solution. I hope everyone enjoyed this Instructable, and if you make one yourself, please upload the picture, I would love to see what you came up with. If we're in the truck, then we run the cord through the super cab door. Don’t install all of the screws, in case you need to adjust positioning. Mark up the blankets with a Sharpie based on the pattern measurements: Make sure the side you mark up is the side that will be facing the ceiling. Once you’re confident the Swing Case will stay in its locked position, remove it from its mount and screw in the remaining base mounting screws. Cut two small holes for the screws in each location, then re-install the VELCRO so the BedRug is in its secured position and screw in each tie down. We placed the utility cap over the truck bed, used two clamps on the passenger side to secure it down, screwed in a bolt on the driver side, and called it a day. Start by measuring the length and width of the access door where you're going to place the rip-away screen. If your truck bed has a bed liner, then you’ll need to remove it. A BedRug solved our needs, as it has the look and comfort of carpet, yet is super tough and can withstand any harsh elements you throw its way; not even battery acid could phase it. There’s always something that can be added, tweaked, or improved. You’ve got my vote! Sweep all debris and dust out and spray with a hose. What’s interesting about Maine Heritage’s thin peel-and-stick product, Timberchic, is it comes in many different sizes (width and length) and colors. If we're in the truck bed, then we run the cord through the truck cap access door. Attach the blanket's VELCRO to its counterpart at the top of the bulkhead. Note keep your paper pieces unto you finish the project. Looking back, our truck camper conversion was one of the best, most rewarding projects of our lives. 1 year ago, Youre welcome, and yes you could do this out of cardboard. We’ll be buying new cushions for Virginia, so next step is cut to size the old ones to fit the dimensions of the truck bed. To make this process easier, try and find two measurements that are somewhat equal, like the length-wise aluminum framing from the bulkhead to the tailgate. Add a little paint, of your choice, I used Red, because of Christmas. Once all the aluminum rails are dry, outline each railing with the cut-to-size VELCRO strips. Spread the stripping out on the lower part of the truck cap and the sides, no more than 5” apart.

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