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The best Hearthstone decks: Master the meta and rise through the ranks. Shiranui has plenty of great ones — Sunsaga not only has 3500 attack, for example, but protects all of your other cards with his effects. Aleister can then be discarded once more to boost a fusion monster’s attack. To ensure you draw it in your first hand, you need to use either the Restart or Spell Specialist skill. If you have Purgatrio on the field, using this move is almost always a guaranteed win because the fusion monster inflicts piercing damage and can attack every monster your opponent controls once per turn. But now that the Kaiba Corp Cup second stage has ended, we have a better understanding of which decks perform the best and what makes them tick. Cybernetic Overflow can only be used once per turn, but it makes the deck consistent and self-sustaining. Since Invoker is the only spellcaster in your deck, it’s an effective searching mechanism which makes Invoked Elementsabers incredibly consistent. Onimaru the Divine Thunder is immune to destruction from card effects and can gain 3000 attack if its special summoning conditions are met. Use this effect to get Cyberload Fusion or Cybernetic Overflow. This gives you the ability to make come back plays even when faced with difficult matchups. Because most of the archetype cards are located in the Soul of Resurrection mini box, it’s as close to free-to-play as you can get in the current meta. Magician Navigation allows you to summon Dark Magician, triggering Dark Magical Circle’s banishing effect. If you need a help to build a better deck, please visit Deck Advice forum. Magician’s Rod is the most important. Your Cybernetic Overflow trap also works to clear spells and traps. It’s a best-of-both-worlds fusion deck, which combines card destruction with high damage output. You never know what your opponent might have in stock (usually a Treacherous Traphole). Once in the graveyard, Magician Navigation can also be banished to negate an opponent’s spell or trap. What about tech cards? The deck doesn’t have much backrow removal even though Elementsaber Lapauila can negate spells and traps. Squiresaga, on the other hand, can boost your attack and destroy a spell, trap and/or monster on the field. This achieved with the help of two cards — Magician Navigation and Dark Magical Circle. Your field spell Palace of the Elemental Lords can add the monster with the right attribute to your hand, but at the cost of skipping your next battle phase. They work anywhere and everywhere, they're small enough to fit into a bag for travel, and there are many different kinds of card games out there. Prepare the usual — Treacherous Trap Hole and Cosmic Cyclone. Better yet, even if your opponent destroys the trap before you can activate it, its second effect allows you to search for another Overflow or Cyberload Fusion. It’s a incredibly consistent deck with powerful searching, as well as the ability to banish and negate. There have been some strong archetypes floating around in the past, but none as effective as Shiranui. This zombie samurai deck relies on a quick and explosive offense and has multiple variants that all work incredibly well. From there, you’ll want to summon Blackwing – Oroshi the Squall via Whirwind’s effect. A forum of this page is to discuss not your decks but Duel Links' tier list and current meta. However, it’s still recommended to add one Black Rose Dragon to your Extra deck in case you need you find yourself in need of a field clearing ability. Almost all of your Shiranui monsters are fire type and have effects which can be triggered upon banishment.

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