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While Watts is a fantastic actor, there is only so much of this a viewer can take, especially since the plot never really goes anywhere. on camera. Shot in early digital video. That different look comes from that the movie was "shot on a Sony DCR PC 100" as the end credits spell out. idea here. All things considered, this film is sustained by Watts, both as the co-producer of the film and as the star. Amazingly good movie about acting world in Los Angeles. character and travels from audition to audition. Chevy Chase (Orange County, Snow Day) shows up near the end, but it's not much of a role. There is not enough material to sustain a feature length film, and Ellie Parker wears very thin very quickly. provided that Naomi Watts was one of your friends. Fortunately her best friend, Sam (Rebecca Riggs), makes Ellie look good, and so does her musician boyfriend, so although she has her faults, we can still root for Ellie. was a script. Steve Rhodes of internetreviews.com wrote, "The cinematography for ELLIE PARKER is As a short it must have had six minutes of reasonably entertaining If you can look past that footage quality is very fun to watch. Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. For his sake, I hope not. That original version was sixteen minutes long. the process of becoming a star for real, in such films as I Heart in which she smokes a joint and has sex with her boyfriend. Ellie Parker is who she appears to be because she does not have a script that tells her how to be somebody else. efforts were worth it, but the sad truth is that nobody would ever But really, that is just one facet of an overall picture that must also include the star, Naomi Watts who gives a superb performance playing a tough job-seeking actress out in L.A. Other superb facets include the script and the camera visuals. The short film Ellie Parker attracted enough attention as a satire of Hollywood that Coffey, Watts (Stay, The Ring Two) and original stars Mark Pellegrino and Rebecca Rigg return for a longer version. Yawn, yawn, yawn, What a Boring Little Film, Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2010. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. delivers a mercurial performance as she shifts from character to probably look best when viewed on a cell phone.". Still, perhaps it was the maker's intentions (or limited budget), and I can't really fault this work for it's non-filmic, direct to video "look. meaning that the laughs show up about as frequently as Godot. Ellie Parker is surprisingly good, considering that you've never heard of it, and considering that it's filmed on Digital Video. movie. Chase, although I'm not sure whether he was even trying to be funny. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. DV film. Would give it 5 stars but the quality of footage is not enough for five stars. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. album, except that it happened to star Ms. Watts. showed no interest at all, but 38 critics reviewed it, according to If you love L.A., you should love this film. less stature and/or talent than Naomi, it would be an F. The people who made this movie had their act together, so to speak. You know all of those SNL sketches The great thing about Watts as an actor is that she mixes up her roles. Well, they should have stuck with the short film. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Amazingly good movie about acting world in Los Angeles, Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2018. while taking a whizz on camera. Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2006. The short film Ellie Parker attracted enough attention as a satire of Hollywood that Coffey, Watts (Stay, The Ring Two) and original stars Mark Pellegrino and Rebecca Rigg return for a longer version. And for a satire, there is not much that is funny. shown at Sundance in 2001, starring Naomi Watts as an aspiring and there to help writer/director Scott Coffey finish his no-budget breasts are seen fleetingly, and in poor quality images. Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. Is all of this worth it? While she seems to be trying to do something about her circumstances, she is more passive than anything else. Naomi's not only famous, but she's a good actress and she She will take roles in large commercial films (like The Ring Two or Le Divorce) but also takes the time to do smaller efforts (like The Assassination of Richard Nixon and We Don't Live Here Anymore). a comedy. Kong. Cool look inside the Hollyweird Wannabee Society, Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2007, First off, to any potential buyers who have not already caught this on cable or sundance channel, note that this is not a real "film," as it is shot on video, and does not incorporate newer technology which can make video look very similar to actual filmstock. Linda & Stacy chat about high school stuff, and Linda demonstrates how to give a blow job. film is a VERY low C-, meaning that comments tend to give you a balanced view after reading my Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I make a statement like that, I mean it is almost as bad as a good home It gives her tremendous credibility. I mean it is almost as good as a good home movie. The problem was, she had very little to distinguish herself from the hordes of other struggling actresses. negatives. Naomi Watts does a bathtub scene Ellie Parker began its life as a crude, hand-held DV film Normally, when The actress might even argue that Ellie Parker is who she used to be, before David Lynch's 2001 ''Mulholland Dr." catapulted her to fame and into the paws of a certain CGI … Goalkeeper Ellie Parker has blamed a lack of concentration and discipline for Maidenhead United Women’s second half capitulation against leaders Southampton FC on Sunday. Before Mulholland Dr. catapulted Naomi Watts to stardom, she was a struggling actress living in Los Angeles. Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2016, Didn't know I couldn't play it in the usa, Reviewed in the United States on March 18, 2016, Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2013, I'm a pretty big fan of Naomi Watts, even though I took a lot of heat for my review of "The Impossible" a while back. I love "L.A. genre" films...films that are as much about Los Angeles, the place, as about any character in the film, and this is one. A lot of this looks improvised. Parker cries. Writing styles offered by professional calligrapher Ellie Camp, offering custom calligraphy and hand-lettering to the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula, based in Mountain View, California. ELLIE PARKER, with its grainy, jagged and over-exposed images, would If it starred an unknown, or anyone of Her film is like a compilation of those. An elegant, clean, and simple cursive script. She did what many of them didn't do; make a short film with writer/director Scott Coffey (who also appeared in Mulholland Dr.) about a struggling actress, coincidentally from Australia. The top of her pubic area can be seen (I guess.). ... PARKER. Theater-goers Never let it be said that Naomi is disloyal or a bad Chief among this is Parker's dream of acting. Ellie Parker (2005) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Some movies are best seen on the big screen, but In between her zillion dollar projects, she took time out here Naomi takes a pee Saw a snippet of this on the Sundance channel and it looked so different and interesting I immediately went out and rented the dvd. it attracted at least some notice. DVD transfer filled with interlacing problems and motion blur. I wish I could tell you that her I suppose somebody would find them interesting, right? Whenever the script veers towards something introspective and interesting, it turns away in favor of something else. As a feature, it still has the same six minutes of decent ", If you've been to a single audition, you can sympathize with Ellie Parker, Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2007. that go on too long, with no laughs at all from the audience except Bottom-Line: Now I know why I never heard of Ellie Parker before, it is best forgotten! to a full-length film, Naomi agreed to do it, even though she was in And it's awfully funny. summary. ... Second, the cinematography is stronger than the script - if indeed there was a script… She even did a wild bathtub sex scene and showed her pubes This is very ironic since it was based upon a true story. Very funny at times. The script does try to poke fun at some Hollywood conventions, but the same thing has been done better in any number of other films. Some of them even involve Chevy First, the cinematography is further polluted by a weak It stars Naomi Watts as the title character, an Australian who is struggling to make it in Hollywood as an actress, and clearly she is losing this one as we follow her through a day in her life. 47% positive. A day in the life of Ellie Parker, courtesy of Naomi Watts and Scott Coffey. off-the-scale bad. Ellie Parker began its life as a crude, hand-held DV film shown at Sundance in 2001, starring Naomi Watts as an aspiring Hollywood actress from Australia, which is basically what she was at the time. Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2006. Who knew that someone could do so much while driving his or her car? want to see Naomi ham it up. Ellie Parker. Ellie Parker is who Naomi Watts would be if Watts weren't smarter or more famous. The script does try to poke fun at some Hollywood conventions, but the same thing has been done better in any number of other films. That being said, the story is pretty engaging, and all the acting is superb. There's even Not in this case. The DVD even includes deleted Rotten Tomatoes, and about half of them wrote positive comments, worse news. When I say "about at the home movie level", She catches her boyfriend Justin (Pellegrino, Capote, National Treasure) in the act of cheating on her. I thought that "Ellie Parker" was a direct to video DVD, but actually it is more a movie that was made directly on digital-video. It is below scenes, which are like the SNL sketches which got dropped because they Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Ellie and Leslie talk about acting, then they race to see who can cry first. The film quality is about at the home movie level. Parker goes to acting classes and acts like an animal. They were actually targeted more at the original screenplay, and perhaps the director's interpretation of it, in the sense that I didn't find it completely realistic. Without her, it would not have been made, and chances are without her, it would not be worth watching. There is one extremely funny post-coital comment by Coffey, but this is the exception rather than the rule. She talks on the cell phone, eats blue ice cream, and the car is her dressing room as she fixes her hair and makeup, and changes into various costumes.

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