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In 4E 175 Titus Mede II signed the White-Gold Concordat at the end of the Great War, a treaty between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion, that banned Talos worship in the Empire. The entire Legion City of Trojan was destroyed by Thalmor, and the Kingdom was blown to pieces. They made several attempts to negotiate with the Emperor, and Titus Mede encouraged the Thalmor in their belief that he was planning to surrender. https://the-elder-scrollsv-skyrim.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor_Titus_Mede_II?oldid=192. Filter by post type. [1] Lord Naarifin, despite his attempts to unleash hordes of Daedra, was defeated by the Forgotten Hero. Titus Mede II ascended to the throne in the year4E 148. It is unknown if Amaund Motierre was later also killed by the assassin, as the Emperor had requested from the assassin.

Though considering Titus rejected the outla… He personally put Servius Tullius as the new General, and had launched thirteen attacks on each Thalmor base in the vicinity. This ultimatum demanded tributes, the disbandment of the Blades, outlawing of Talos worship, and the ceding a large portion of southern Hammerfell to the Dominion. Unfortunately, the Penitus Oculatus are withholding any and all information regarding the Emperor’s death. The Forgotten Hero would wear the Emperor's armor, and take his stead to boost morale among the Legions and convince them that the Emperor was strong. The Legend of Nirn: The Rise and Fall of Caleb Adlis, https://tes-sandbox.fandom.com/wiki/Titus_Mede_II?oldid=522132. Join us! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

There were those who considered the Emperor to have renounced both humanity and honor when the Concordat was signed. I don't think there's any source out there that confirms that Titus Mede II had an heir, but I would assume he did. Race If not - who WOULD be a good replacement?? [9][10][11], As a result of the enforcement of the Talos ban, the Stormcloaks would be founded.

Whether or not they'll do well as an emperor is dependent on how good this heir balances the wants of the empire's people with the outright demands of the Aldmeri Dominion. [8] The Emperor captured Lord Naarifin, and kept him alive for thirty-three days, hanging from the White-Gold Tower. Death Join Planet Minecraft! [2], Titus Mede II was crowned Emperor in the year 168 of the Fourth Era, inherting a weakened Empire from his predecessor, consisting of Hammerfell, High Rock, Skyrim, and Cyrodiil, of which only the latter three remained peaceful and prosperous, as Hammerfell was in civil war. During the spring of that year, Aldmeri reinforcements were gathering in southern Cyrodiil, and launched an assault on the Imperial City itself on the 12th of Second Seed. Titus Mede decided to fight out of the capital instead of remaining within it during the siege, once more ignoring the advise of his generals.

[1], The Eighth Legion covered the Emperor's retreat in a desperate rearguard action on the walls of the capital. [1] The Imperial military was also greatly weakened from many wars that the Empire had been involved in,[3] and what remained of the Legion forces was scattered across the provinces.[1].

Tullius and Ulfric engaged in a duel, and Ulfric stormed out of the palace, never to return. 6'0

[16] While they were in Solitude, attempting to murder the decoy, the Penitus Oculatus raided the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath Hold,[17][18] having learned its passphrase shortly before the assassination would take place. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine, Chapter 19 - The Siege of the Imperial City, https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Titus_Mede_II?oldid=3090974. Titus lived in the Imperial Palace for most of his life, until the year 4E 168, when two Thalmor Justiciars (later revealed to be Elenwen and Ondolemar of the Summerset Isles ). While the Emperor himself was wounded by Aldmeri Assassins just before the battle of the Red Ring would take place, and thus could not lead the charge himself,[6] the battle was still planned by the Emperor. Roll Random Skin! This may be foolish, but I feel that the dragonborn has a true claim to the throne, and I feel the Greybeards would support this pursuit, in hopes he retires from the path of Akatosh as his role ends, and takes up Kyne and the way of the voice. Titus lived in the Imperial Palace for most of his life, until the year 4E 168, when two Thalmor Justiciars (later revealed to be Elenwen and Ondolemar of the Summerset Isles). Titus Mede knew there would be no better time for peace, and thus signed the White-Gold Concordat, marking the end of the Great War. A quick check of the UESP says Titus had no descendents and the second family in line was Vittoria Vici and her husband, whom you also killed... With the Empire in the state it's in I assume it'll be controlled by the Elder council for quite some time in the future, if that's still how they do things.

Titus, Ulfric and Tullius devised a surprise assault with the last remaining platoon, however, it failed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Emperor Titus Mede II is the present Emperor reigning over Tamriel. Unknown Emperor Titus Mede II is the current Emperor of Tamriel at the time Skyrim takes place. He would make an amusing, if eccentric, High King. Two other armies, commanded by General Jonna and General Decianus, surrounded the southern, western, and eastern sides of the city. To Kill an Empire; Inventory . Hair Mede Dynasty

Unfortunately, Caesar was assassinated by Elenwen in the year 4E 171. -Astrid, "The man you need to speak with, his name is Motierre? White Eyes He is a descendant of Titus Mede I, and of Attrebus Mede. He employs a number of decoys who more or less resemble him well enough to distract potential assassins.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the tespolitics community, Press J to jump to the feed. Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. Titus Mede, after the assassination attempt.

However, when Ulfric Stormcloak made the Legion openly accept free Talos worship, the Emperor was forced to crack down on Talos worship, and allow the Thalmor Justiciars into Imperial land. 142 lbs You haven't come this far just to stand there gawking.". The one encountered inside Castle Dour during To Kill an Empire is an imposter. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted.

Ask. The main army was commanded by the Forgotten Hero, and would advance from the north. This page was last modified on 11 March 2019, at 19:28.

By 4E 172, he realized that the Thalmor were only growing, and that his Empire was thinning out. Eyes

He was crowned prince at the age of sixteen, and has been loyal to the Empire ever since.

Male The following letters were between the late emperor Titus Mede II and his advisor, under the alias Amaund Motierre, in the final days of the year 4E 201. Emperor Titus Mede II http://orcz.com/index.php?title=Skyrim:_Emperor_Titus_Mede_II_Imposter&oldid=196315. Rank In the game, the main character is supposed to kill the emperor as part of a side quest. A virtual opposite to Ulfric's path from Kyne. When approached during Hail Sithis!, he is very calm and accepting of his fate. Grey Imperial He is an aged, wise and powerful man, who is forced into visiting Skyrim by the Dark Brotherhood, upon the command of Amaund Motierre.When you enter his cabin, Mede seems to have accepted his fate, but he asks you to kill the man who ordered his death. Perhaps after all that has happened he could even, as Emperor, sway Skyrim back into full union with the Empire. Birthplace In the meantime, the Imperial Capital fell, resulting in the Imperial City being sacked by the Dominion. He serves as a major character during the events of TES V. Titus Mede II was born in the Imperial Palace to Emperor Silus Mede and Empress Potema Mede. Emperor 1. Male Seeing as how the Mede empire is a relatively new one, the Medes were probably very intent on producing an heir. He was crowned prince at the age of sixteen, and has been loyal to the Empire ever since. They were recovered by a contact of mine from within the Dark Brotherhood. Birth

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