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Phase 3 will include self-directed services and other services necessary to meet the requirements of the Cures Act. Overview of all modules in Sandata EVV, login requirements, common elements, functionality, modules, smart device ordering, reports. Phase 2 includes nursing, aide and home care attendant services provided through PASSPORT, IO waiver nursing and homemaker personal care (including services provided on behalf of individuals) provided through DODD waivers and nursing, aide and home care attendant services reimbursed through Medicaid managed care plans. A training link will be sent to provider agencies from Sandata as part of the alternate EVV certification process. The FEA should train self-directed workers on the alternate EVV system before November 2, 2020. Steps to take now are: At least one administrator from each agency should attend training through the Sandata learning management system. However, some agency providers may choose to use an alternate EVV system, which is permissible if they meet the business requirements and alternate data collection specifications found in the following documents: AHCCCS and Sandata hosted two webinars to answer questions providers have on the requirements and technical specifications for alternate EVV systems. If you feel you need access to these documents please forward your request to the EVV mailbox at, All Phase 2 provider documents have been archived. *Sandata EVV Provider Training and device information are specific to those providers using the Sandata EVV system. Non-agency providers must use the Sandata system. In the interim and in an effort to support providers in developing operational plans to integrate EVV into business practices, AHCCCS has provided DRAFT/SAMPLE versions of standard forms that providers will be required to use as part of the EVV program moving forward. The link will provide access to the required on-demand recordings. These documents are referenced in the Technical Specifications and are part of the system requirements. Training on the aggregator tool is part of the alternate EVV certification process. The following provides a general timeframe to help stakeholders plan for the type of information and when it can be expected. Live webinars are available from mid-August to mid-October. Click Back to Login. AHCCCS is using EVV to help ensure, track and monitor timely service delivery and access to care for members. Covered Services Please visit the, AHCCCS Whole Person Care Initiative (WPCI), Accessing Behavioral Health Services in Schools, AHCCCS Works Community Engagement Program, Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3), Resources for Foster/Kinship/Adoptive Families, Report Concerns About Quality of Care Received, ALTCS Electronic Member Change Request (EMCR), Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Strategy, Getting Ready to Enroll: Prerequisite Steps for Providers, Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR), Demographics, Social Determinants and Outcomes, Tribal Court Procedures for Involuntary Commitment, Quarterly Meeting Minutes and Presentations, Contracted Health Plan Audited Financial Statements, Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, Building an Integrated Health Care System, Required Use of DCWs SSN FAQ – October 2020, Open Letter to Providers Seeking to Use an Alternate EVV Vendor, Alternate EVV Process Overview and Timeline, Business Requirements for Alternate EVV Data Collection Components, Alternate Data Collection Systems Interface Technical Specifications, AMPM 540 Attachment A - EVV DESIGNEE ATTESTATION, AMPM 540 Attachment B - EVV PAPER TIMESHEET ATTESTATION, AMPM 540 Attachment C – EVV PAPER TIMESHEET, AMPM 540 Attachment D – EVV MEMBER CONTINGENCY/BACK-UP PLAN, EVV devices will be used to verify service delivery, Members have choice of individual direct care worker, How member/representative signature is collected, Verification will be required by member/representative at the end of every visit/shift. The program payer agency webinar will be recorded and available on this webpage. AHCCCS will be providing a series of FAQs to help provide information on EVV including new information or updates on the timeline, outreach, training and basics on how the system will function. AHCCCS has created a Constant Contact email notification list to communicate updates on recent developments for initiatives such as the EVV initiative. This applies to PCS provided under sections 1905(a)(24), 1915(c), 1915(i), 1915(j), 1915(k), and Section 1115; and HHCS provided under 1905(a)(7) of the Social Security Act or a waiver. The webinars were recorded and are available below: Alternate EVV Webinar Recording recorded July 15, 2020. On-demand recordings are also available. In the near future, AHCCCS intends to issue formal guidance regarding EVV. News & Press Releases, Can't find what you're looking for? Additionally, there will be a webinar for ICAs and SDPC regarding their role in EVV. This session was a held to answer specific alternate EVV technical questions. What does EVV mean for agency and non-agency providers? Individuals for whom the use of electronic devices would cause adverse physical or behavioral health side effects/symptoms, Individuals electing not to use other visit verification modalities on the basis of moral or religious grounds, Individuals with a live-in DCW or DCW accessible on-site 24 hours and for whom the use of other visit verification modalities would be burdensome. Identify other administrative users within your agency. The provider tab is designed to give you access to information and resources developed specifically for you. ICAs will also provide participants with information needed to train participant-hired workers. The FEA should train self-directed workers before November 2, 2020. If opting to use the DHS Sandata EVV system, all agency providers must attend training prior to receiving login credentials for the DHS Sandata EVV system. Training sign up started July 22, 2020. DHS recommends up to two administrative staff from each FEA attend the live webinars. A link will be sent to the FEA from Sandata as part of the alternate EVV certification process. The link will provide access to the required on-demand recordings. Fee-for-Service Fee Schedules, Contact Us AHCCCS’ contracted vendor, Sandata Technologies LLC, will deliver the EVV system and associated devices, as well as provide system orientation and training to providers. On November 27, 2019 AHCCCS submitted a request and justification to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to extend the timeline for compliance. Live webinars are available from mid-August to mid-October. Wisconsin EVV Customer Care (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': The following provides a general timeframe to help stakeholders plan for the type of information and when it can be expected. To be at the forefront of home care, driving quality, efficiency, and outcomes across the continuum of care. The Alternative EVV System Checklist details the information an Alternative EVV System is required to provide. When an agency provider creates an employee, the following information must be specified in the employee profile in order for SMC to create the login credentials. We are designing the system to support how you manage your care including scheduling your services and monitoring your service hours. Create, edit, cancel schedules, individual schedules, and recurring schedules. A user begins receiving prompts 10 If a provider agency that does not have a Medicaid ID, obtain a unique provider agency ID: If a provider agency that has a Medicaid ID, make sure your contact information is updated through the ForwardHealth Portal to receive EVV information from DHS. Please watch our Welcome to EVV video for a brief introduction to EVV. Additional administrative staff can use the on-demand recordings and online reading resources. In this “train the trainer” model, DHS partners with the FEAs, ensuring resources and information for local use. Finalized Implementation Dates for Non-medical and Home Health Services. Thank you for your time! We are configuring the system to fit all types of lifestyles including whether or not you mostly stay at home or you are out in the community when you get your services. Additional information can be found in the. Funding considerations include financial constraints, administrative and programmatic costs and provider assurances of cost neutrality. LOGIN –gain access to Sandata EVV. Many agency providers will use the EVV system provided by Sandata. Phase 3 of EVV went live on September 4, 2020. This is an important step. Special Information about Electronic Visit Verification (1/31/17) Electronic Visit Verification Implementation Status Update 12/23/16. IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) FEAs will need to know how to use the Sandata EVV Portal to make sure visit data is correct. DHS will provide aggregator training to FEA administrative staff. Individuals receiving those services may receive an EVV device from Sandata Technologies that caregivers will use. To be an approved alternate EVV system, an agency provider must go through the Alternate EVV Certification process, and the alternate EVV system must meet ODM's Business Requirements and Technical Specifications for an alternate EVV system. In partnership with DXC Technology, the CoreMMIS system will be configured to integrate with the Sandata EVV system.. j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? While other sessions may be attended or viewed by office staff such as the scheduling module. The goal is for these administrative staff to be trained on the Sandata EVV Portal so they in turn can train other agency staff and also train workers on how to check in and out with EVV. Find more information on the EVV IRIS webpage. The link will provide access to the required on-demand recordings. To sign up to receive these communications, click on the Stay Informed tab. FEAs can sign up for the provider agency administrator training through the Sandata learning management system. On-demand recordings are also available. devices and transaction fees) of the statewide EVV vendor for Medicaid members receiving services subject to EVV. The goal is for these staff to become familiar with the aggregator tool that collects the data from the alternate EVV vendors. All Phase 1 provider documents have been archived. These groups will be using EVV directly. These can be viewed as many times as necessary by an unlimited number of staff. Workers who provide personal care or applicable supportive home care services, provider agencies, fiscal employer agents (FEAs), and program payers (HMOs and MCOs) will need training. An email invitation will announce the date and time and provide more information on how these agencies can access the Sandata learning management system. Phase 2 *All Phase 1 alternate EVV certification documents have been archived. As a provider for ODM, we want to ensure that you have the most up to date information available to you. Hours: Monday-Friday The claims submission process will not change due to the implementation of EVV. We’re conducting a brief online research study. 50 West Town Street, Suite 400, Columbus, Ohio 43215, Ohio Medicaid Consumer Hotline: 800-324-8680, Older Adults / Individuals with Disabilities, Federal Requirement for Revalidation ReEnrollment, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Emergency Applications, Direct Care Worker Training Video – SMC/TVV, Phase 3 Bridge Training Registration Quick Reference, TVV Call Reference Guide - Non Group Visit, Notice to Managed Care Plans About EVV Edits, Alternate EVV System Certification Process, Alternate EVV Certification Informational Webinar, Alternate EVV Certification Informational Webinar Slides, Alternate EVV Information Webinar - 10/22/2019, Alternate EVV Information Webinar - 10/22/2019 Slides, Streamlining EVV Workflow: Reducing EVV Maintenance by Increasing Auto-Verification.

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