gaelic island names

Scots Gaelic Translation. [11] The term "Pritennic" is sometimes used to refer to the proto-Pictish language spoken in this area during the Iron Age. Hyphens are used to separate the different syllables making up each name, as in Ba-lee-vick-ar, but they do not denote any kind of gap or stop in the voice. Cook Island Baby Names For Boys: 1. More Islay books... promontory of the cave residence or height, height of the howe/mound cairn/burial ground, head of the gully, or possible broad inlet, white hollow, or named after St Finlaggan, possibly Lag Froig from Gaelic froig, a cave, frothy loch, or not crooked, or loch of the excess, loch na dala = loch of the divisions, loch of delay, long eighth farm, or locally knows as long brae, big eighth farm, or locally known as big brae, short for Ellinor, Frederick Campbell's wife. There are many names that derive from the Scottish Gaelic language in the Hebrides and Firth of Clyde.In the Northern Isles most place names have a Norse origin. The related Scots language, sometimes regarded as a variety of English, has regional and historic importance in Scotland. However, while most derivations are usually straightforward, some meanings still remain obscure, and are now lost in the mists of time. In the 14th century John of Fordun also records the name of Inchcolm as "Eumonia" (referring to the monasterium Sancti Columbe in insula Euomonia) a name of likely Brythonic origin. Many of these are found on the island. In AD 43 and circa AD 77 respectively Pomponius Mela and Pliny (in his Natural History) also referred to seven islands they respectively called Haemodae and Acmodae, both of which are assumed to be Shetland. "All the islands of Britain" were devastated in 794[110] with Iona being sacked in 802 and 806.[111]. referring to the peninsula of Kintyre. [107], From some point before 900 until the 14th century both Shetland and Orkney became Norse societies. The remainder of the stones fell out and became the string of islands from Ardbeg to Kildalton. Norse settlers in Scotland had a significant influence on toponyms from the 9th century onwards although there is little contemporary documentation of this period of Scottish history by those who lived there. It is as if more modern writers were unhappy with Yla or Ilay and added an 's' to make it look more like the word 'island'. Peat Smoke and Spirit This is the root of Cramond Island in the Forth, with Caramond meaning "the fort on the Almond river". Hudson, Benjamin T. (October 1998) "The Scottish Chronicle". [100] The island of Threave on the River Dee in Dumfries and Galloway takes its name from P-Celtic tref, meaning "homestead". [113], The Hebrides remain the stronghold of the modern Gàidhealtachd and unsurprisingly this language has had a significant influence on the islands there. The guide therefor relied almost entirely on the accent of just one person, who was brought up in Bowmore, but lived for many years on the Rinns of Islay. The Norse holmr, meaning "a small and rounded islet" has become "Holm" in English and there are numerous examples of this use including Corn Holm, Thieves Holm and Little Holm.

It is clear that whenever place names are recorded at an early date as having been transposed from a form of P-Celtic into Gaelic that this occurred prior to the transformation from "Old British" into modern Welsh. Where there is no single agreed meaning for a name, which happens quite often, alternatives are given. Aonach is a mountain whose summit has the form of a ridge with steepish sides. Ross (2007) p. 17.

We do not know what languages the people spoke who may have coined some of these names. This Goidelic language arrived via Ireland due to the growing influence of the kingdom of Dalriada from the 6th century onwards. [22] Writing in the 1st century AD, the Roman geographer Pomponius Mela called the islands of Orkney Orcades, as did Tacitus in 98 AD, claiming that his father-in-law Agricola had "discovered and subjugated the Orcades hitherto unknown"[22][23] (although both Mela and Pliny the Elder had previously referred to the islands[21]). Many place names also refer to work on land or sea: airidh is the summer shieling as in Corrairidh, the pointed shieling, Bogha an Iasgaich: Fisherman’s point, Cnoc na Cuilean, the hill of the pups, or Cro nan Laoigh, the calves fold.

in Ballin Smith. [Note 13]. [29] It has also been suggested that Nave Island off Islay could be the identity of Elena. 248-49. 11–13. British or Brythonic was an ancient P-Celtic language spoken in Britain. The Norse often gave animal names to islands and these have been transferred into English in for example, the Calf of Flotta and Horse of Copinsay. The Pictish language offers considerable difficulties. The next important influence on place-names in the Hebrides was that of Viking settlers from Norway, who contributed their sea farers’ vocabulary describing coastal features in detail: bogha (low point), sgeir (skerry), vik (bay), ness (projecting headland) as in Bogha Thangaraidh ( the point of the tangle garden), dubh Sgeir (black skerry), Lathaig (surf bay). [80], In the above table there is some linguistic continuity between the earliest and modern names for almost all of the fifteen largest islands surrounding Scotland. This the oldest known form of the Goidelic languages, which is known only from fragments, mostly personal names, inscribed on stone in the Ogham alphabet in Ireland and western Britain up to about the 6th century. Sròn, - the nose - is a sharp promontory, Druim – back &‐ is a ridge, pap or mam - breast-  is a hill,  Cruachan – hip – is a circular stone outcrop, maol – bald  head – refers to a bare, rounded headland, Gualain – shoulder – is a rounded hillside. Otherwise the name seems to have emerged around that time with no obvious reason for it. For example, Hunter (2000) states that in relation to King Bridei I of the Picts in the sixth century: "As for Shetland, Orkney, Skye and the Western Isles, their inhabitants, most of whom appear to have been Pictish in culture and speech at this time, are likely to have regarded Bridei as a fairly distant presence.”[102][103] However, the place names that existed prior to the 9th century have been all but obliterated by the incoming Norse-speaking Gall-Ghaeils.[104]. Holy Island off Arran is an entirely English name as is the collective Small Isles. The People on Islay | Islay Business | Islay Shopping | Restaurants & Pubs | Islay Bookshop | Beaches on Islay | Sea and Geography | Facts & Figures | Islay Maps | Islay Webcams | Estates on Islay | Churches & Services | Places & Meanings | Marriage on Islay | Islay's Lighthouses | Daylight Hours | Phone Numbers | Islay Pipe Band | Glasgow Islay, About Islay - Places - Nature - History - Whisky - Accommodation - Activities - Travel - Events - Map Navigation.

If you want to see the full list of Irish and Gaelic boys names… Writing in the 1880s, Rev. A more complete background to Scottish Gaelic in place names, pronunciation and spelling can be … Inchkeith in the Firth of Forth is recorded as "Insula Keth" in the 12th century Life of Saint Serf. Several of the islands of the Clyde have possible Brythonic roots. Hudson suggests the Innisib Solian found in the Chronicle of the Kings of Alba refers to the island of Seil [Note 11] and the Book of Leinster refers to the island as Sóil for AD 568. Norn is an extinct North Germanic language that developed from Old Norse and was spoken in Shetland, Orkney and possibly Caithness. Indeed, the name comes from Ebudae recorded by Ptolemy, via the mis-reading "Hebudes" and may itself have a pre-Celtic root.[25].

Based on these tables, for the inhabited off-shore islands of Scotland (and counting Lewis and Harris as two islands for this purpose) the following results apply, excluding Scots/English qualifiers such as "muckle" "east", "little" etc.

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