garabandal apparitions approved

Read More ». The only non-religious objects that were permitted were wedding rings (though on one occasion Our Lady kissed a powder compact that had been used to carry the Eucharist to prisoners).

3. If he considers the results of the commission valid, then:a. Following is a list of approved Marian Apparitions compiled from several sources. by many research institutes. ACTIVIST NETWORK – JUNE 21, 2016               VIDEO MUSIC AND SONG ROBERT KOCHIS, "Bleeding On December 25, 2013, a Consecrated In doubtful cases that clearly do not put the good of the Church at risk, the competent Ecclesiastical Authority is to refrain from any judgment and from any direct action (because it can also happen that, after a certain period of time, the presumed supernatural fact falls into oblivion); it must not however cease from being vigilant by intervening if necessary, with promptness and prudence.III. The Congregation considered it convenient to publish the afore-mentioned norms, including a translation into various important languages. This was the case in Lourdes and in Fatima. believed that the Bleeding Host is “A Eucharistic Miracle.”. Over the next few days, the girls continued to see the angel. Norms regarding the manner of proceeding in the discerment of presumed apparitions or revelations - Sacred congregation for the doctrine of the faith, PRELIMINARY NOTEOrigin and character of these normsDuring the annual Plenary Session in November 1974, the Fathers of this Sacred Congregation examined the problems relative to presumed apparitions and to the revelations often connected with them and reached the following conclusions:1. Read More », Lourdes, Fatima and Garabandal are one; a trilogy drawn in an arc across Portugal, Spain and France and united by a shared and increasingly amplified theme. On the other hand, modern mentality and the requirements of critical scientific investigation render it more difficult, if not almost impossible, to achieve with the required speed the judgments that in the past concluded the investigation of such matters (constat de supernaturalitate, non constat de supernaturalitate) and that offered to the Ordinaries the possibility of authorizing or prohibiting public cult or other forms of devotion among the faithful.For these reasons, in order that the devotion stirred among the faithful as a result of facts of this sort might manifest itself in full communion with the Church, and bear fruits by which the Church herself might later discern the true nature of the facts, the Fathers judged that in this matter the following procedure should be promoted.When Ecclesiastical Authority is informed of a presumed apparition or revelation, it will be its responsibility:a) first, to judge the fact according to positive and negative criteria (cf.

In other words, the Congregation has chosen the only practical option it has, to leave the preliminary judgments in the hands of the local bishops until it can be sure to count on sufficient and effective representatives in order to personally take responsibility. Above all, the duty of vigilance and intervention falls to the Ordinary of the place.2.

Tests also determined the tissue to be of human origin, and found that a) The intervention of the Sacred Congregation can be requested either by the Ordinary, after he has done his part, or by a qualified group of the faithful.

the cult of the Eucharist and will have deep impact on the lives of people

I);b) then, if this examination results in a favorable conclusion, to permit some public manifestation of cult or of devotion, overseeing this with great prudence (equivalent to the formula, “for now, nothing stands in the way”) (pro nunc nihil obstare).c) finally, in light of time passed and of experience, with special regard to the fecundity of spiritual fruit generated from this new devotion, to express a judgment regarding the authenticity and supernatural character if the case so merits.I. I saw APPROVAL OF THE EXPRESSION OF FAITH: the local bishop fosters, or at least tolerates, the diverse manifestations of faith (mass, prayer, devotion, confessions, conversions), which are produced in relation to the supposed apparition.1.1    When it is “explicitly” approved CONSTAT DE SUPERNATURALITATE, the apparition and its approved messages have the assurance of not going against theological, doctrinal or biblical criteria. But there is a higher ecclesial authority, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly called the Holy Office, which acts as a Court of Appeals. Those apparitions cannot be true and have not been approved by the Church.” Later, I saw a program or two on EWTN about Garabandal, and I heard Mother Angelica mention it. That any Catholic would even consider this apparition to be true despite the condemnation of the bishops of the diocese, is very telling. It is a “no” of “never.”Therefore, the first representative of the Church who has to examine the matter is the local bishop, in this case, of Santander.

Garabandal is the bridge linking what has come already and what has still yet to occur. Personal qualities of the subject or of the subjects (in particular, psychological equilibrium, honesty and rectitude of moral life, sincerity and habitual docility towards Ecclesiastical Authority, the capacity to return to a normal regimen of a life of faith, etc.);2. AUTHORITIES COMPETENT TO INTERVENE1. The Vatican designs a commission to revise the bishop’s report before the event is labeled “worthy of belief.”6. has approved the veneration of a Bleeding Host as “Eucharistic Miracle.”. A long history of experience in matters of this nature has taught it that when something comes from God, in the end it overcomes any opposition. The advocates of Garabandal contend that the Spanish apparitions are the key to understanding this great Marian Age of the Church. I do think Garabandal is a diabolical distraction, Editor. Preliminary note c).3. it bore signs of distress.”, Bishop Kiernikowski said he took this case Luke 1:39 - We are before the most beautiful story that has taken place since Jesus and Mary lived amongst us here on earth. Suddenly, there stood before them a radiant angel. 336).c) Evidence of a search for profit or gain strictly connected to the fact.d) Gravely immoral acts committed by the subject or his or her followers when the fact occurred or in connection with it.e) Psychological disorder or psychopathic tendencies in the subject, that with certainty influenced on the presumed supernatural fact, or psychosis, collective hysteria or other things of this kind.It is to be noted that these criteria, be they positive or negative, are not peremptory but rather indicative, and they should be applied cumulatively or with some mutual convergence.II. The bishop decides, based on the given evidence, if the event merits further investigation.4. INTERVENTIONOF THE COMPETENT ECCLESIASTICAL AUTHORITY1. Following this Miraculous discovery, It concluded by leaving the matter in the hands of the bishop, including the issuance of guidelines, and praising him for the zeal that he had manifested in this subject. Supernatural phenomena present difficult situations in the life and mission of the Church, as was noted by the pastoral solicitude of the Bishops from the XII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in October, 2008. In the Vatican II document “Lumen Gentium,” paragraph 12, we read: "These charisms, whether they be the more outstanding or the more simple and widely diffused, are to be received with thanksgiving and consolation for they are perfectly suited to and useful for the needs of the Church. "In those days, Mary arose and went in haste to the Mountain." MUST MAKE MANY VISITS TO THE If the faithful request it legitimately (that is, in communion with the Pastors, and not prompted by a sectarian spirit), the competent Ecclesiastical Authority can intervene to permit or promote some form of cult or devotion, if, after the application of the above criteria, nothing stands in the way. of the Host was separated and put on a corporal. NEGATIVE DECISION: the decisions of this nature include both:2.1    NO CONSTAT DE SUPERNATURALITATE: can be a negative decision of provisional character, pending new results or the re-opening of the case. ).b) It is up to the Sacred Congregation to intervene motu proprio in graver cases, especially if the matter affects the larger part of the Church, always after having consulted the Ordinary and even, if the situation requires, the Conference of Bishops.2.

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