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We have recently come out with a newer Game Boy Advance modified console. You will now be able to remove the motherboard from the shell. Once they are in place we can sink the motherboard back into the shell. This truly is the best way to play our old Game Boy Advance games! Only 1 available and it's in 7 people's carts. Anterior shell × 1 It’s quite straight forward to do. With the brightness control wired up, we will have 6 different levels of brightness! You will notice that the lens protector is already installed which saves a lot of time and rules out the risk of dirt or dust getting caught underneath the lens. Game Boy Advance. As the GBA IPS screens are a little larger then the original screen, I highly recommend purchasing a pre-cut GBA shell, You can cut it down yourself but you will save you self a lot of time if you get one that is ready to go! 4.9 (21) 118 Orders. Attach the ribbon cable to the motherboard being sure to pull down on the clips each side to secure it into place. Required fields are marked *. Separate the top from bottom and move the bottom halve to one side. I used a pair of ESD tweezers and they came off just fine! With the battery is removed, we will remove the 6 tri-wing screws. Now, on to the GBA SP IPS screen itself. If you get stuck during the reassembly process, please refer to that article but I will try to be as thorough as possible! NOTES Install all the screws we took out and don’t forget the rubber pads around the screen bezel, they just push in. The item does not include conductive pads. The top half of the shell causes a little trouble, the inside of the shell needs a very small modification in order to close with the new screen and ribbon cable installed. From shop RetroVids. Connect your cable into the GBA’s motherboard, shiny contacts should be facing towards you as you do this, and you’ll need to push down on the brown tabs once again to lock it into place. Push through the screen lens and it should come out the GBA’s shell easily. Same as the GBA IPS V2, excellent display screen. Place the GBA motherboard into the shell and give it a quick test with some batteries. You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page. You will also want to bend the ribbon cable around so it doesn’t get caught in the shell. I wish all old handhelds had IPS screen alternatives, fingers crossed for a Sega Game Gear IPS! Next up, find your hinges and slide the new caps on to the. With the ribbon cable flat, you want to connect the small brown connector on the screen to the ribbon cable, they just clip into place. You need to use a lot of force to push these hinges through, be sure not to injure yourself in the process!*. Nintendo Gameboy Advance Shell Housing Transparent Clear … Thanks to our soldering earlier, if we hold down select and press either ‘L’ or ‘R’ we will be able to increase or decrease the brightness. A IPS (in-plane switching) LCD is a special type of LCD … Without this washer, we would not be able to screw together the battery compartment. You should now be able to remove the ribbon cable. We can now attach the screen portion of the case to the bottom. Now we are about to solder the included wire to allow us to control the brightness. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The screen fits perfectly into the front half of the shell, you don’t need to add any spacer as you do in the GBA IPS mod.

Push the middle portion of the tape through we only need the edge. This model I have here is a 40-pin GBA. $12.92. We will next be removing the Philips head screw that holds the battery compartment together. Locate your GBA IPS screens ribbon cable, we will want to test our screen before putting it all together in the new shell as removal is practically permeant once fully installed. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies (view more on our Privacy Policy). Place the front half of the shell face down. *This Section only applies if using original shell* if you are going to be using your original shell you will want to remove the screen. shipping: + $7.76 shipping . Luckily Funny Playing has stepped in and have given us a fantastic product with their GBA SP IPS screen. GBA IPS screen (Comes with IPS screen, ribbon and self-adhesive tape) Tri-wing and Phillips head screwdrivers Optional (But recommended): Pre-cut shell. The GBA SP IPS Screen is far superior to even the AGS-101. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'cheapergamer_co_uk-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_9',116,'0','0'])); Remove the tiny screw and the hinge cover will come off, set this aside if you are reusing your current shell. One last step before we can free the motherboard from the GBA’s housing, Locate the ribbon cable connector at the top of the motherboard. To remove the current hinges you have to apply pressure with a screwdriver from the inside, pushing out. Heat your soldering iron and add a little flux to each of the pads if you have any. We will need to trim the inside of the shell as outlined in the below picture. If you are using your original shell, you will want to locate the plastic spacing strips included with the screen, the large one goes at the bottom and a smaller on to the left side of our screen. These newer ribbon cables come with a connection for both 32-pin and 40-pin Game Boy Advance models, so no need adapters like we needed with the old AGS-101 mods. As you can see, our screen fires up perfectly! From shop MyRetroGameCase. Gather all the supplies you need for the mod. For a long time, removing these hinges was necessary, the replacement shell does not come with replacements.

Next, we’ll want to check out our pre-cut shell. The original Game Boy Advance has the better form factor when compared to the GBA SP and Game Boy Micro, however, lacked a backlit screen making some games almost unplayable. This is a good time to reinstall the D-pad, Start and Select & B and A buttons back into the shell. In the past we have had GBA backlight mod installs using screens from the backlit SP variant AGS-101. You’ll only want to quickly touch the soldering iron to the pad briefly with a little solder. US $41.29. This is super simple as it just clips in. 1 x Foam Inserteval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cheapergamer_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',112,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cheapergamer_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',112,'0','1'])); Here’s where I got my supplies from for this project: –, Get your FunnyPlaying GBA SP IPS screen here, GBA SP (I actually already had a spare but you can pick one up cheap from eBay ), Screwdriver set including Tri-wing and Philips from Amazon. Game boy Advance GBA IPS Screen Color Shell Case MyRetroGameCase. We want to solder from point Q12B to the point on the ribbon cable. Push it into place and we can finally put the GBA SP back together. It maybe not fit other screen. This shell fits everything in place nicely, if you are using a 32-pin GBA model, you need to fold the ribbon underneath, so the black tab is facing towards us. Buttons set x 1 If you are using your own wire, used different colours if possible, it will make it easier! Cheaper Gamer is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Thank You! Specially customized for IPS screen Add some batteries or a battery mod and turn it on. GLASS LENS FOR GBP IPS LCD GAMEBOY POCKET ACCESSORIES, Adhesive tape for GBA IPS/GBC IPS/DMG IPS/GBP IPS LCD Accessory, FOR GBA IPS V2 4 PIXELS IN 1 FULL VIEWING LCD KITS BACKLIGHT FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE REPLACE 10 Levels Of Brightness screen, FUNNYPLAYING Buttons and Accessory For Gameboy Advance Replacement Keypads L R A B Button For GBA D Pads Power ON OFF Button, GLASS LENS FOR GBA IPS LCD V2 GAMEBOY ADVANCE ACCESSORIES, FUNNYPLAYING FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE / GBA - WATERPROOF & SHOCKPROOF PROTECTION / STORAGE BOX(5.31'' X 3.15 '' X 1.53 '' ), FUNNYPLAYING GAMES CONSOLE BAG FOR GBA GAME BOY ADVANCE, 5PCS 5-LEVEL HIGHLIGHT GBASP IPS LAMINATED DISPLAY LCD SCREEN KITS FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP, FUNNYPLAYING DMG RETRO PIXEL IPS LCD SCREEN KIT HIGH LIGHT BACKLIGHT BRIGHTNESS FOR GameBoy GB Console 36 Retro Color With Shell, V2 IPS Screen LCD Kits for GBA Backlight LCD Screen 10 Levels Brightness LCD V2 Screen For GBA Console And pre-cut Shell case, IPS V2 LCD Screen Kits with pre-cut shell case for GBA Backlight LCD V2 Screen 10 Levels High Brightness For GBA Console Housing, REPLACEMENT FOR GAMEBOY ADVACNE AGB IPS LCD HOUSING NEW SHELLS, AGB CUSTOM BUTTONS FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE GBA IPS L R BUMPERS D-PAD, Ribbon cable & Glass Screen lens Replacement for GBA IPS V2 LCD Screen Kits full screen accessories for GameBoy Advance Console, DIY IPS GBA LCD Screen 10 Levels High Brightness Backlight for Nintend Gameboy Advance Console V2 version with pre-cut housing, Backlight LCD Kits for Nintend GBA IPS LCD BACKLITE BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT WITH NEW HOUSING AGB IPS V2 SCREEN, The Legend Skyward Sword Link Figure DIY Full set housing shell cover case w/ rubber pad buttons for GameBoy Advance GBA console, Easy to install 2.6 "original size IPS high brightness LCD screen is suitable for Nintendo Gameboy pocket GBP, Full Screen IPS V2 LCD Kits with pre cut shell for GBA IPS LCD V2 Backlight for GameBoy Advance with Housing Shell &Button &pad, JCD 1Set Colorful Rubber Conductive Buttons A-B D-pad for Nintend GameBoy Advance GBA Silicone Conductive Start Select Keypad, Real Time Clock Support Micro-SD 128GB for EZ-Flash Omega for Compatible with EZ-refor EZ4 ez-flash EZ 3 in 1 Reform, There is no need to cut the shell Super mini digital amplifier board volume up module for Gameboy COLOR ADVANCE GBC GBA, For Nintendo GameBoy Advance GBA System Glass Screen Lens Self Stick. They are both very similar and if you're going for an overall brighter screen on your GBA they are both good options. Finally, place the back half of the GBA shell back into place. Made of high-quality materials, more rigid. Gently pry the ribbon cable out of the connector and we will be able to completely separate the motherboard from the GBA shell. The IPS screen is brighter, has better viewing angles and better contrast between colours. This console uses an IPS LCD instead of the traditional 101 LCD, which you'll find in most 'brighter-modified' consoles. Use your tri-wing screwdriver to remove the screws and do not forget the screw inside the battery compartment. Make sure all wires are clear from any screw holes on the motherboard, I had to move mine as they were initially blocking on of the holes.

Soldering Iron (Needed for brightness controls only) Wire. Any donations will go back into making more guides and reviews. US $39.55.

Remove these screws and set them aside, you may find having a magnetized screwdriver here will help with the removal of the screws but is non-essential. The SP was the last Game Boy capable of playing GBA, GB & GBC games. Favorite Add to Gameboy Advance - Upgraded Funnyplaying LCD v2 Modded Console - Nintendo RetroVids. This can be done by gently flexing the shell until the screen ‘pops’ out.

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