guess the capitals of the world

For each letter of the alphabet, name any world capital that starts with that letter. Can you name their capital cities?

Also, can you accept Tel Aviv for Israel. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser.

@JackintheBox and it's Arkansas, not Arkansaw, @MDW, Delhi is the union territory where the. Can you name the 10 state capitals that have the highest population?

My brain is failing me.
Name the national capitals of Europe whose city center is less than 10km from the sea. Find out more here.

I'm really annoyed by the quiz omitting the last letters of some names.

Aden is the current official capital of Yemen.

Use our free World Capitals Quiz to learn the capital cities of the world’s largest countries. For each location, name the nearest national capital. Click here to read about some famous residents of the city including Anne Frank and Vincent van Gogh. (although I got 10:12 remaining), How can 20% of the people who take this quiz even spell Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Name the national capitals that begin with the letter P. Can you name any capital that appears within these 15 random squares on the world map? Privacy Policy 100% with 1:36 left.

This and almost 500 other different trivia challenges. I'm not sure if I've asked this in the comments of a quiz or not. World Capitals by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds, Countries by Capitals and Borders in 90 Seconds, US State Capitals by Proximity in 30 Seconds, Europe by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds, US State Capitals by First Two Letters in 45 seconds, Capitals of Countries with the Biggest Economies, Capital Cities with the Same Name as Their Country, Most World Capitals You Can Name in Five Minutes, Capitals of the Largest Countries by Area, Five Most Guessed Capital Cities by Continent, World Capitals with the Most International Tourists, Capital Cities with the Highest Elevation, European Capitals with the Least Sunshine, Capitals in Random Squares of the World Map, Capital Cities Based on First Two Letters, Capital Cities in Squares of an Empty World Map, Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds.

im surprised 9% didnt get paris, even though france is one of the first countries to be in the quiz... Well no because countries get to decide their own capital city.

It's not enough time for me.

It's time to find out how well you know the London tube map, the greats of England’s music scene and the country's most famous landmarks. What he announced, realistically, is that he was too dumb to understand why our embassy was in Tel Aviv, and so he was going to waste tons of money moving it. While you can’t visit them right now, the world’s capital cities are an essential part of any pub quiz – virtual pub quizzes included. It would be the same as accepting Delhi for New Delhi, which the quiz does. Also, Colombo should be added as the capital of Sri Lanka, since that is the more commonly used capital. Hi, just wanted to make a suggestion. The city got its name – which means “Between Two Rivers” – in 1831 during the Nguyen dynasty.

Without seeing the countries as a hint, can you guess the capitals of the world's 20 most populous countries?

Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is impossible to spell!! Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . You guys suck! Like school. I did this without looking at the list of countries, just visualizing the map from "Countries of the world" and go around my usual route. If you've aced some of the geography rounds so far, it's time to move on USA trivia? It starts with the most populous country and works down from there, making it harder as you go. WE ARE DECLARING WAR AGAINST HUMANKIND!!!!!

Name the capital cities of the countries that have the largest Gross National Product.

Which world capital cities are closest to Madrid? If you think you know your Franklins from your Fitzgeralds, it’s time to take on this tricky USA trivia quiz. What is this "Ivory Coast" of which you speak? On 23 March 2019, Kazakhstan's capital was renamed to.

One of our most popular quizzes.

Name the ten capital cities that have been guessed most frequently on the European Capitals Quiz. Ciara and Son Future, 6, Channel Cardi B and Offset for Halloween — and Cardi Loves It! All the answers are national capitals. Guess the capital city that fits in each series of categories until only one city remains. Isn't Eswatini one of those dual-capital countries? Can you identify the following world capital cities from just their last two letters? Went from 127 to 146. Sri Lanka has 2 capitals. There are 40 points up for grabs. Popular Quizzes Today.


Since it has already spread that Kazakhstan is renaming their capital to Nursultan this comment is rather pointless. Ready? I always thought Belize City was the capital of Belize. Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, the whole international community agrees except USA and the her island puppet in the pacific, Try this capital quiz Hello Dean, They changed their capital around a year ago.

You might have aced the 50-question geography quiz, but now it's time to find out how well you know your capital cities. Third-world despots are responsible for many changes in country names and their capitals. 132/196 c'monnnnn!!! 192/196. Tomorrow I'll try again. Huh.

As far as I know, Majuro is the island on which the capital, Delap-Uliga-Djarrit, is located. Both Sanaa and Aden are currently capitals of Yemen, but considering Sanaa is currently not in control of the Yemeni government Aden is both the de facto and the de jure capital.

It's plenty of time if you know all the answers. How did you get the boxes for different areas underneath each other? Does anyone else have the problem that all of the ones you miss sound familiar, but you just couldn't think of them during the actual quiz? You've changed Macedonia to North Macedonia. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. 161/196 with 5 minutes left, but I just can't learn all the African and Oceanian ones. a country in Africa that, like every other country, has different names in different languages.

Name these 12 capitals of Europe on the map.

: ), I tried 'Praia' for Kosovo and ended up getting it for Cape Verde's capital. Identify brands from their logos, famous British celebrities and name the classic British dishes. Think you know the countries like the back of your hand? Addis Ababa, Ethiopia . World Capitals that Begin with a Vowel Quiz: That is one of the most stressful things I have just done (being against the clock), and it is complete!

I know its capital is disputed, but since Tel Aviv is recognized as its capital by most countries, it should at least be one of the options. Aged 14, just got 196/196, with 2:42 left. Thanks to JetPunk for finally motivating me to learn those Caribbean ones that weren't shown on the map in my room. Try to guess all the capital cities of Europe. Sri Kottage Cheese is a district within the larger city of Colombo where the government mailboxes are.

It is usually home to its government and administrative entities.This quiz will test your knowledge of the capital cities of … Spelling is much more of an issue for me on this one than on the countries of the world quiz. If you thought my geography quiz, Great Britain quiz and England quiz were challenging, wait until you glance over these capital cities quiz questions! Then why aren't the capitals of Palestine, Somaliland, South Ossetia, Western Sahara, Abkhazia and Northern Cyprus in the quiz? I never knew Burundi was changing its capital. … Do This To Remove Earwax, 23 Cool Products That Could Sell Out In 2020. Is there a reason why. 80% of the capitals are impossible to spell!

Memorized all of these during my senior year of high school.

Or confused with a different country? Today I learn that Burundi has a new capital. But they are mostly located in Asia, by area and by population. How many US state capitals can you name in one minute? They also claim to have a capital city despite what other countries say, and have just as many other countries agreeing with them as Israel does for Jerusalem.

Can whoever created this quiz also accept Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel?

Get ready to put your world geography knowledge to the test! Some posts on this site contain affiliate links.

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Guess a capital to fill in a country - and all the countries it borders.

I know most of the capitals but there just isn't enough time to type them all. Get started now to see how many you can answer correctly.

Feel free to use this quiz when it’s your turn to host a quiz night with friends, or you can challenge yourself right now. How many can you name? By all rights, the answer should be Tel Aviv. Guess a capital to fill in a country - and all the countries it borders. Can this please have another minute or two. Can you guess each highlighted South American capital on the map? Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is in the suburb of Colombo. 34,388: Most Guessed European Capitals.

95% of quiz-takers would disagree with you. As the capital cities of their countries, these 197 towns differ in terms of safety, prices, health care, pollutions level, and other conditions, these all are called the quality of life. Using the map below, name the capitals of Africa.

I think you should add another version of this with less time for experts and this for starters. It was made the capital city in 1991, the former being Lagos. 196 in 10 minutes. I think this is one of Jetpunk's "keynote" quizzes and should be corrected soon. Also, Palestine has more representation in the UN than Kosovo. Sign up. I can be proud of Yaren and N'Djamena, but I didn't know Buenos Aires or Brussels? Compromise: Accept both names, but display the currently correct name.

Name the national capitals that begin with the letter A.

I finally learned them all. I thought it was Bujumbura.

Log in. Can you lower full point percentage to 90.0 percent? What better way to reminisce about past travels and dream about future trips than with a test of your world knowledge. There are 11 countries whose names are the same as their capital city. They’ll keep you busy! Gutted to learn that Burundi has changed capital!

Almost every capital change -- Gitega, Dodoma, Naypyidaw, Astana/Nur-Sultan itself -- is nothing more than a power move by a despot trying to create a personal base … Do you know your Charles Dickens from your George Orwell, and your Picasso from your Dali?

Capital city trivia on Here's more on its history. Name the capitals of the countries that are generally considered to be part of the Middle East.
So how do you think you got on?

Find out more about one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Any chance we could get more time? Never thought I'd know all the capitals of the world, although I know nothing about most of them aside from their name. What about naming all 45 presidents? Because well they are all correct answers.

Answers change every time. =D, 194/196 first time. Pretty obscure factoid though! This made me reliase I need to work on my Caribbean and African capitals lol, please accept port au prance for port au prince, I cant believe I got them all right and I'm only ten. Caucasia (only Georgia and Armenia) is in Europe! Any special reason you now want the whole names of those cities--like, you want to drive us all insane? Can you name the capitals of all 12 countries in South America? Can you name all 50?

Over 85% of coronavirus patients have none of the official symptoms, doctors warn . Replaced one answer I couldn't remember with another I can't remember. BRAND NEW: Check out my other fun quizzes including one all about food, a challenging art and literature quiz and my 50 world geography trivia questions. The president of Burundi in 2007 promised they would move their government there.

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