hirth 2702 reliability

Hirth has been in the engine manufacturing business since before World War 2. With the advent of carbon fiber reed valves, that is no longer is an issue. Reed valve porting is far more efficient than other forms of porting. “But because of the two-cycle’s history of seizures, broken cranks, etc, this made their reliability factor a problem. Adapting the Hirth engine for helicopters has posed a special challenge for Hirth. Hirth feels this is really where the sport aviation market is going to be going. Water-cooled? The fuel injection also compensates for altitude and weather changes to keep the engine operating at peak performance in all conditions. Officials of Gobler-Hirthmotoren recently agreed to pass on these savings directly to the consumer. It will install easily in nearly any application that the 503 was used in, and will out perform it with no weight gain. The cylinder walls are electrochemically coated with Nikasil. The crank will definitely go a thousand hours and the Nikasil cylinders just don’t wear”. Many of the problems that two stroke engines suffer from are related to improper jetting and prop loading. Special design-High Torque/Low Rpm Engine. That means that it may happen again to that engine, or to someone else. Hi Dave, some of these articles refer to older versions of these engines. McCulloch? “The only way to truly asses the engines is to try them. But keep in mind that it is still necessary to do a teardown, de-carbon and inspection at 500 hours. Secondly, if there is a failure in any engine I sell, I want to know about it, and to be the one to find out what failed and why so we can prevent it in the future. All these systems are normally designed to give a linear torque curve from 2,000 to 6,000rpm for a propeller. Having a machine that is under powered and overweight is just as dangerous as having a machine that might have the engine quit at any time. It’s not just another two-cycle. They made engines for the Luftwaffe during the war. In the airframes that we sell, the only one that could possibly make use of this engine would be a GT500, but to my knowledge it has never been done. Like all Hirth aviation engines it includes dual electronic ignition. However, when considering all of the options, for a little more money and nearly the same weight you could opt for a 3202 at 55 HP. “It’s more expensive to build an engine like ours,”  said Dandar. “It is immune to carb ice,” he said. “With a Nikasil cylinder engine, the piston and the cylinder expand at the same rate which allows it to withstand several hundred degrees more temperature than a steel sleeve engine without seizing”. “We are more expensive, there’s no doubt about it. Or, if your airframe is compatible with it, you could use the F23 which is 50 HP and considerably lighter. Have you considered a Hirth engine? The Hirth 3002, 80 HP, and 3003, 110 HP engines are unique in the industry. The Hirth has gone through many, many changes. Don't hesitate to contact with any questions. This engine will be available in February and Dandar feels confident it will meet the special needs of helicopters. Not one to brag, Dandar points out that the Hirth 2702 (40hp) and 2704 (50hp) models have never had a crankshaft failure of any type. “We normally operate Hirth engines about a hundred degrees hotter than the average steel-sleeve engine, both EGT and CHT, which results in much better fuel economy, better performance and a much cleaner burn which leaves less carbon in the engine.”. Eventually as the ultralight aircraft industry began to take off they began to make engines for that market, and soon the UAV market as well. Weighing only 40 lbs including the belt reduction drive it is in most cases the only engine that can actually make weight on a Part 103 ultralight. By having this type of digital control, you can make the Hirth engine start easier, run smoother and perform better throughout the entire RPM band, including at low idle RPM, said Dandar. “Hirth engines generally cruise anywhere from 500 RPM, and in some cases, 1500 RPM less than other similar Hp two-cycle engines on the market-this is at the same airspeed and same amount of thrust. The 2702 produces 40 hp at only 5500 rpm while building an impressive torque of 39 ft lbs. The are a four cylinder horizontally opposed air cooled engines. The 3203 is a direct competitor of the Rotax 582 in many applications. The thrust from the 3003 will leave a 912 in the dust. installation on a Kolb Firefly, and will soon be working on a Challenger installation. The Hirth 2702, 40 HP is the smallest inline twin that Hirth produces. But I think a good snow suit would be a much better option when considering all the negative tradeoffs. [1][2][3], The engines runs on a 50:1 pre-mix of unleaded 93 octane auto fuel and oil. “I think the primary reason that Hirth might have a tainted reputation in the rotorcraft industry is because of a problem the engine had over ten years ago,” explained Dandar. All these design features add up to not only increased reliability, but also a 1000-hour rated TBO to boot. The Hirth 2702 and 2703 are a family of in-line twin cylinder, two stroke, carburetted aircraft engines designed for use on ultralight aircraft and especially two seat ultralight trainers, single seat gyrocopters, and small homebuilts. The Hirth 3202, 55 HP engine is a low rpm, high torque engine, making it’s peak power at 5500 RPM. This engine is a boxer engine with both cylinders firing at the same time. Here’s an engine that Matt Dandar suggests you take a closer look at. In addition, the standard Hirth engine warranty has been expanded, too. The helicopter version engines will be specially modified for the special power requirements of helicopters. A tuned exhaust and electric start are optional. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Other Hirth features include 4130 chrome moly crankshafts with a three year factory warranty, viton crank seals and more. Dandar explained that in the 1930’s when Germany was building up its military capabilities, Hirth started making aircraft engines.

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