honda alternator diagram

This signal communicates to the computer on how hard the alternator is working to meet the total electrical needs of the vehicle, including the state of charge of the battery and any loads not directly monitored by the ELD sensor. on Introduction. Honda Alternator Wiring Diagram – Database. or just simply let ur mechanic do the full detailed tutorial i dont have a honda but thanks this is so interesting and helpful. First remove the grommet that the second cover (from the previous step) went into. Alternators don’t always go bad in the exact same way. Once you have the tool on the tensioner nut push the tool towards the firewall as far as the tool will allow and slip the belt off the pulley. 0000008915 00000 n Excellent write up. You may be able to rent some of this equipment from your neighborhood hardware store. To hook up the battery you always hook the positive side up first then the negitve. Last but not least check the voltage with the vehicle running. 3 - Extension for the drive size you have selected. You will need a serpentine belt tensioner tool with a 14 mm crows foot. Still searching but figured I'd ask you if you could tell me the length and thread pitch in case I can't find it. I always take this time to check the part to make certain it is the right one. Share it with us! But the reason for unhookling and attaching the negative first is that it does not spark. When connecting the battery connect the positive terminal first. When pulling the cover pull straight away from the valve cover. 0000001783 00000 n Most of the time, when replacing an alternator, the alternator itself is relatively affordable. To make you better at wiring, here are some reliable tips and techniques you need to perfect. everything works perfect. The hold down is not shown here because the battery was swapped before I got to the vehicle. on Introduction. The longer the field rotor is … There are five wires connected to the alternator. It should be the thick cable from the fuse box. Terminal cable connections are the finish details of wires, where a connection with a circuit occurs. 0000006416 00000 n Beautiful write up with clear instructions and photos. You can check this by monitoring the voltage on the ELD wire as loads are turned on or off. Make sure to install the coolant bottle and the power steering reservoir back on their slide mounts. I am still confused as to what you have done to the harness. At this point the FR signal will be a flat line (non pulsed signal) at approximately 5 volts. Strip the wire perfect such that no insulating material goes underneath the slot, and no bare wire is left. Before starting, ensure you have a strategy in place as to what outlets, switches and fixtures will be involved in your project. Read electrical wiring diagrams from bad to positive in addition to redraw the signal as a straight range. On mine I slipped it off the smooth tensioner pulley first, then remove it from the alternator pulley. Now remove the reservoir using the same method you did with the power steering reservoir. So if you accidentally touch a live line, the RCD would identify the unusual flow of the present and immediately switch off the circuit. You will be in a lot better position to protect yourself and work better. i know when i tried to upload my map on kpro i didnt realize i left the ground by the valve cover unbolted and there was no communication between kmanager and kpro. When the computer grounds this signal, the alternator will stop charging, as in the case of the battery being fully charged and vehicle load demand is low. I used my trusty super bad ass long handled ratchet with an extension and 14 mm swivel socket for the lower alt bolt. Refer to diagram #1. If you were to turn the heater blower on high, this would create a current draw of approximately 17 amperes. I do have one question. Download Favorite. I just finished this job today on our Pilot (a 2012)... thanks for the detailed write-up and the pictures! The second is power while the ignition switch is on (the black wire with a yellow stripe). Symptoms of a Bad Alternator: Honda CR-V. Question A AL-CU stamp means it can be used on aluminum and copper wiring. 0000017015 00000 n Perform steps ~ . Add the rear defroster, and it should be 80-90%. It is the function of these three circuits that we will discuss. 14. They still use a belt driven three phased alternator and an internal electronically controlled voltage regulator that has three main functions. After some searching on the web I found lots of bad ways to do this job so I will show you how I did it. 11 days ago. We serve all Honda drivers across the nation by offering shipping of parts and accessories to all 50 states. I have changed alternators on my vehicles before, but never on a Honda. Honda Alternator Wiring Diagram Pictures. is the national website of the parts department at Clark Knapp Honda, located near McAllen, Texas. Honda Alternator Wiring Diagram from Effectively read a electrical wiring diagram, one has to know how the components in the system operate. If you raise the engine RPM to 2000, you may notice the charging system voltage drop unexpectedly. This is the part where many 'shade tree' mechanics go wrong. Is this for the 2005 Pilot bhy chance? The second is power while the ignition switch is on (the black wire with a yellow stripe). When it does this it shorts the charging system creating a large draw. When installing the new alternator, the bushing in the lower bolt mount stuck out and would not go into the yoke. Never splice wires together and hide them within a wall with out a passageway box — an accessible junction box should always be used to sign up for wires. This circuit powers up the voltage regulator. I do like your detailed tutorial but I will still end up being that guy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Create sure you have the ability to the appropriate tools, including but not limited to: needlenose pliers, wire blades, cable & cable stripper, fish & colored tape, voltage tester, continuity specialist, electric & rightangle drill. This was a good time to hook up the charger so I set it for a low/slow charge. Or is this same as the 05? Just leave them in the cover holes. An RCD (residual current device) is one of the main things to have in your circuits. There are two situations when the FR signal will not be digital. So here's the key. The regulator controls the pulse-width of the field rotor voltage. About: I have always been tech support for just about everyone. i believe the wire gauge on the engine harness is 20ga (too small to charge an alternator). 0000006245 00000 n Remove the 4 - 10 mm bolts from the top cover. Honda Alternator Wiring Diagram from Navigate your 2005 Honda VTX1300 VTX1300R ALTERNATOR schematics below to shop OEM parts by detailed schematic diagrams offered for every assembly on your machine. So if your alternator is not charging how do you figure it's in your wiring? 0000006587 00000 n The battery failed internally in such a way that would duplicate removing the battery while the vehicle was running. Isolate all loads from the battery before testing the charging system. Make sure the terminals are in the same spot as well as the mounts and lastly make sure you have the right number of grooves in the pulley. This is to show you how to not do it. For DO IT YOURSELF electricians, there's a lot of jumbled up information of what you ought to or shouldn't do. got tested, etc. Thank you for this! With this type of load, you should see a signal voltage of about 1.8 volts. 0000002680 00000 n Make sure everyone in your house is aware that electrical work is going on. For example, with a warm engine at idle and all accessories off, duty cycle should be 30-35% (negative trigger on your meter). I'm in need of the alternator wiring diagram (k20). 107,387. only thing I can think of is that the alternator is not getting the right Voltage feed from the harness. There are five wires connected to the alternator. Using this information, the computer controls the charging system through the C circuit. i dont think the car would start if you didnt have a good ground connection for the engine harness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is a 10mm nut. 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