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I had started a blog regarding the photos just in case I wasn’t able to find family. A Rocky Mount woman recently won $100,000 in the Virginia Lottery. Milo Atkinson officiating in the presence of a large gathering of friends and relatives. "It was fiction about your own people. There are so many fantastic stories about Timothy’s life, and I will share them all…along with letting my readers know which stories I do not have sources for and what stories have been passed down through the Demonbreun descendants for about two centuries now (my hope, as always, is that someone will present a source, a document, anything!).

"I was born in 1939, and I just didn't remember my dad (who is played by Shia LaBeouf) being that rough," he said. Sink, for 32 years a member of the Franklin Board of Supervisors, said, was operated at Burnt Chimney by Jack, Forrest and Howard Bondurant – the first two of whom a deceased deputy sheriff, C.L. "In a way, I guess they were bootleggers and they did what they had to do," she said. Comments (0). Two years later, she moved with her daughter Meagan and son Jason to Paradise Valley. By now I was angry. Sitting at the table in the foreground are, from left, Carol Bondurant (wife of G.T. Sitting at the table in the foreground are, from left, Carol Bondurant (wife of G.T. "I was kind of proud of that aspect of it," he said. However, when I found the marriage record I also found that Paralee’s full maiden name was Delilah Paralee Duffel.

If you are a Bondurant or Bondurant descendent you can find more information about the reunion at the Bondurant Family Association website, as well as apply for membership. Oh, and who exactly is Lizzie’s father? After picking up Great-Aunt Kat we drove up to Clarksville to visit Grandmother and Granddaddy’s graves. Arthur Lemuel Hardy: The Clutch Of Circumstance... T. Keister Greer: The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935, There is a comments link under each individual post. son. "But I didn't ever hear my daddy talk about bootlegging or mention that he made liquor.

6. Howard married Thelma Dent, a Martinsville resident, and they had two children: Lucille Bondurant and Howard Dillon Bondurant. Their website (which is just their Facebook page from what I can tell) didn’t have the new address listed which caused the looooong drive. The three depicted in the movie are Howard, Forrest and Jack, or as it says on the census record Jackson. ... wife. "A lot of people were surprised at the brutality," she said. ): -Who are Peter McQueen’s parents? Bondurant said older members of the family may not be used to seeing modern movies that are often full of violence and foul language. Not only are there news articles concerning events (according to Matt Bondurant, on The Daily Beast…I haven’t yet seen them), but the book The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935 by T. Keister Greer (look to the right, it’s listed on my sidebar) documents everything that went on. Betty Ann Campbell of Penhook, the daughter of Howard Bondurant (played by Jason Clarke in the film), agreed with her cousin Betty Lou Mitchell that the violence and language was just too much. Posted at 03:51 PM in Bondurant Family, Curtius Family, Richards Family, Stalls Family | Permalink My Granddaddy even referred to her as his “French grandmother” (even though, in reality, he could have called both grandmothers French…his other grandmother Annie Bondurant was descended from the French Huguenot Jean Pierre Bondurant). Wunderlich said the violence was extreme. April 2012 was their second wedding anniversary. I haven’t found his wife and children yet, either.

Kat’s Craft family goes back: Prestly Ezekiel Craft (abt 1786 NC-btwn 1850 and 1860 TN). Mitchell was also puzzled why the shootings were so embellished. I know her brother was residing in Alabama when he died, but he also had land in Mississippi (which is where she was living when she divorced Peter and married Claiborn). She had recently moved from Seattle to Sedona in 2001 to resolve health problems. She also went by the name Fanny/Fannie. I do know that she married Peter McQueen in 1820 in Louisiana, so I greatly doubt she was born in 1813. They also didn’t have payment options on the page, so I didn’t know I should have stopped for cash. He is the youngest son of the late Jack Bondurant, one of three Franklin County moonshine-making brothers portrayed in the film, which is based on his nephew Matt Bondurant's book "The Wettest County in the World.".

Jack Bondurant was in the hospital several weeks. Anyway, if you are to believe her headstone, erected by her son Jean Baptiste, she was born July 24, 1740 and died February 7, 1856. Mr. Mark Brewer is James M Brewer, who I have as going by the name “Mac”. Fact:  Spencer DeMumbrie was born in Tennessee. This year the Bondurant Family Association Annual Meeting will be held October 19th and 20th, 2012 in Bedford, Virginia. It really is driving me crazy not knowing. I would not go see it again.". Officer and Two Alleged Moonshiners Must Face Trial at Rocky Mount. As for the first question “were the Bondurants real?” the answer is an emphatic YES! Lore:  Elizabeth Bennett was 115/116 years of age when she died. 1: 1700-1900, Turner Publishing: History of Houston County, Tennessee 1871 - 1996 - History and Families, Richelle Putnam: Lauderdale County, Mississippi: A Brief History (The History Press), Josephus Conn Guild: Old Times in Tennessee: With Historical, Personal, and Political Scraps and Sketches. It’s like it is never-ending! Since Minnie’s son was the informant I can only assume that Minnie had told people her father was French, rather than descended from French-Canadians. No credit card required.

"They did a very good job of depicting that era with the sets and costumes," she said. It got good reviews from our family, definitely.". It made me feel bad.". I’m pretty excited about it! Shooting at the station made people “afraid to pass by that gas station to go to church,” the aged supervisor, bearded and slightly deaf, said. While there we had decided that instead of buying Nan Nan’s fried pies from Cissie Lynn’s store, we would go to Nan Nan’s store and buy them directly from her.

diggingupyourfamily at yahoo dot com, The Gravestone and Cemetery Preservation Project, Completely Untrue Products of My Imagination, Wedding of Minnie Virginia Richards and James Paul Stalls, Sr, Bondurant Family Association Annual Meeting, with the imminent closing of the Georgia Archives, Bondurant Family Association Annual Reunion 2012, Kathryn De Monbreun Whitefort: A Genealogy and History of Jacques Timothe Boucher, Sieur De Monbreun : And His Ancestors and Descendants, Hubert Horton McAlexander: A Southern Tapestry: Marshall County, Mississippi, 1835-2000, Reverend Robert Haskins Crozier: Fiery Trials, or A Story of an Infidel's Family, Chronicling America (The Library of Congress), Grandma's Picture Box | Rescuing Orphaned Photographs, Houston County Historical Society, Erin, Tennessee Facebook, Jackson, Madison County Library Tennessee Room.

Howard and Jack both executed Rakes after a shootout between the Prohis and the local bootleggers, and, following the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, they returned to their legitimate professions.

For the past several days I have been going through a lot of stuff trying to figure out what to write next about Timothy Demonbreun. She leaves three children, Mrs. J.K. Bondurant, of this city; Mrs. Bettie Bondurant, of Memphis and Mr. Mark Brewer, of this county. For Mary Douthat, the past seven years has been a mother’s worst nightmare. Matt Bondurant, the author of Lawless, on which John Hillcoat's film was based, says his family's role in the moonshine business only came to light in recent years She was also pleased with the quality of the production. she asked. Prior to boarding the ship in Italy their information and documentation would have been checked by Italian officials. However, if you are not comfortable leaving a comment or if you have any questions or stories you would like to add, please feel free to contact me at the email below! Miss Zella Smith of Meridian, Miss., acted as maid of honor, gowned in pink crepe de chine with a draped cape and carrying a French basket filled with Bride roses. ", "My daddy had his faults, but when it came down to the end, he was a Christian man, and that was all that really mattered.". I scanned roughly 70 of the photographs and mailed those off to the family on Tuesday. Mitchell's son Ronnie of Callaway, the grandson of Jack Bondurant, said he understood why some of the older family members were upset with the violence, language and nudity. I will be keeping it going so you can check it out here. I just felt it was important to get this out there prior to continuing Timothy Demonbreun’s story. Comments (3). PLEASE!).

My mom and I are getting ready for the Bondurant Family Association Annual Meeting next week. Here are a few family stories I have heard about my ancestors, either stories passed down or stories I have read online…along with the facts: 1. Granville Bondurant. "Being a family member, and you know that it wasn't like that at all, I just think it wasn't that violent," she said. -Is the research I did on Brett’s Murphy family correct? If anyone is researching any members of the bridal party, and happens to have photos of a stranger’s wedding, please contact me! Comments (3). Really, I didn't know much about what he was doing at that time (1931, the timeframe of the movie).

5. My mom and I went up to Tennessee to visit with family again. Or do you not even know? Comments (6), Betsy Phillips: A City of Ghosts: Stories, Boyt Henderson Cathey: Cathey Family History and Genealogy, Vol. My dad was shot in the arm, but we didn't know that until after I was married. Lore:  James Anderson Proctor’s first wife Paralee was a gypsy. James Forrest Bondurant died on December 4, 1965 in Roanoke, Virginia. Yes, the Bondurants really do exist!

No, she said, she didn’t even take them at the other location. Review. There is no record of him at Castle Gardens, either. A cordial welcome was extended to the guests by Mr. and Mrs. Richards, the latter gowned in black crepe de chine and lace, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curtius, the latter gowned in hand-embroidered voile. In this role, he is responsible for leading a team of wir…, Last week, the Rocky Mount Farmers’ Market became licensed by the Food and Nutrition Service to accept EBT Supplemental Nutrition Assistance P…. Lore:  Spencer DeMumbrie was from France. I think it has been figured out that his name was John Craft (don’t hold me to that because I am not positive). | Benjamin Howard Bondurant died on November 2, 1968 in Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia. Where is he buried? Their father is my gg-grandmother Mary J “Annie” Bondurant’s second cousin. "But it is what it is. Where is the Stalls family from? -And let’s just say many other research subjects, such as who are the parents of John B Smith? 1. Her attitude ruined the entire thing anyway. |

Electric lights shone through the ferns and palms and lighted tapers glowed through the white shades of the candelabra. Comments (2).

Although G.T. She seemed to be miffed that we pulled into her driveway. "Some of it may have been a bit farfetched," he said, "but from what I've heard, a lot of it was true, too.". Staff Photo by Charles Boothe: Many descendants of the late Jack and Howard Bondurant attended the premiere showing of “Lawless” at the Eagle Cinema in Rocky Mount Wednesday night. -What happened to Spencer DeMumbrie? -Why am I unable to locate James Franklin Stalls’s grave in Oak Grove Cemetery in Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky?

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