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Immediately after, the G Corporation sent a series of Jack robots to assassinate Kazuya and Heihachi. The Devil Gene within Kazuya began to manifest itself more during this time, but he seemed to have it under control. Lars discovered his nephew Jin in the Middle East and protected him from Zaibatsu forces. The clan's origins date back to the Heian period (794 - 1185) during the time of the Taira and Minamoto clans. The two put their differences aside for a moment or two, but it was short-lived. The Tekken series revolves mainly around this family and the Mishima family. Follow him on Twitter! In the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation, Lee aligned himself with Lars Alexanderrson (coincidentally, Lee is one of the very few characters who doesn’t fight Lars upon meeting him in Tekken 6’s story mode because he’s such an excellent guy). He returned to Japan to fight in the next King of Iron Fist Tournament, and briefly returned to his native Yakushima afterwards. Speaking of which, Lars is destined to lose his rocking hairdo and go bald just like his father and grandfather before him. Jin’s Zaibatsu basically went to war with the world, but there was more to it than simple plans for domination. His Devil Gene had protected him from death. Kazuya accepted. Unlike most final boss villains in these kinds of situations, Jinpachi’s intentions were anything but devious. The G Corporation was the only thing in his way, and the public saw Kazuya as a hero. Regardless, Kazuya was quickly taken off the board when Heihachi returned and defeated him in the finals. When he found out it was Jinpachi, Lee decided he had no horse in this race and dropped out. When Jin went missing, Heihachi returned to take back the Zaibatsu and went to war with Kazuya’s G Corporation. To make matters worse for Heihachi, he soon found that the Mishima Zaibatsu was being opposed by a paramilitary faction called the G Corporation, which included a resurrected Kazuya. Heihachi then decided that he was done playing his games. The Mishima Family (三島一族, Mishima Ichizoku?) She didn’t catch up with him, but did cross paths with Jin in his Devil form. The child conceived of this union was Lars Alexandersson and as expected, never showed any signs of carrying the Devil Gene. Heihachi and Kazumi formed a lasting bond and the two fell in love over time, giving birth to a son named Kazuya Mishima. Surely, his son and grandson wouldn’t be able to resist. Tekken, meanwhile, spits in the face of that. Heihachi set up a King of Iron Fist tournament knowing that Ogre would have to show up. Mortal Kombat X and its comic tie-in had a running theme about family and living up to the previous generations. Kazuya took his father’s dead body and dropped it into the lava below, repeating his teachings, “A fight is about who’s left standing. During a mission, Lars was the only survivor and was struck with amnesia. JIN KAZAMA. However, this only seems to have begun with Heihachi as no Mishima before him is known to display the same behavior. He was born in an unknown location in the forest. The Kazama Family dates back as far as the 1980s. Likely inspired by Jinpachi, Jin wants someone to kill him before it’s too late. One is through visions Jin receives in later games, acting as a conscience and keeping him from acting on vengeance. In reality, Kazuya only opposed Jin out of megalomania and planned to take over the world the moment Jin was taken out. Since then, Heihachi has chosen to stay hidden, not playing his hand and allowing everyone to believe he’s dead. After dropping Heihachi into a lake of lava, Kazuya sensed Akuma nearby. After Jin won the fifth tournament and became the new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin became bolder in his takeover of the world. Mainly because Kazuya was back in the fold and there was no point in having them fight the same way in-game. Feeling that he had no choice, Jinpachi challenged his son to battle and lost. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Gavin Jasper doesn’t know how Kazumi saved Akuma’s life but likes to imagine she noticed Akuma was about to eat expired Spaghetti-O’s and warned him at the last second. Rather than play the hero, Jin followed suit with his bloodline and embraced megalomania. Out of anger, he used his powers to fire a laser into space and knock that satellite to Earth. Transforming into her Devil form, Kazumi attacked her husband and announced her intentions. To test whether it was the Hachijo blood that carried the Devil Gene, Heihachi tossed him off a cliff, leading to the beginning of the events of the Tekken series. Jin went missing and Heihachi returned to take over the Mishima Zaibatsu. His mother had picked that location to stay hidden from the Devil who was after Jin when his previous host's body (Kazuya Mishima) was dropped into a volcano. Kazuya won and was brought to the temple where Jin was being held. Kazuya transformed into his Devil form and the two fought once more. He was released by Heihach… One notable trait of the Kazama clan, however, is that they have some ability to purify or restrain the devil gene. After the events of Tekken 2, she returned to Yakushima, where she raised her and Kazuya's son, Jin, for fifteen years until she was attacked and disappeared. If Kazuya survived, he had the Devil Gene. The resurrected, old man knew that he was losing control to the dark spirit by the hour. The family capitalized on the outbreak of World War II and built an industrial empire that focused on providing militaristic resources to Japan. After being rescued from trouble, he was cared for and protected whilst he was in a coma by his uncles, Lee Chaolan, and Lars Alexandersson. And now, for your added enjoyment, here’s Heihachi vs. Kazuya vs. Jin from the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance. While the details are unknown, the two conceived a child during the events of the tournament. All the main protagonists and antagonists are from this family and they have the most rivalries between themselves and with other fighters outside the family. Jun Kazama has empathetic abilities and also saw her father's ghost. The Mishima family was originally a warrior clan that served the Japanese Emperor. As mentioned, Jin is the offspring of Kazuya and Jun. Afterwards, he entered Jinpachi’s tournament and killed his great-grandfather. He saw the fourth Iron Fist tournament as a perfect opportunity to really stick it to Heihachi and even show off his new product, but he remembered Heihachi’s threat from years earlier. Lee created a new persona as Violet and entered, revealing his true identity later on. Secretly, Kazumi was part of a bloodline of Devil-possessed assassins who dedicated themselves to wiping out those who were a danger to the planet. Akuma walked away, not realizing that Heihachi survived. Heihachi was able to oust Jinpachi from the Zaibatsu and take over for himself. The two battled it out in an epic encounter and although Heihachi was able to recover from the soul-killing Raging Demon attack, he attacked Akuma head-on and lost badly. While Kazuya went against type by being a villain instead of a hero, Lee took what should have been a pompous, entitled jerk background and instead became one of the nicer characters on the roster.

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