joy of cooking potato leek soup

It knows what it needs, and it will always tell you. My first attempt at making Jennifer’s recipe was amazing – not only was I delighted so too was my husband! 1/2 tsp? Delicious! This was delicious! I love cream soup, but this time it did not need cream. So many compliments! Awesome recipe for picky kids because after it is blended they don’t see the leeks in it. It was the perfect winter dinner on a cold night. Adding the wine can change the way the leeks sauté, causing them to brown more easily, so wine can be added at the end instead if one is concerned. 80% of corn grown in the U.S. goes to livestock, optional---snippets of fresh herbs (thyme, marjoram, basil). This recipe is definitely a keeper. Next, add the potatoes, chicken broth, bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper. Now I want to try making the butternut squash soup recipe! Definitely making again! A French classic, this creamy potato leek soup is quick, easy, and delicious! I made this recipe and the family loved it. Add a little more stock or water if it is getting dry. about cooking Julia Childs ' recipes, I was inspired to try my hand at the first entry in Julia's cookbook - Potato Soup. Very quick & easy! Most potato leek soup recipes call for a lot of cream and are so heavy that the flavor of the potato is often lost. Simple and absolutely top notch. I found this after looking for a recipe that didn’t call for cornstarch. Thank you for your wonderful recipes! Learn how your comment data is processed. Diet was now my only hope for a cure. Yum. In fact I’ve made a lot of your recipes since 2019 since I bought your book. Did you mean 8 cups of chopped leeks for this? The second batch I made, I added a splash of white wine and fresh-squeezed lemon while adding the cream. I find you just need to whisk the soup when reheating and it all comes back together. leek soup, especially which part of the leek to use. Also added at the end some green onions after puréeing. I made this today and it turned out perfectly. When my husband and I were visiting Ireland, it wasn’t uncommon for three different potato dishes to be served with a meal. The LAST thing I would ever do to this recipe would be to top with chives. Simply fantastic. Thx. Add the leeks and sauté them until tender, but not browned. I do have a crock pot though… Thanks! Made it, was very easy, and it was amazing. Could you use potato starch instead of cream? This soup was absolutely delicious!! Midway through the recipe, I realized I had packed my blender and my food processor (we are about to start a kitchen renovation and have to pack the whole kitchen before demo.) But for me, it became a soaring anthem of empowerment when the lyrics I’d heard a thousand times before took me by surprise, and were filled with new meaning, propelling me forward as I marched across the city in a euphoric surge of of liberation. I used fat free half and half instead of heavy cream…I just couldn’t do it. This soup is delicious! Also, I had whole milk on hand so I used a couple tablespoons. i have made this soup numerous times now, my family and i love it! My husband prefers to have soups without the dairy (he saves he can savor the ingredients better) so I leave the cream out and add it to our bowls. Hi Steven, Glad you enjoyed the soup. I ended up adding about two more tsp of salt and then cheese when that didn’t do it. When the soup was almost finished I tasted it and was pretty disappointed. Perfecto – or other foreign terms that mean ‘great. it’s wonderful, but how long will this last in the fridge? Will definitely be making it again, Easy to make and it was so unbelievably great tasting. Both contributed nice additional flavors. can be varied so many different ways that my family likes to guess what I’ve thrown into the pot. Heaven is dal in a roasted pumpkin bowl. Delicious, reminds me of my nana’s. 5. Just wondering is the 420 calories for all 6 servings or just for 1 serving? Sure Jennifer, this soup can be frozen, but add the heavy cream when you’re reheating the soup. Made it several times now and anyone who tries it loves it! Omg this receipe is so good. I followed your recipe as listed, and it was magnificent. You are absolutely right! I wanted to top it with bacon so I cooked the bacon in the Dutch oven first where I will be cooking the soup then wiped off the grease and proceeded with the recipe. This soup is so quick and simple to make. In your leek soup recipe you say to use 2 lbs. We all have different preferences as to how much salt we want in our foods and by having unsalted butter it is really the only way the home cook can control the amount of salt in the final product. We loved it, and I gave some extra to some family who told me they loved it too. Add the potatoes, broth, bay leaves, thyme, salt and pepper to pot and bring to a boil. Simple and delicious. We tried this recipe and it turned out wonderful! They’re notoriously sandy and dirty, and very good at hiding it, so be sure to wash them well. Appreciated your tip on cleaning leeks, they do have a lot of dirt inside. I harvested 2 beautiful leeks with all their greens still attached. Thank you!!! Thanks for a great recipe! I’ll be making twice the amount next time. Thank you, Richard. can i use sour cream instead of heavy cream in the Potato Leek soup recipe? I like lots of flavor. Hi Liza, I think any of those would work but I’d taste it first before adding it; you may find that you’re happy with it as is. I’m a long-term fan and have been making your recipes for several years now. Yes, I’d wait till you’re reheating to add it. Made it twice. Amazing! Guess I’ll just have to share with a friend! I’m not afraid anymore,I’m not afraid anymore,I’m not afraid anymore,Oh, I’m not afraid anymore. Peace . I made this soup tonight according to the recipe and it was fantastic. This soup is absolutely delicious. After the potatoes have cooked, it’s very easy to retrieve the thyme stems. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe ♡. I already had bay leaves on hand, so to get the rest of the ingredients, it was less than $10 to make a huge pot of this soup. Added extra garlic and loved it. I needed to cook it down for at least 30 minutes because it was soooo thin. Hope you enjoy the soup! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe! Very creamy and delish! I’m eating it right now with a little dill for the garnish, because I love some dill. I would definitely make again. Appreciated the tip about washing the leeks thoroughly…’re right…..they’re very sandy and dirty Your recipes never fail me – thanks very much for all the hardwork and effort you put into sharing them. My wife just loves it. When it comes to a Dutch oven versus a stockpot, It really makes no difference. This is my third time, although a little time consuming I love making it!!!! We had a huge number of leeks from our local CSA box and this was an excellent, thick warming way to use them. I like using the chicken broth to it, as it adds such a nice flavor to the creaminess. Do you think I could use white sweet potatoes in this soup? This year the leeks did exceptionally well in the garden. Also used white pepper! The texture is so smooth and creamy! What do you think? Jenn, you nailed it!!! When there are so many recipes out there for a particular dish, I love finding one that stands out as simple and delicious. This will become a staple in my house. fabulous recipe with great exposition of method for preparation–hopefully inspiring folks who have never tried leeks to experience there wonderful flavor. It’s easy and delicious. This is without a doubt the best potato/leek soup recipe I’ve ever tried. I just made this today for dinner. I wouldn’t of used the thyme, but it worked. I’m pretty sure this was the first recipe of yours that I have tried but I can guarantee you that it won’t be the last. I have a quick tip for people who want to save some time. I added 4 14.5oz cans of broth and one cup of water. It’s an alternative medicine technique, and has a reputation for being “woo-woo,” but I didn’t care. One question.. Where is that beautiful placemat/napkin? If soup is too thin, simmer until thickened. I like looking for new and fun recipes to cook for my parents and siblings, and this one was an absolute hit, especially with garlic bread for dipping. I don’t really like to deviate from a tried and true recipe! I always increase the quantity of leeks; and I simmer them for a longer time–40 minutes or so. Glad you like it. dried crushed rosemary for the thyme (I adore rosemary with potatoes) and only used 1/2 cup of half and half (instead of 1 cup of cream) and it was delicious. None of the ingredients were psychoactive or would change the way I metabolized my medication, and it would be safe to take indefinitely. Second time making this. Have made this three or four times now and have always received rave reviews. Thank you thank you. Will definitely be making this again! First I’d like to say I love your book, which I bought after your blog became my #1 recipe go-to.

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