kamek without glasses

He is the leader of the toadies, and the most well known Magikoopa of the Mario series. Do not play Up close and personal if you have the Koopa. SLOW. (This move was thought up before Dante's move in MvC3, that's similar to this, was created.) Grab: Kamek uses a magical force with his staff to grab the opponent. The bats and Shy Guys do nothing and simply run away after they're unleashed, but you can use whatever item falls out. His mobility is possibly the worst in the game. He has a passion for obscure gaming so any article you see on uncommon titles like Nazo no Murusame Jo, Yuyuki and Marvelous, to name a few, are most likely from him. Kamek vanishes and reappears nearby. I hope this character important to the history of Mario, Yoshi and Bowser has been shown to be interesting and versatile enough to make it into Super Smash Bros. It’s really hard to think if Kamek really do have a chance to join Smash, because there is a possibility that he may be treated similarly to Toad and/or even Waddle Dee, being more of a generic character though having a major role. Unlike Donkey Kong the Yoshi series is tied much more heavily to Mario and his games to the extent that it wouldn’t be strange at all if Yoshi was pinned as a Mario character in Smash Bros. Kamek finds himself near the edge of the screen/stage. Watch headings for an "edit" link when available. Dtilt: Kamek swings his staff at the opponent while crouching. Check out how this page has evolved in the past. Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Very good for 3/4 player matches. In Battle Royale, he is a summon character, like Fawful. You can't use this move again for another second, but until that point, Kamek cannot attack. His appearance isn’t that distinct, looking exactly like the generic Magikoopa enemies (he even shares the same name as them in Japan! When on the ground players will likely be dodging constantly with Kamek. If you're playing on a larger stage, however, this Final Smash can be relatively useful. He wants you all to know that Yoshi is objectively the best Nintendo character. Images were taken from: If the enemy is holding an item when they are hit by this attack, then there is a chance Kamek will steal it. Kamek summons two geysers either side of him. However, what makes the two different is that, while Fawful summons from a distance, Kamek's flight abilities allow him to summon well from any area. He'll then magically grow another one. Kamek is a major character in the Yoshi series but he’s also a minor character in the Mario series, seeing more focus in the RPG and spin off games. He can be the tritagonist of most Bowser Junior videos (depending on the video) and a supporting protagonist of other videos, most notably certain Jeffy videos. Kamek awkwardly runs forward almost stumbling on his robes. Good knockback, but like Fthrow, no combo ability. Then again, you're Kamek; what do you want to combo for? The attack deals 9%. Does not deal much damage but will linger on the stage for a long time. 2)Yoshi:His plots have been thwarted by Yoshi on multiple occasions. Dtaunt: Kamek holds his staff like a cane, glaring at the opponent. Dash Attack: Kamek lifts his staff above him and whacks the opponent with it. The second time Kamek uses this special, he will quickly warp to the first location regardless as to how distant it might be. Kamek spins around several times and throws his enemy away similar to Mario’s back throw. You and your opponent can pick up these blocks and throw them. Some nice range and priority make for an all around good move. Usmash: Kamek holds his staff while placing it on the ground. Based partially on Kamek’s ability to turn Mario’s stickers into Sandals in Paper Mario Sticker Star. He then spins in a complete circle, hitting the opponent with his staff (if it hits). The best thing you can do is land some attacks or summon some minions and pray your opponent doesn't punish you. This gives Kamek plenty of time to grab an item, start a combo, use a Final Smash, or even mock his opponent. Kamek casts a small explosion behind him similar to R.O.B’s back aerial. Kamek will summon a Toadie to do his bidding. Because of his slightly stubby appearance, this crouch does not make much difference to his height. The longer the charge the wider the hitbox. Sure, it can be helpful, but most of the time you won't want Kamek to be hurt by his own Final Smash. Kamek launches magic attack at his enemy. He wears boots, has a broom to ride on and a magic staff. Some good distance on this move and pretty good damage, but a lot of startup. Surprisingly cannot meteor smash, despite the startup and visuals. With Broom Cancelling, this move greatly extends Kamek's gameplay. Kamek shoots a ball of magic that is weak but travels a great distance upwards. This is an interesting Fsmash, although it's only useful in 2 player matches. Kamek can summon up to two Koopa Troopas at a time. The inability to use it in the air is a bad thing (imagine this move and Broom Cancelling together), but overall, it's a solid move that should be used wisely. This roll is executed very quickly. Seventh is a black outfit to contrast with the white one and finally, we have an outfit based on Kamella from Super Mario Galaxy. Occupation. If this move hits an item, then something totally different happens: It transforms into a block! If this barrier comes in contact with your opponent it will deal 6%. Kamek’s glasses slip slightly off his face showing his closed eyes: Roll: Kamek vanishes and reappears nearby. He's fairly balanced with his specialities. A magic force lifts the foe higher into the air. This is where his backstory and connection to Bowser was revealed. Kamek moves his wand like he’s scolding someone. If you get Goomba, you'll want to play pressure on your opponent until you get a hit on him/her. This move, Fsmash: Kamek holds his staff in back of him. Him and Fawful are totally different summoners, however; whereas Fawful specializes in playing from a distance and messing with the opponents mind, Kamek is a bit more well rounded. Great for mindgames, although you won't be using it for much else. Kamek gasped happily when he saw the milk brand they use in the freezer. It's worth the 3 meters and more; it's not the best Battle Attack (blame Master, if you will) but it's up there as one of the best.

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