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I will continue to be that person and do all of these things, but I will not be her husband. On Jan. 6, the R&B Divas: Atlanta star gave birth to her 10th child, Ke'Riah, which is also her first with her current husband, Zackariah Darring. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Previously, She was married to Michael Jamar (a.k.a. She shared a photo of her newborn son on Instagram and said: "My husband Zackariah and I are blessed to welcome our beautiful and healthy 7lb 11ounce son, Ke'Riah Darring.". The two got divorced in 2009, but they currently share three children. The singer and her husband, Zackariah Darring, welcomed their first child together, and Keke’s 10th. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Her parents' name is Keever Wyatt II and Lorna Wyatt. Professionally, her first recorded song is “What If.” From 1990 to 2000, she sang for several labels. American singer and actress Keke Wyatt born on March 10, 1982 (age 37). Lucky for Ke'Riah, he'll have more than enough siblings to play with! She was married to Michael Jamar (a.k.a. Being of a musical family she is able to perform several genres of music that include gospel, R&B, pop, country and opera. He asked for the divorce.

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Her height is 5 feet 7 inches. But recently, Jamar has left her. Congrats are in order for Keke Wyatt!On Jan. 6, the R&B Divas: Atlanta star gave birth to her 10th child, Ke'Riah, which is also her first with her current husband, Zackariah Darring.. She shared a photo of her newborn son on Instagram and said: "My husband Zackariah and I are blessed to welcome our beautiful and healthy 7lb 11ounce son, Ke'Riah Darring." A post shared by Keke Wyatt (@keke_wyatt) on Jun 24, 2017 at 10:30am PDT, In April 2017, Wyatt told The Christian Post that she believed motherhood was part of her destiny.

She is of African-American descent and holds an American nationality. Together they have three children. Ke’Tara Shavon Wyatt is her birth name. Similarly, her mother’s name is Lorna Wyatt. After their very public, bitter divorce, Michael wasted no time in moving on. As of now, KeKe Wyatt married her childhood boyfriend, Zachariah Darring, on October 17, 2018, in their hometown of Indianapolis. After divorcing Rahmat, she moved on to TV personality Michael Ford. It hurts me so bad. Before this, she was married to Rahmat Morton from 2000 to 2009. Together they had three children.

They got married in 2010. I can no longer allow our children to live in a toxic environment and, because I love Keke, I can no longer accept toxic behavior.". Let's take a closer look at these past relationships. Keke comes from a musical family rooted in church music. At the time, Keke was dealing with her son's cancer and also eight months pregnant with their fourth biological child (Kendall Miguel). Additionally, she is also an actress. Subsequently, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $4 million as of now. However, the singer's parents exposed her to R&B at home and encouraged her to pursue secular music. With them, she worked from 2004 to 2006. In total, Wyatt and Ford have nine children together, including one from her previous marriage to husband Rahmat Morton. Then, she joined Cash Money/Universal. The two exes reconnected shortly after Keke reached out to him. The marriage did not work as Rahmat was abusive. The name of her father is Keever Wyatt II.

Us divorcees and divorce’es deserve to be happy & loved too; just like everyone else [sic].". Wyatt posted a side-by-side photo baring her pregnant baby on the left, and the handsome newborn on the right. Congratulations to the new parents on this beautiful blessing! Keke Wyatt was born in Indianapolis in the state of Indiana in the United States. Who is Ron Gant Married To Now? Together, they share four biological children, Makayla, Wyatt, Ke’Yoshi Bella, and Kendall Miguel, her three children from her previous marriage, and one child from his previous marriage, Ke’Mar Von. Keke Wyatt estimated net worth $4 million with a decent salary. It was because she was frustrated by his abuse. Keke Wyatt just welcomed another blessing to her family – a beautiful and healthy baby boy! So to show Mommy's support I'm going to get @keever_west to shave me bald today I need a complete healing for my baby… ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️If u want to donate plz go to Prayers work best for Us!!! Currently, she is living a blissful lifestyle with her husband. Three of them are named Kerner Ford, Wyatt Ford, and Ke’Yoshi Bella. Previously in 2002, she stabbed her ex-husband with a knife. However, aside from his relationship with Keke, he's also known for collaborating with R&B artist Avant. Wild ‘N Out’s Comedian Chico Bean Father of a Daughter; Who is His Wife? She married Rahmat when she was just 18 years old, but their marriage was far from smooth. Wyatt has a beautiful body with a glass hour body figure. To the surprise of several fans, in 2017, Michael filed for divorce. Zackariah was actually Keke's first childhood boyfriend and he grew up with her in Indianapolis, Ind. Keke Wyatt is expecting baby number 10! The couple separated while KeKe was 8 months pregnant with their youngest, Kendall. A Father of Kids, Ultimate Fighting Championship-Nate Diaz with Girlfriend; Who is Mixed Martial Artist Wife? In 2010, KeKe married her second husband, Michael Ford. “My husband Zackariah and I are blessed to welcome our beautiful and healthy 7lb 11ounce son, Ke’Riah Darring,” she writes. Wyatt previously revealed that one of her children had been battling cancer. Wyatt married three times in her life. Rahmat, who grew up in Kentucky, has mostly kept out of the spotlight since then. She got so much backlash that Michael made a public statement, asking that people be respectful. Michael Ford). Afterward, she released her second album, “Who Knew?” in 2010 followed by “Unbelievable” in 2011. Congrats are in order for Keke Wyatt! But her mainstream success came after she started the solo career. There was never any cheating that took place in our relationship by either party. He said: "Keke and I are legally divorced. You’re pregnant. Is the Mother of a Daughter-Hallie Jackson Married to Frank Thorp? Similarly, she attended high school in Indianapolis. Keke Wyatt is a married woman as of now. He began dating American Idol contestant Paris Bennett, who showed off their new relationship on social media. Thankfully, her son is now cancer free and she has finally found her match. We are now free to be whoever’s MCM or WCW, and they are free to use whatever caption they want on their individual pages. She gave birth to their son, Ke’Riah, in 2020. On social media, she shared a video accusing him of wanting to split due to his cheating, but his story was quite different.

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But she is definitely satisfied with her present net worth and maintains a standard living. This Video Explaining The Root Of America's Political Divide... Biden Is Beating President Trump In The National Polls. They have been … They have been living happily since then. Plz pray for my family… Haven't really said to much about my personal life, But my child has been fighting cancer and lost all of their hair that they loved. He stayed single and celibate for over six years, but that changed after he rekindled his old romance with the reality star. In 2001, she released her debut album, “Soul Sista.” She worked with MCA records from 2001 to 2004. She spent her childhood and early life in her home town. View more / View less Facts of Keke Wyatt.

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