killer croc origin

I could break you in half.

Croc was slightly thinner in Arkham City due to lack of fresh food, yet he appeared to be somewhat more muscular than he was in Arkham Asylum. He ended up sending the green man on a four-story tumble from a building with debris raining down on him.

Attendance was NOT optional. "I'm BACK, baby!" News crews captured his latest rampage, as he began terrorizing the district known as Eden Park. Broken home. Batman traded blows with Croc for a third time without success. "That's MISTER Croc to you, chump. Croc was barefoot (although he had bandages that were wrapped around his feet), and also had them wrapped around his hands and wrists as well. Batman made his way to Croc's Lair, where Croc attacked him several times, only to be foiled by Batman activating his shock collar with multiple Batarangs.

Croc remarked that there was no need for a fight, as he would eventually feed on Batman's corpse after he died. Killed another juvenile. Croc's hand in a container in the GCPD Evidence Room after he is captured.

Bastard ate my hand back at the Asylum, but I still feel sorry for him. When he escaped during the prison riot, Croc looked identical to his original version, the only difference being that he was wearing orange prison trousers with a large belt and a very large, padlock-shaped, buckle.

Batman soon learned of the antidote's location after his discussion with Poison Ivy in the Elizabeth Arkham Greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens. Croc's intelligence level has varied over the years, ranging from competent schemer to simply a berserk monster. As an assassin for hire, Croc's main ambitions were money, fame or the highest body count imaginable. He also grew a large tail; due to this, his pants were damaged; Croc used a metal chain to tie a Hell's Gate banner around his waist. Joined by Nightwing, Batman knocked out Croc and the inmates. Over the course of those 18 years, his body continued to evolve. However, all this pain and amputation was having a negative effect on Croc; his body began adapting by accelerating his mutation to compensate for all the regeneration. When GCPD raided Arkham City, they found Croc's collar in the sewers. On the other, he revealed the plot to Croc (minus his own role), gambling that the opposing forces would take each other out and leave the field clear for him. Afterwards, Killer Croc was returned to Arkham Asylum. "He's survived worse," the Dark Knight thought. He saw Batman pass by a locked door that was adjacent to the sewer. As the flood swept him away, Croc's shell-shocked, weeping family, led by Aunt Marcy, began to sing the lullaby that had soothed their friend: "Hush little baby, don't say a word -- Mommy's gonna buy you a mockingbird ...", believing that he had died in the flood. He was apprehended once again and taken back to Arkham Asylum. While these disfigurements are unquestionably the sources of Jones' various psychological disorders, his intense misanthropy seems to also derive from an understandably difficult childhood which included alcoholic relatives and social rejection by his peers. Brutally abused in his home and relentlessly bullied at school, Waylon accepted his place in society as always being seen as a monster. Sometimes, he was even portrayed as being dinosaur like, with a tail and a reptilian snout to boot. Waylon was raised by his abusive aunt; her persistent alcoholism prevented him from growing up in a suitable environment.

Portrayed by: Batman eventually came to retrieve the antidote, but was attacked by Croc. Waylon Jones I had the strength, I had the hate -- why shouldn't I USE it to get what I wanted?

At one point Cash knew this wasn't a good sign, as there was no way for them to tame Croc without suffering massive casualties in the process. Croc was the villain of Gotham's Most Wanted Mission: Beneath the Surface in Batman: Arkham Knight. Killer Croc soon escaped confinement however, and was one of many super-powered villains led by Deathstroke who crashed the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary. With the asylum in disarray following the Gotham earthquake, the Joker quietly slipped into the computerized records files and began changing the prescriptions. Killer Croc appears in Batman: Dark Tomorrow as an enemy, with the player having to face him in his underground lair under. Croc's ears also no longer looked human, instead being small stubs on his head. By 1989, however, the truth had been discovered and Croc was placed in solitary confinement, exercising regularly to maintain his wrestler's physique. They ended up being captured anyway, all three chained to a faulty brewing vat that was likely to erupt when it got hot enough. Swamp Thing called Waylon Jones to his home and "changed him. Labs. Killer Croc is tied with the Joker for having the most boss battles in the main tetralogy, been fought in. Jones walked amongst the alligators and addressed the crowd as King Croc. As he recovered from multiple gunshot wounds sustained in that last adventure, Croc found himself dreaming of a more serene existence in the swamps ( and, his mental faculties now truly reduced to Grundy-level proportions), was summoned by some strange paranormal force to break out of Arkham Asylum and make his way to the Louisiana swamps.

In a state of delirium, Croc staggered onto the street, imagining that everyone from the people on the streets to the mannequins in storefronts were his childhood tormenters.He was driven over the edge by the visions of his past, calling to mind hurtful incidents where his peers would routinely comment about his physical features. As the chaos during No Man's Land was winding down, Croc was preparing to return to the persona of gang lord that he'd once craved. Thanks to weeks of torturous, abusive treatment, Killer Croc once again lived up to his name. Croc wore black trousers that had faint, white pinstripes. He was then followed by another villain, Scarecrow, down into the sewers and who threatened to dump his Fear Toxin into the water supply, which lead straight to the Gotham River. Repeat juvenile offender. It appeared Croc kept his leftovers in the Bleake Island lighthouse, as there was a pile of bones and at least one slab of rotting meat on a hook. Killer Croc's appearance in Arkham City was identical to his predecessor appearance, only that Croc was missing the ankle cuffs and his shock collar.

The killer toyed with Batman in the water, striking and choking him and leaving only when he thought the Dark Knight had drowned.

Croc returned to Gotham in an effort to re-establish himself in the criminal underworld. Grim and desperate, Batman sprayed Croc with nerve gas and informed Huntoon that "this man shouldn't give you any more problems ... unless it's from a wheelchair. He is then forced to keep walking due to the electric collar … Croc's entire body was now scaly (he still had retained the paler hue to his belly and chest), and had a large shock collar to incapacitate him, if he attempted to attack any of Arkham's staff, with a broken chain that hung from the bottom of the collar. He was born with an extreme form of the medical condition Epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, which caused his appearance to develop progressively into that of a crocodile, hence his name.

Croc having his left hand and arm severed can be seen as a form of both irony and poetic justice considering Croc was responsible for biting off Aaron Cash left hand, forcing him to wear a prosthetic hook. -Medical staff at various institutions have tried to treat injuries dealt to Jones, only to be unable to find evidence of wounding. When the Teen Wonder inquired about the Todds' welfare, Gordon was horrified that he'd involved civilians in the case. Superhuman: Killer Croc's mutated strength level is many times greater than that of a normal human. Croc wore dirty, orange, stained prison trousers, and had a brown rope tied into a knot around his waist as a makeshift belt. Even then, his strength level was greatly beyond that of a normal human. Killer Croc had green, scaly skin with a pale, white hue to his chest. A specific case is when, thinking he had Batman cornered in his lair ran to him at full momentum but couldn't see he had laid a trap. Some time later, Ra's al Ghul engineered a massive breakout of Arkham Asylum, freeing all of the patients, including Killer Croc. Croc threatened Cash as he was led into the elevator, and spent the rest of the night in the West Wing's Isolation Chamber. Croc was barefoot (although he had bandages that were wrapped around his feet), and also had them wrapped around his hands and wrists as well. Unusual appearance. "Nobody ever broke my grip -- NOBODY! You WITH me on this? Killer Croc fled to Gotham to pursue his hopes of becoming the leader of the criminal underworld. Cash gave an audio file, that was both sympathetic and snide as it was poetic justice Killer Croc got his hand removed (since Croc ate Cash's hand back during their days at Arkham Asylum.). Batman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community.

Killer Croc was one of the many inmates of Arkham Asylum at the time of the Joker's takeover. Killer Croc had green, scaly skin with a pale, white hue to his chest. Waylon Jones, also known as Killer Croc, is a former crocodile wrestler turned into a criminal deformed by a birth defect. Croc couldn't care less and promised that Ranken would die. Simple as that. After robbing a shopping store, Croc discovered a secret stairwell that led into an old unfinished subterranean highway. Attended a reform school in Florida. He makes it perfectly clear that he possesses no loyalties or superiors, although he was employed by Black Mask he assures Batman "the only boss a'me is me." Batman was close behind, following the trail of wreckage .

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