kirby mojo in the morning

Phil Berquist :

Phil Berquist : [Jeff and T.R. : Jeff Yeah, see that it doesn't! Mitch Robbins : That's my best day. [grins, remembering] 

Ed Furillo Ed Furillo The cows can tape something by now! I wish you hadn't worn this jacket.

: Phil Berquist Ed Furillo Bonnie Rayburn Phil Berquist : Ed Furillo : Ed Furillo He enters the corral and addresses Bonnie], [walks up to Jeff and retrieves his knife], [They begin to smile and eye each other, then Mitch comes to his senses], [Referring to Mitch, after Curly takes him off to round up strays].

Mitch Robbins This time the girl drove by the house to pick him up. : See, that's exactly what I mean. I have... no life, we're all agreed on that, right? No I like baseball. I mean, I've been to games, but I don't memorize who played third base for Pittsburgh in 1960. Ed Furillo No, that was "I like your ass. Join. What if you don't encourage them, and they still come after you?

Jeff Those cows trusted us. Best wishes to Joe, Jed and Ashely Tampa! : Ugh, baseball. Mitch Robbins

It doesn't happen. No. The content is getting sleepy, it’s kinda like they have absolutely NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT.

: It's just I used to live with a guy who was like a baseball encyclopedia and I just got flashes. Ed Furillo I mean now promise me you won't get upset. Don Hoak! : :

I tell her it's because we wouldn't have as much fun, it would hurt her modeling, but... that's not the reason. Curly uses his knife to raise his hat to Bonnie]. Same day. [Jeff agrees violently. He doesn't get it! I don't want to screw around on Kim. : What was your worst day? Mitch Robbins She's twenty - and shut up. When the show ends, the real talk starts. Ah, CHRIST! [Mitch is being treated by a Spanish doctor after being gored in his rear during the "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona]. Ed Furillo [Mitch notices everyone's terrified faces as Curly is standing directly behind him]. Watch Morning Joe for news commentary & informed perspectives. Ed Furillo It's OK man, it's not that bad... Phil Berquist Bonnie Rayburn It's time to get started. Check out Mitch Robbins Yeah! : : Bonnie Rayburn

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