learjet 23 crashes

The flight departed Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, Ohio, as Night Air 4 at 2200 eastern daylight time. The tower controller stated that the aircraft's flightpath appeared higher than normal and that N866JS seemed, to float down the runway at about 50 feet altitude. It is believed he also encountered engine problems when the aircraft struck tree tops and crashed few km short of runway. The braking sequence of events described by the pilot resembled dynamic hydroplaning where there was a complete loss of braking effectiveness rather than an anti-skid malfunction. The airplane operated on a flight from Detroit-Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, MI (DTW) to Pellston-Emmet County Airport, MI (PLN). On February 26, 1973, a private Learjet 24 crashed shortly after take-off from DeKalb–Peachtree Airport in Chamblee, Georgia, United States.The aircraft, registration N454RN, owned by a private corporation, struck birds shortly after lifting off. The aircraft was refueled with 386 gallons of Jet A fuel costing $479.46, which was paid by check.

On this early model (Learjet 23/sn: 23-45a), p/b had to be released by depressing brake pedals first; pilot handbook did not address this.

Learjet N1021B, operated by Mack Truck, Inc., crashed into Lake Michigan, USA, while executing an instrument approach to runway 22 at the Racine-Horlick Airport, Wisconsin, USA. The controller cleared the aircraft to land at a March AFB, the nearby airport. The line between the airports does. Improper preflight by the pilot, his failure to abort the takeoff while there was sufficient runway remaining, and his failure to assure that the aircraft attained sufficient airspeed for lift-off and climb. Both pilots … The fuel bill was $596.63, which was paid in cash. Subsequently, the aircraft crashed in a steep dive. The flightcrew boarded the six passengers, who were friends of the copilot according to the company's flight manager, and the aircraft departed Louisville at 2315. The pilot called the Newport News, Virginia, flight service station (FSS) about 2105 and received a weather briefing for a flight originating in Richmond to Louisville, Kentucky, continuing to Gainesville, Florida, and returning to Richmond. N20EP – on display outside White Industries, Bates City, Missouri. Fifteen witnesses, who either heard and/or saw the accident, were interviewed, and with the exception of a few minor points, all of the witnesses described basically the same accident sequence. Production ended in 1966 after one hundred and one aircraft had been delivered.

SHOULD THE MKE VORTAC POSSESS THE CAPABILITY OF SUPPORTING THIS REQUIREMENT, THIS RADIAL SHOULD BE MADE A PART OF THE MARION FIX, AND ALL PROCEDURES SHOULD BE MODIFIED ACCORDINGLY. This meant that any Lear Jet 23's without modified Stage 3 noise-compliant engines - or an approved hushkit - were no longer permitted to fly in the contiguous 48 states after that date. On this early model (Learjet 23/sn: 23-45a), p/b had to be released by depressing brake pedals first; pilot handbook did not address this. A crew member was rescued while two other occupants were killed. The first flight plan called for a flight of 1+00 hour from Richmond to Louisville with the pilot and copilot aboard. Aircraft was about 430 lbs over max weight limit. For unknown reasons, the twin engine aircraft belly landed at Lisbon-Portela de Sacavém Airport and slid for few dozen meters before coming to rest. improper preflight by the pilot, his failure to abort the takeoff while there was sufficient runway remaining, and his failure to assure that … A lineman noted parking brake (p/b) was set before flight.

One person said aircraft went out of control before impact; another said it was 'in or on the edge of stalled flight.'
This map shows the airport of departure and the intended destination of the flight. On October 13, 1964, the first production aircraft was delivered. All three occupants were killed. This information is not presented as the Flight Safety Foundation or the Aviation Safety Network’s opinion as to the cause of the accident. Crash of a Learjet 23 in Richmond: 2 killed. The flight was operated on behalf of DHL Airways. Touchdown was normal, however during the braking process, the airplane started to fishtail and the pilot believed that the anti-skid system had failed. All three occupants were killed. There were seven people aboard the, PROBABLE CAUSE: "The continued descent below the prescribed approach path profile, for reasons unknown. Inadequate pre-flight preparation and/or planning on part of the flying crew who failed to use or incorrectly used miscellaneous equipment.
He saw a white light traveling down the runway followed by an orange fireball and flames. In 1998, thirty nine Model 23s were estimated to remain in use. The aircraft was equipped with oxygen and pressurization system. N866JS departed Richmond about 2128 with the two pilots aboard, and arrived at Standiford Field in Louisville at 2228 after a routine flight. The flight had originated at Allentown earlier in the day. It was determined that during a test flight, while simulating a failure of the left engine, the crew attempted to takeoff with spoilers extended. The pilot had computed landing performance information for a landing on a wet runway with anti-skid; sufficient runway surface was available.

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