lilium columbianum propagation

Full sun to partial shade. Soil: Digging them up in the wild, is not a good idea and most likely the plants will not survive the transition. Lilium amabile and its varieties *- 8 to 20 days.Lilium callosum - 15 to 30 days.Lilium candidum - 17 to 30 days.Lilium catesbaei – 12 to 18 days.Lilium cernuum and its variety alba *- 10 to 30 days - The L. cernuum alba I believe it to be an L. pumilum variety or L. pumilum hybrid; it is sold in Canada as an L. cernuum variety.Lilium concolor and its varieties *- 12 to 35 days.Lilium davidii and its varieties - 12 to 20 days.Lilium duchartrei - 10 to 30 days.Lilium fargesii – 90 to 180 day spread in seed germination all from the same batch. These species seeds which I have grown will germinate as follows. Once germinated quite dry conditions are required or the seedlings will be lost.Lilium philadelphicum - 12 to 25 days. Lilium auratum 30 to 40 daysLilium bulbiferum - 30 to 40 days.Lilium bulbiferum variety croceum - 30 to 40 days with about 30 percent of the seeds from most seed lots germinating as immediate hypogeal.Lilium canadense and its varieties - 40 to 60 days.Lilium distichum - 20 to 30 days.Lilium hansonii - 25 to 35 days with the odd seed germinating as immediate hypogeal.Lilium japonicum and its varieties - 25 to 50 days.Lilium kesselringianum - 35 to 45 days.Lilium ledebourii - 40 to 60 days.Lilium martagon and its varieties - 16 to 30 days. The following species lilies are delayed hypogeal germination. Hardiness: As well the time period from date of planting to germination will be given. From alpine heights to sea level, Columbia lily grows in forests, thickets and meadows. The tepals are 3 to 6 cm long and the flowers are lightly scented.

The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees. Lilium columbianum is a BULB growing to 1.5 m (5ft) by 0.3 m (1ft in) at a medium rate. There will be a few seeds in almost every seed lot that germinate slower than these time frames. Will also germinate at 10 to 17 °C. Many L. martagon seed lots from the same pod will have seeds that will germinate as immediate hypogeal as well as delayed. USDA zones: 5-9.

Alkaline soil required once germinated. This time period however can vary a lot from one planting to another as many factors have an effect on the seeds ability to germinate in a timely fashion. Uses Food. Without the cool night the seedlings will simply collapse. Lilium columbianum is a lily native to western North America. L. canadense var. Family: Liliaceae Sow seed as soon as ripe. rubrum - 20 to 25 days.Lilium superbum - 30 to 60 days.Lilium szovitsianum - 50 to 80 days. It's a fine addition for most well-drained soil in the maritime Northwest. Lilium columbianum occurs in lowland and montane forest openings and meadows from southern British Columbia in Canada south to northern California and east to Montana in the northwestern United States. These summer-flowering beauties grow well as clusters in pots and beds. If indeed these seeds were L. sulphureum and not hybrid seed.Lilium taliense - 10 to 20 days.Lilium taliense variety [nick name only] kaichen 20 to 30 days.Lilium wallichianum - 20 to 35 days.Lilium wardii - 20 to 30 days. ... Propagation Methods: Sow seed as soon as ripe. Lilium parvum - 30 to 60 days. American Section A-M - American Section N-Z - Asiatic Section A-C - Asiatic Section D-K - Asiatic Section L-O - Asiatic Section P-Z - Candidum Section - Dauricum Section - Martagon Section - Oriental Section - Trumpet Section - Lilium Hybrids - Lilium Index, Page last modified on August 05, 2013, at 04:55 PM.

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