m25 rifle stock

There is no additional fitting needed. The stock is a specially-made McMillan stock, again designed using Hathcock’s notes; this stock is built of Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass, and has a rather unusual shape with a very low buttstock body and a semi-pistol grip. OA Length:     46 inches By clicking the "OK" button, you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Nevertheless, for taking very precise shots at longer range, some will likely find the thicker lines of the reticle a disadvantage. I would also say that to justify purchasing the M25, one must be a good enough shooter to really take advantage of its accuracy. Certainly…, by Tactical-Life.com / The Krieger match barrel is 22 inches in length. The interior surfaces of the flash suppressor are reamed out slightly more than on an M-14. you will have instant access to your previous versions. They are made of stainless steel with a matte anticorrosion finish and are 22 inches long and tipped with the standard M-21 flash suppressor. After the Army’s experiences with long range firefights in Afghanistan, there was a considerable movement in the US Army to rebuild some M-21 Tacticals to be chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, but the project, christened the M-21E, was only considered an interim solution as the Army searched for a self loading rifle to fill the gap between the M21 and the M82. All rights reserved. For almost 30 years, the M-21 was the standard US Army sniper rifle; the Marines also made use of small numbers of them. Other aids to accuracy include a welded, custom match gas system, a lapped and fitted bolt, pillar glass bedding, and a custom match op rod spring guide. The magazine release is the standard small paddle/lever in front of the triggerguard. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. The M25 is not a replacement rifle for the M24 Sniper Weapon System; it was designed to fill a specific need and has been used from the Gulf War onwards. When using a rear focal scope, the apparent size of the target will increase, and with the increase in magnification, the size of the reticle will appear the same. In addition, large amounts of standard M-21s were taken out of storage and used in Afghanistan; some are still being used there, though they are being rebuilt as fast as possible to the Tactical Rifle standard. At 100 yards I managed a three-shot group of 0.75 of an inch. The steel stock liner used on the M-14 was not used on the M-21, as the liner was an adaptation to strengthen the stock for use with rifle grenades. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "U.S. Army & U.S. Navy M25 & XM25 Sniper Weapon System", https://military.wikia.org/wiki/M25_Sniper_Weapon_System?oldid=4311707. The buttplate is padded and is adjustable for length of pull, height, and angle. Various factors have combined to generate interest in Springfield Armory’s precision M1A rifles. I wanted to use the front focal feature a bit more so I did some shooting at 300 yards on plates and found the larger crosshairs a real boon to my aging eyes.

I fired most groups either from a seated rest or prone. The barrel of the S.D.M. The M25 is guaranteed to shoot 1/2-MOA (minute of angle) at 100 yards when it leaves the factory. Reportedly, it was also designated the “Sniper Security System.” The M25 as developed for SOCOM units incorporated a National Match M14 glass bedded in a McMillan fiberglass stock along with a special gas piston, a National Match spring guide, and a Brookfield Precision Tool Advanced Scope Mounting System. 6 grooves, RH - 1 pitch in 11", National Match .062" front sight; The M-21 began life as the M-14 National Match Rifle, a weapon based on a modified M-14 battle rifle to be used for competition shooting by soldiers. Features of the new stocks boasts an adjustable saddle cheekpiece for high scope use, recoil pad spacer system, and a fuller forend. Since many tactical marksmen use laser range finders these days and use their Mil-Dots or other range estimation systems as a backup, each shooter will have to weigh the value of the front focal’s ranging ability. (From: http://www.pmulcahy.com/sniper_rifles/us_sniper_rifles_r-s.htm). Bid on Lot #3711: Springfield Armory U.S. M25 Rifle 308 Win - Patterned after the U.S. M14 and commemorating legendary U.S.M.C. Since I was shooting a known distances, I didn’t really evaluate the advantages for range finding, though I did try placing the Mil-Dots over a few features on the range and did see how much faster I would be able to determine range.

The weight is an issue, though it certainly gives the rifle stability once it is in shooting position. JavaScript is currently disabled. Speaking of magazines, in typical M14/M1A fashion, the magazine has to be rocked into place in the magazine well. Iron sights are available at the buyer’s option. Finish:        Parkerized You should check them out. Because the Precision Reflex rail is relatively short, that does not leave room for any type of flip-up sights. A Harris lightweight bipod adjustable for height and cant have been added. I would recommend that anyone considering a front focal scope should find a large gun shop which stocks the Leupold LR/T front focal and try looking through it. And in fact, on the sample we tested, we had problems in mounting optics on the Picatinny rail provided with the rifle.

However, the White Feather also has something the military M-25 does not have – a signature block bearing Hathcock’s White Feather symbol and a facsimile of his signature. The M25 is a big, heavy rifle. ri-m25tanker-fg usgi reconditioned fiberglass stock painted green (shown).....$3,287.03 ri-m25tanker-f usgi reconditioned brown fiberglass stock (not including cheek piece and versa pod rail).....$3,062.10 ri-m25tanker-w new boyds walnut stock (not including cheek piece and versa pod rail).....$3,013.15 The Archangel stock confers the S.D.M. M25 Sniper System semi-automatic rifle a viable choice for those shooters who want to add an appealing, "Call Of Duty" style long-range rifle to their collection as well as for those who want an instrument that may not be competition-fit by modern standards, but nonetheless viable for learning the basics of long-range shooting in an informal, funny way at the range. We use cookies on this website, our and third parties, to enhance your user experience. Most tactical riflescopes use a rear focal plane reticle design, which means that as magnification changes, the apparent size of the reticle does not. I like Leupold’s QRW (Quick Release Weaver-style) and used those with the M25. My experience with Leupold tactical scopes has always been positive so I felt a Leupold front focal was especially interesting. The M25 as developed for SOCOM units incorporated a National Match M14 glass bedded in a McMillan fiberglass stock along with a special gas piston, a National Match spring guide, and a Brookfield Precision Tool Advanced Scope Mounting System.

the XM25s were still being used in Bagdad in 2006,some were heavyly modified with some of the first chassis systems that I’ve seen for this platform……the weapon is an outstanding tool for the urban environment but in my opinion and experience it was more difficult maintain a consistent zero due all the banging around in vehicles and buildings,the SR25 was alot better in this regard mainly due to its scope mounting system,that being said I never felt at a loss with either weapon, Thanks Robbie for your report!

Sights:        None, Picatinny rail Analysis of the Beslan School Incident, which shows the importance of the capability  to fire multiple, quick follow-up shots, has also influenced some law enforcement agencies to adopt an accurate M1A variation.

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