maiden of the moon 5e

Much better than your animal forms will! Patrol the lands about, especially in cold winters, so that all those who are lost, hurt, or bitten by the cold can be given appropriate cures and shelter. This 5E Lesson plan for grades 3-5 helps elementary students learn about the phases of the moon. She also counts as foes the other evil deities of the Underark: Deep Duerra and Laduguer, Blibdoolpoolp, the Blood Queen, Diinkarazan and Diirinka, the Great Mother, Gzemnid, Ilsensine, Ilxendren, Laogzed, and Maanzecorian before his death. [1], In battle, the priestesses have to wield swords when possible, and bladed weapons are preferred to other instruments when swords are not available. However, there are rituals, as described below: Beside free form dancing and singing, the main form of ritual worship of Eilistraee is a hunt for food followed by a feast and a Circle of Song, in which the worshipers sit and dance by turns in a circle, each one in succession leading a song.

But she is known to watch over them and help and assist any creature that she favors (even if not her worshiper) in immediately useful ways. You get four rather specialized options.

Longbows and silver-tipped arrows are usually used as secondary weapons. At the time, some female worshippers initially disliked this change, and priests could be met with distrust by some priestesses, who feared that they could merely be hungry for power: they would be wary of males, act with coldness and watch over their actions (at least until acceptance on a personal level was achieved, by working alongside them). Due to a history of grief and losses, and to the suffering of her people, melancholy and sadness are deeply rooted in Eilistraee's heart. At times, she can also appear during celebrations dedicated to her, dancing and leaping from the flames of bonfires, or manifest herself by night, cloaked and cowled and with her radiance dimmed, to travelers in the woodlands, usually to test their kindness. That’s often a death sentence, especially at level 2. If such radiance meets with real moonlight, Eilistraee's power will make it so that all beings and items that the priestesses are touching or carrying while singing can, at will, be transported along a web of moonlight for as far as it reaches. The Circle of the Moon throws that to the side. [1], Repay violence with swift violence, quickly removing dangers and threats, so that the fewest may be hurt. It's a hard battle to endure; one that can weigh her down, but that has also taught her to search for and nurture beauty everywhere, even in places like the Underdark, where it doesn't seem to belong. Needless to say, a CR 1 creature is about the equivalent of a level 2 adventurer.

At least you double damage to structures? What a choice! [1], As a young goddess, Eilistraee was a free spirit, with a moody and wild side and an unpredictable temper. And if they attack you, they take 1d10 damage. If you are in a iron maiden and the doors are closed, you take 30d10 piercing damage. Q'arlynd had come in contact with the followers of Eilistraee through a portal to the surface that a priestess had opened in the ruins of Ched Nasad, and Qilué managed to gain his loyalty: the drow mage saw in her, chosen of both Eilistraee and Mystra, a worthy leader. Each swing takes tens of lives, Each step leaves a trail of corps The fluff of the class in general is supposed to limit its power, as the 1st level ability is, as stated in the name, a curse, not a mechanical advantage. The commonly accepted version of the story or myth of how Eilistraee came to her role in the drow pantheon runs as follows. You’ll be really happy to have these shapes when their scenarios show up.

[1] However, post 1489 DR, after the time spent as the Masked Lady,[18] and after their return during the Sundering,[8][9] Eilistraee and Vhaeraun deeply know and understand each other. As the goddess of dance, song, and hunt she is an awe-inspiring dancer, singer and acrobat; and she is a supreme hunter. So, here is a specific member of the Archfey that I got the idea for when an image of some mournful fellow beneath the moon popped into my head (don't ask how it got there; I have no idea). [1], In the 1370s DR, her conflict with her mother over the souls of the drow race ultimately led to Eilistraee's defeat and disappearance. She's learned to find happiness in peace and arts, especially music and dance; in simple things like seeing artists composing and performing, craftsmen at their work, people doing acts of kindness, and lovers in tender moments. [4], Eilistraee sings her call to all dark elves—from the highest matron mother to the lowest male slave—sending them dreams or visions, showing them a different, better life (especially when they are close to the surface). The damage is even worse than Air Elementals, due to a lack of the Whirlwind ability. The young goddess didn't know, however, that the scabbard that Araushnee had crafted for Corellon's sword was imbued with a curse which magically drew the shaft of the arrow, changing its path to instead pierce his chest. [4], The Church of Eilistraee works by putting their goddess' teachings in practice. At 90 ft flight, you’ll keep up with most other creatures in the game. Elves of Evermeet. Seeing the distraction and shock of the elven lord, an ogre god took advantage of the situation and charged towards his position: he almost managed to end his life, but Eilistraee acted swiftly to defend her father, loosing an arrow at the charging ogre-god. Your Touch Attacks are pitifully bad, but also light people on fire, so relatively fine in retrospect. [25], Between the 1377 DR and 1379 DR, cultists of Ghaunadaur attacked the Promenade in the attempt to destroy the prison, guarded by the followers of Eilistraee, that prevented their god from creeping to Toril. He was the son of Vhaeraun and Zandilar the Dancer (who would later become one with Bast, forming Sharess), but had spurned both his parents and walked alone for centuries, neither good nor evil. [15], Eilistraee has taken her title of Dark Maiden once again, as she and her brother Vhaeraun are separate entities,[8][9] but the two siblings have reached a reciprocal understanding and the enmity between them is no more. It is a beacon of light, whose intensity and color can be controlled by the creator at will (ranging from a faint glow to a clear, bright – but not blinding – light). Eilistraee was cleared from any wrongdoing, considered only an unwitting participant, but regardless she insisted upon this punishment from her reluctant father. Thanks for the advice! [1][4] In the game world, her history is a troubled and difficult one, described below. +2 to Constitution, +1 to Wisdom is almost perfect; with Standard Ability Array, you can get to 20 Wisdom at level 8. Eilistraee fights her melancholy by striving to bring hope and joy where there is sorrow, so that no moment is lost to gloom, and to make life flourish wherever she goes. Her worshippers are figures of myth and superstition and targets of prejudice and wild mistruths. [22] Many of them carry tiny swords to give out to drow in the Underdark, that serve as keys for safe passage to temples, or as identification tokens. [1], Despite all these setbacks, Eilistraee kept fighting to bring her hope to the drow and lead them back to their rightful place in the light. [1], In the 1372 DR, the goddess Lolth went into a state of hibernation, a period called the Silence of Lolth, with Selvetarm protecting her, as part of a plan to increase her power and separate her divine realm, the Demonweb Pits, from the Abyss. These clerics and the Eilistraeen converts who have to hide their faith in order to let it spread and to survive under the thumb of Lolth are known as Secret Moondancers. Among the elven powers, Eilistraee is only close to Erevan Ilesere. They can in fact directly cleave to Eilistraee, without the need of "dancing the Changedance". Some priestesses of the Dark Maiden live in Lolth-dominated drow settlements, hiding from the clergy of the Spider Queen, even posing as her followers, in order to carry out the above-mentioned missions.

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