nathaniel wyeth net worth

Although Wyeth did export some salmon, timber, and furs, he was unable to compete with the British government supported Hudson's Bay Company. Due to his inventions, Boston could harvest and ship ice internationally. After discharging his remaining men, Wyeth returned home, arriving in Cambridge in November of 1833. He planned to trade with the Rocky Mountain Fur Company at the 1834 rendezvous and then proceed to Oregon where he hoped to export salmon and furs.

He is most famous, however, for what became known as his two failures. "[3], Wyeth reports in his journal that on September 15, 1834, he, met the Bg [Brig] May Dacre in full sail up the River boarded her and found all well she had put into Valparaíso having been struck by Lightning and much damaged. Nathaniel Watkins Net worth Check how rich is Nathaniel Watkins in 2020? Nathaniel Parker’s net worth. Wyeth was born in 1802 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. [4] Fort Hall, while later an important stop on the Oregon Trail, did not net much profits with Fort Boise undercutting his activities. Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth (January 29, 1802 – August 31, 1856) was an American inventor and businessman in Boston, Massachusetts who contributed greatly to its ice industry. Wyeth was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Jacob and Elizabeth (Jarvis)[1] Wyeth.

Wyeth established Fort Williams on Sauvie Island at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. He was successful in that until his death in 1856. Wyeth offered to purchase supplies from Fort Vancouver then undersell American merchants rendezvous and resell the gained furs at a set price back at Vancouver. Nathaniel Buzolic’s net worth.

on various steamboats, which place we left for the prairies on 12 May with 21 men, three having deserted, and on 27 May three more deserted. After returning to the East Coast in 1836, Wyeth reentered the ice shipping business. Late in 1831 Wyeth began to doubt that Kelly's plan would come to fruition, so he organized a party of twenty men and departed for Oregon in 1832. [4] In 1837, after selling Fort William and Fort Hall to the HBC, Wyeth returned to Boston in debt of $20,000 after five years of attempts at establishing a commercial outpost in the Oregon Country.[4]. © 2020 He began his working career in the 1820s by acting as foreman for a company that harvested ice from Fresh Pond in Cambridge, and thus helping Boston's "Ice King" Frederic Tudor to establish New England's ice trade with the Caribbean, Europe, and India. Both times he was plagued by bad luck. When Wyeth was 30, Hall J. Kelley convinced him that the Oregon Country had excellent commercial prospects. [9][10], Hist.

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