nba 2k12 roster

You'll notice in a simmed season team FTA will range from like 2500-3300. Monroe suffers from David Lee syndrome - he can score at C but he cannot handle the defensive responsibilities of the position, which will doom him to putting up great numbers on losing teams if the team can't find a legit starting C. Andrea Bargnani had 68 Overall last year for the same reason, so a 75 for Monroe shows how much better a rebounder he is.JaVale McGee PER52.5 TS%11.6 ORB%23.5 DRB%3.2 AST%1.4 STL%7.5 BLK% (2nd in league)13.5 TO%19.8 USG%McGee conversely is a great shot blocker, but isn't much of an offensive player beyond his impressive dunks. Lockback, No ETA right now. You address passing when talking about "Ball Handling" but didn't go over their actual "ball handling" ability. As I said, Gasol's percentages would suffer if he took on a larger offensive load, whereas Amare's would benefit from a lesser offensive role. Gameplay matters quite a bit more than some rookie contracts that could honestly be edited in about 30 dedicated minutes. Hey Rashidi,Do your rosters only work best with the default sliders?

Thanks! This is soo depressing ...Brandon Knight is having a better season in every area...but the rating level is so one sided..... Brandon knight was a higher rated player coming out of college.... tracy Mcgrady get boosted? Not to mention, 55 points of 3pt to get a 1 pt overall boost.

:(. 1964-65 Celtics: K.C. Does anyone have an unlocked EuroLeague teams roster for NBA 2K14 Xbox 360? It was probably just a fluke as he is a career 24.5% shooter from 3 vs Pau's 22% and he has a whooping 6 more 3's made in his career, so where's the advantage really?You have them both as C- in ballhandling yet Pau averages over twice as many assists per game as Amare career-wise (and way less TO too), and if it's just last year Amare comes from a below average Assist Rate (10,17), and a career high in turnovers (3,2) vs Pau's Career low in turnovers (1,7) and way above average AR (18,89)Even if 2K counts blocks heavy, that's Amare's 1.9 per game to Pau's 1.6, theres really not that much of a difference (even more if you remember the 2 previous years Amare posted 1.1 blocks per game and is a career 1.5 (Vs. Pau's 1.7), and went back in the playoffs to 3 on 4 games (below 1) while Pau went back to his career average with 17 in 10, even having a bad series)But most importantly Amare allowed 0,91 points per possesion in the post on 46,3% shooting (league ranked 179), while Pau was 0,81 PPP on 44,1% (league ranked 93), so Pau's post defense rating should be considerably higher.PnR wise again, Amare allows 0,92 PPP (59th league wise wich is actually surprisingly good and DEFINITELY comes from PnRin' with Nash. Jeremy Lin.. Has he been playing like a PG deserving of 83 OVR, statistically? Any ETA on when your going to have fixed salaries? Not that your CAP rookies are bad (they look pretty good) but I would prefer real players and I pretty much exclusively use your roster. Simmed stats appear to rely wholly on rosters.Now, there must be a way to get high numbers of assists, since some PGs like Kidd or Conley have much higher APG than they ought to. However they are available in the update. "PC: Currently unavailable"i suppose you'll be releasing a pc roster? While Kerr is a new addition to the series, his previous experience with the NBA Live series had already familiarized him with gamers and his addition truly adds immersion to the game. At present, 325 players have been edited. There's just too much gameplay related that needs to take priority. I was just wondering when you think you will have a roster out with real rookies from 2k instead of CAP rookies? As long as the players perform as they are expected to, there isn't much else to be said. CP3 can get 10 APG with a shot tendency of 0.

This includes 2nd rounders. There is nothing special about what yup did here, and the 2k12 rankings are incredibly well done.

If so, can you explain why? His poor jump shooting was one of the biggest offensive flaws of the team last year, as it allowed teams to sag off LeBron with few other options to spread the floor. He won some 3pt shootout in China over the summer so it's something he continues to work on. However 2K's Overall rating for centers values defense first and foremost. Also why isn't David West in the free agent pool? Haven't checked the comments in awhile...---I believe I addressed the Monroe question on twitter.

I also appreciate the questioning.

Which helps explains Amare's higher grade. The 3pt rating ultimately does give Amare an extra overall point by a couple ticks.Gasol's shooting percentages are aided by playing w/ Kobe as he was nowhere near as efficient when playing alone in Memphis. Hearing the deal is off.
I just completed one team's ratings (Knicks) and now would like to work on their tendencies to see if I can get them playing properly. Which is what 2K Sports also attempts to do. Actually, since going to the Lakers it's where he's played the great majority of his minutes between Bynum's injuries and acting as the backup center in the rotation. He had a great block/steal season a couple years ago but has never repeated the success.

For example, cracking the starting line-up with one's My Player grants the "Defend Your Home Court" poster, and another poster when you earn Confererence Player of the Month and Most Valuable Player. By the way, Rashidi, some 360 user who knows hex editing told me that he did some tweaks to your uploaded roster in order for teams to have accurate default colors on home and away accesories ... he told me to ask you if you would like to use that roster file as base for your upcoming updates ? Work won't start on PS3 roster until the missing rookies are all added.

Nothing is planned right now for a PC roster. LU = Last Update. I know the CBA isn't done (and may not be done this season), but it'd be nice to play a real association with your guys.

And if you are planning on it, when will it be out?

Also the way reditor works (at least how it was explained in the past) is you input ratings into spreadsheet and then put it into reeditor. When you compare player to player and stat to stat.... in the fantasy league knight has been a higher rated player more often.... keep knight at 68...but bring walker down to 68 also is what I'm saying, I'm not judging you or what you do...imma straight pistons homer.....but I love the 2k and play with several teams....But if mcgrady is going to get boosted for bouncing back from injuries should jonas jerebeko of the pistons get boosted? It was released on October 4, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, Wii, and for the first time on iOS iPhone and iPad. He is averaging 12-3-3 in 32 mpg which is not good for a starting PG (only 3 assists in 30+ minutes???).

On the negative side, he doesn't finish well in traffic, isn't very athletic or explosive and his jump shot is very shaky. I was shocked to find they effect a players overall, in some cases drastically. This is a joke, you just took his ratings and adjusted for what actually happened. Does the listing of Bosh's rating as a SF mean that you have changed his secondary position to such?

There is more that goes into those defense grades, like steal and block rating, both of which Amare trumps Gasol at.

Shot tendency, of both the PG and his teammates. Philadelphia 76ers. And Dirk? Not including this shot that didn't count. by comparison is only 2-10 over the last three years (1-3 last season).

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