oki dog punk

Though not explicitly a punk locale, this unlikely burrito-stop on the northern fringe of Skid Row conjures up images of a bygone era of punks making absolute jackasses out of themselves at Oki Dog. Your email address will not be published. The tables were sticky. The hotdog stand is defiantly stripped-down and DIY.The stand's original incarnation on Santa Monica was a big draw for LA punks and hardcore kids in the early '80s. It was open late and made burritos as big as your arm for under $3. Then ant me. ha, that joint is shaaaady. location - the one where we 1970s punks would hang out forever into the night, enjoying the freak show of the pill-popping counter guys, totally speeded out, making the weirdest combination of … The Oki Dogs and Oki Burger must be on your bucket list! Walking by Oki Dog makes my heart skip a beat. The guy who seemed to be in charge was super nice. I love OKI DOG!! No sleep 'til Brooklyn!It's still a place where people can get some comfort food without going broke, or have an memorable punk-rock date. I'm hoping it's the bacon. The police and the neighbors put a damper on the fun. Ya. To top it all off this food matches the owners political views of the devil scumbag trump.Avoid at all costs, should be closed due to rats running outside. Really makes you wonder... What else is expired? “The lady in line behind me asked me excitedly, "Oh! We all had the Oki-Dog, two wieners, pastrami, chili and cheese wrapped in a tortilla.

Sure. They were approached by a police officer and told to "leave, faggots." But it is good. I ate the rest for breakfast and almost died.IT'S THAT GOOD!Luckily I got weight loss surgery (in part due to Oki Dog I'm sure)... so now I can only eat a quarter of one. You should come by just to see the place. This Day in Oki-Dog History: 25 September 2005.

The pastrami just completes it. Sure you can get a regular dog, or a chili dog, or a dog with cheese... but why stop there when you can get two huge sausages squeezed into a giant flour tortilla filled with fiery chili, cheese, and corned beef. Just a few blocks down Fairfax, a hotdog will run you twelve bucks, while the ones at Oki's only cost three bucks and change! Wanted to like it for the punk rock legend, but the food is among the worst I've had in Los Angeles lately.You're much better off at Carneys, though of course you pay more. Its a dive.

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".I am just thankful they're there. This place is so iconic and legendary. For those who boycott because they supported trump everyone is ENTITLED to their beliefs which makes this country great.
Maybe because it’s legendary in it’s own (perverse) right? Want cheese? Non menu gotta know type thing. ya. Instead of the Oki-Dog logo on the marquee it has a Trump for President though. And sadly, for our viewing pleasure, older men would show up in Cadilacs & Lincoln Continentals and take homeless male teenagers home for the night. While I waited the owner said ‘you gotta try one’.

Mayo? Just walking in here make you feel like you need a shower. Perfect place to go if you feel like getting hepatitis. If it says $3.75 then I'm gonna pay $3.75. Looking forward to seeing it live again. fries were good in a soggy hungry way.. […] BREAKING NEWS: OKI-DOG UPGRADED TO “B” HEALTH RATING … Oki-Dog: Why Is It So Fucking Fascinating? Apparently the fries are world class. The Oki Dogs and Oki Burger must be on your bucket list! I'm still on the hunt for the best burger! Yep. The food and the creatures that habitat the tables in and outside of the shanty like lean-to of a building. The guy answered "Aw, it's okay. You'll want your stomach to be made of steel. Like I handed him a $20 bill and he just sort of looked at it. Cheese? !#LifeIsGoodInHollywood #okidog #WolfmanPresents #MunchieMadness #burger #foodie #hungryaf #LA #Hollywood #NOFX ##WolfmanRaymond #fastfood #munchies. Then walks off. When pan-handling homeless punk kids showed up during the daytime with no money to buy food, they would be given free ice water and kim chee and told “YOU NO BUY NOTHING, YOU GO PUNK ROCK ISLAND!”. I'm still on the hunt for the best burger!

Are you getting the burrito with all the pastrami?" for Darby Crash and The Germs or cause its mentioned in NoFX songs. Learn more. Somewhat magically, said 80% would renew in January ’06. The tables were sticky. An Oki Dog is quite simply the biggest gut bomb imaginable.

And he actually bought me breakfast simply because I discovered it for him... lol. Literally... my body rebelled. They didn't fix the sign and soon that became the name. He is searching the board for the price. If I could review Oki Dog only through pictures I would... but you may be repulsed. It was THE punk rock meeting place in Hollywood for several years. It also had the Oki Dog for which it was named which was a couple of hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla with chili, pickles, … No taste and sloppy as fuk! My personal favorite is the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese and their hoagie roll!!! It seemed he went out of his way to practice terrible customer service. Decent. Chef walks out and sits down with his food.

The food is equally accidental... or so it seems. For starters this is the worst dog food you can find that people would for some reason pay for. They aren’t even that bad conceptually but the materials they use are disgusting. Avoid. The lady in line behind me asked me excitedly, "Oh! Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. They also make a good egg and kimchi wrap for 1.99$ that is so good. unwell unquestionably come further formerly again since exactly the same nearly... An impressive share! I’m from Canada eh. it’s a weird place. Rollins recalled one night when the two of them were eating together at Oki Dog, a popular post-gig eatery in Hollywood. I prefer Tommy's or Fat Burger's chili, but it was fine. Are they offering takeout, delivery, or both? Holy Cow!!! There are characters who just hang out, but they are friends of the guys who work there. I think Aldo Leopold wrote it best, "There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot. I get the dog.

He smiles at me.
Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! Did bribery play a role? An Oki Dog is quite simply the biggest gut bomb imaginable. I guess I  have a strong constitution. The manager wasn't apologetic, he blamed it on the store he bought them at and made her take a water instead of giving her her money back. And more fries than anyone can eat. I point it out. "My mind was blown. As you might expect, Losanjealous was on the scene. It’s now a Fatburger that ironically draws the same crowd. The one on Santa Monica blvd. This spot is og always stop by.try it all its all greatly priced..its open til 3am always cool if your out late night .it comes ..thru also they hook the fries up too.if youve never been definitely try it, Wolfman Presents: Munchie Madness! The fries were terrible. Thanks in support of sharing such a fastidious thought, post is fastidious, thats why i have read it entirely, I think you guys should not use WordPress nulled plugin. Were you all drunk when you ate your oki-dogs? It is run by some friendly, motley characters, who do their jobs and are nice. have you ever actually HAD an oki-dog?

Jimmy (the owner) was very good to all of us expecting nothing from us but to clean our messes up and to not cause trouble. We were served promptly, no nonsense. Hell McDonals is more then that. It is true that I have a serious, perhaps too serious, fascination with Oki-Dog, the amazing day-glo shack of weirdness on north Fairfax. They give you a lot of food for a cheap price. The guy who seemed to be in charge was super nice. $3.75. I was not a punker, but a homeless young woman at the time. As if John Waters had gotten into foodservice instead of film.God,I was one of those bitchy,neon haired miscreants.Yacked up an Oki dog after a Germs show once.I always loved them,though otherwise I’m a pretty healthy eater.Maybe they’re satisfying like a lot of other unwholesome lowbrow things;bad porn,heroin,gore movies,unprotected sex………………. They say anything. He recognized me instantly, I introduced him to my 19 yo daughter and her room mate.

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