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Dependant juveniles are very vocal when the adults arrive with food. Calls by captive family (peacock in background). Geographical variation: Over 30 subspecies worldwide.

They will also take small birds, rats and mice. This little local is learning to live with the help of Wingspan in Rotorua. Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic birds. The number of fledged chicks observed at this site at any one time has varied from three to four. Calling at dusk (noisy background includes song thrush & blackbird alarm calls), Territorial calls, with mobbing alarm calls from blackbird and song thrush, Short & long calls of at least 3 individual birds.

Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic birds. ; Robertson, H.A. Bull, P.C. The barn owl is a very pale, medium-sized owl with a distinctive white, heart-shaped face, black eyes and a pale bill. The little owl is a small grey-brown-and-white streaked owl that is widespread throughout the drier open country of the eastern and northern South Island. Oxford University Press, Melbourne. Barn owls are widespread on mainland Australia and on the islands of the Southwest Pacific. Keep old trees on your property so that morepork have nesting places.

Morepork nest in tree cavities, in clumps of epiphytes or among rocks and roots.

The field guide to the birds of New Zealand. The little owl is a small grey-brown-and-white streaked owl that is widespread throughout the drier open country of the eastern and northern South Island.

Guest, R. 1990.

Notify DOC if you see wildlife being harassed by people or dogs.

It is usually between 12-16 years old. The current nest tree entrance is c.11 m above ground level in an old puriri tree.

With the exception of one pair released in Rotorua, all were liberated in the South Island.

Little owls are solitary and are most often seen perched in the open in the late afternoon. Potential risks to endangered native bird species if barn owls establish and spread in New Zealand have not been assessed. 1999 (ed.). Voice: a loud hissing screech.

Morepork are commonly found in forests throughout mainland New Zealand and on offshore islands. ; Robertson, H.A. ; McArthur, N.; O’Donnell, C.F.J. The female alone incubates the eggs for about 20 to 30 days during which time the male brings in food for her. Improved technology and the use of automated recorders will help in this venture and will be tested in the near future.

4, parrots to dollarbird. Morepork are nocturnal, hunting at night for large invertebrates including beetles, weta, moths and spiders. (ed.) Morepork are speckled brown with yellow eyes set in a dark facial mask.

They often perch on fence posts alongside grass roadside verges, listening for prey. Viking, Auckland.

Christchurch, September 2011. ; Sagar, P.M.; Scofield, R.P. Watt, J.C. 1979. Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc. Heather, B.D. All the top brands at great prices with fast & free delivery for orders over $39.

; Turbott, E.G.,, Single birds have been recorded in New Zealand on a dozen occasions since 1947, and since 2008 a single pair has bred in Northland. Higgins, P.J.

Once the chicks hatch, the female stays mainly on the nest until the owlets are fully feathered. Foraging and roosting has been observed around cowsheds and poultry farms.

Volunteer to control predators and restore bird habitats.

Heather, B.D. Lovely natured hand reared baby Galah is now looking for her forever home. By day they roost in the cavities of trees or in thick vegetation. Put a bell on your cat's collar and feed it well. The long legs are fully covered with white feathers, down to the greyish toes.

The atlas of bird distribution in New Zealand. ; Hitchmough, R.A.; Miskelly, C.M.

1985. Its Māori name, ruru, reflects this call. If you have questions about bringing a pet to New Zealand, email If the bird falls ill, there is usually no choice but to take it to a veterinarian who specializes in raptors.

Coastal wildlife and your dog flyer (PDF, 1,170K). Little owls were introduced to New Zealand from Germany between 1906 and 1910, with the intention that they would help control the numbers of small introduced birds, which were becoming a pest in grain and fruit crops.

Other pets that cannot be imported into New Zealand are: ferrets; guinea pigs (except from Australia) mice and rats (except laboratory animals) snakes and other reptiles (except some reptiles for zoos). Notornis 7:208-209.

A barn owl on Little Barrier Island. Sabine Bernert The legs have thick white feathering all the way down to the pale yellow-grey toes. DOC is involved in testing methods for measuring the population of morepork so that we can determine if they are increasing or decreasing in areas where pests are being managed. This sound gives it the Māori name 'ruru'. Analysis of 18 pellets cast by the Kaitaia barn owls revealed they had consumed mice, rats and small birds, including house sparrow, greenfinch, yellowhammer, starling and a fernbird. Biodiversity inventory and monitoring toolbox.

Little owls were introduced with the intension that they would limit populations of introduced finches and sparrows, and thereby reduce crop damage.


Falla, R.A.; Rinney,T.

In Kaitaia a recently fledged barn owl was found with a broken wing probably caused by a collision with a wire fence, and an adult bird found dead with lacerations to its wing, likely the result of barbed wire. Although the more-pork or ruru call was thought to be a good sign, the high pitched, piercing, ‘yelp’ call was thought to be an ominous forewarning of bad news or events. Affectionate and playful personality. Breeding occurs during the months of October to January. They fly silently as they have soft fringes on the edge of the wing feathers.

In June 2008, two dead chicks were removed from the nest cavity.

Little owls are restricted to the South Island. 1990 Report on rare birds in New Zealand. Smuts-Kennedy, C.; Lovegrove, T. 1996. Oxford University Press, Melbourne. 2013. Shopping for your pet couldn't be easier with ; Robertson, C.J.R. ; Taylor, G.A. They can turn their head through 270 degrees.

Morepork are still considered to be relatively common but it is likely that numbers are in gradual decline due to predation and loss of habitat. Other restricted pets and animals. They are less common within the drier open regions of Canterbury and … Viking, New Zealand. Hand Reared Galah. Robertson, C.J.R. I got the feeling that they'd make wonderful pets. 1985. Vol.

They are less common within the drier open regions of Canterbury and Otago. The female can lay up to three eggs, but generally two, usually between September and November.

; Hyvönen, P.; Fraser, M.J.; Pickard, C.R.

Regular day and night-time monitoring of the transmittered birds will show where the territories are and give an indication of the actual numbers of birds. Learn how to plan and plant a garden to attract native birds. Answer: For a falconry license, the age varies by state. Additional birds were released in the Canterbury region around the same time. Barn owls in Australia can be prolific breeders with eggs found at any time of year.

Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antactic birds.

Its crown, nape, back and upper-wings are orangey buff and grey, delicately marked with white spots. Hyde, N.H.S. Classified summarised notes.

In New Zealand, little owls mainly eat insects (particularly beetles, also caterpillars, earwigs and moths); they eat small mammals, small birds, lizards and frogs. 1958. Free Shipping over $39.

In New Zealand in April 2008, an injured, fledgling barn owl was found in the vicinity of a known pair of barn owls. Unlike the morepork, they are often seen perched out in the open during the day. The largely non-overlapping distributions of little owl and morepork are suggestive of competitive exclusion.

Accepted records include: Barrytown 1947, Haast 1955, Rununga 1960, Papatoetoe 1983, Auckland International airport 1985, Hokitika 1988, Christchurch 1989, South Kaipara Heads 1990, New Plymouth 1991, Whenuapai 1992, Waikato 2001, Lyttelton 2001, and Kaitaia 2008. Wire fences and vehicle collisions are likely to be a threat to barn owls in New Zealand. The Kaitaia barn owls nest in open woodland within an open grass farmland matrix. They are also found in the Nelson region, but are rare on the West Coast.

First record of barn owls (Tyto alba) breeding in the wild in New Zealand.

The nearest populations outside of New Zealand are in Australia and the islands of the Southwest Pacific. Grant, P. 1960. A small, plump grey-brown owl with white streaks and spots, pale grey facial discs either side of their face below the eyes, and prominent white bands above the yellow eyes and below the chin. In Māori tradition the morepork was seen as a watchful guardian. 4, Parrots to dollarbird. They have a short tail. In New Zealand, barn owls are mainly quiet and unobtrusive, but they are vocal during the breeding season when the male takes a prominent perch and gives an incessant screech for 15-20 minutes. Barn owls are small rodent specialists but take birds also, depending on prey availability. Don't drive on riverbeds, or keep to formed tracks if you have to. ; Turbott, E.G. The little owl also has a shorter tail and a more flattened top to its head. Most veterinarians don't have the necessary training to properly care for … Often heard in the forest at dusk and throughout the night, the morepork is known for its haunting, melancholic call. Australian barn owl in Westland. Plant new (preferably native) trees so that morepork will have places to nest in the future. Head to tail they measure around 29 cm and the average weight is about 175 g. They have acute hearing and are sensitive to light.

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