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But it’s very hard to buy once you put Peter into the equation, and then on top of that add me, both of us at the high point of adolescence. Pearson said: "That was a very interesting book for her, revisiting the early life of her mother and her father and how they had been touched by the first world war. Doris Lessing’s greatest strength lay in her apparently inexhaustible facility for chronicling what one critic called the “inner experiences of unhappy women”. With her wryly funny take on post-war London and its working class inhabitants, Doris Lessing, in the tradition of the outsider, held up a mirror to England and English values. So why are you looking for them here? But our worlds were so different, Jean’s and mine, and so unimaginable each to the other, that the visit could only cause pain, and I think perhaps was intended to. Perhaps, without mentioning the children back in Africa, he had tried to rebalance the family. Perhaps the tone of voice with which the adult announces the visit is the main clue to the import of what is happening. Her novels were not uniformly good. Informed by a reporter in 2007 that she had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, she replied: “Oh, Christ”. You just get cross.’ ‘I’m very proud of myself that I had the guts to do it,’ she told Barbara Ellen of the Observer in 2001, ‘I’ve always said that if I hadn’t left that life, if I hadn’t escaped from the intolerable boredom of colonial circles, I’d have cracked up, become an alcoholic. Doris Lessing Obituary 10/22/1919 - 11/17/2013 | Visit Guest Book. ", Tributes pour in for Nobel prize-winning author of over 50 novels including The Golden Notebook, Doris Lessing with her prize insignia of the 2007 Nobel prize in literature. I was not a gift from Peter to his mother, but a curse. A bad Doris Lessing was odd enough to be desirable, a bad novel by an unknown was just a bad novel. The child is always noted, but in these mini-biographies or profiles, left to tag along. Many of her later books (for example, The Marriages between Zones Three, Four and Five; The Making of the Representative of Planet Eight; The Cleft) are hymns to atavistic battles; they describe trysts between men and women experiencing uncommon ecstasies of love and necessary separations, all unsullied by picking children up from school, or paying the gas bill late. I don’t know. His funeral included the Goons’ song, ‘Ying Tong Iddle I Po’, which he used to sing far too often; there was a reading about Eeyore being stuck in the river expressing his deep conviction that no one would rescue him; the Red Army Choir singing ‘Kalinka’ was another song Peter belted out and sang along with during the holidays; another A.A. Milne, this time, written for Winnie-the-Pooh, ‘The More It Snows (Tiddley Pom)’; and finally, Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’, the music by Hubert Parry, and sung at the end of every school year at St Chris with unthinking gusto. She was simply unable to understand it. That’s not to say that things didn’t sometimes happen to Peter, at least in those youthful days when generosity, solemnity and thoughtlessness could go hand in hand. In my mind’s eye, I have Peter tucked head first under Doris’s free arm, as if he were swimming down to land, but kept safe in his mother’s clutch. What is all this nonsense about periods of adjustment, unequal feelings? People left smiling. I had no way of denying it. But however highly you value Doris’s wisdom in her books, what is happening here? It was an honour for HarperCollins to publish her. No life at all, except perhaps an exotic inner life. As a literary critic, she was inadequate; as a writer, she stood alone. Where did you drop them? I’m sure she would have brought Africa along with her if she could have, but nothing was going to keep her there if it wasn’t going to be the Africa she wanted. Sid left his half-cold coffee and the unpaid bill. P eter Lessing died in his flat, of a heart attack, in the early hours of 13 October 2013, aged 66. During the early 1940s, Doris Lessing was active in organising a Communist group. Some readers loyally followed her on her galactic mission; others grumbled and waited for her to return to her senses and realism. I’m saying only that I was there, or was told first hand, and have remembered things thus and so, which might make what I recall a mite closer to the facts of the matter. While she still believed, she wrote novels out of the experience. It’s part of the culture now. It was clear from my voice that something was up, so I told her what she had unwittingly parachuted into. I’m really not sure. He was born in … She was already at a great age, and I could see she was tired. ‘But,’ I said, ‘you don’t see; I don’t care what people think of me, even if there was anything to think.’ I checked myself up and down, a quick but thorough examination, and found nothing quaking or solid matter liquidising, not even the hint of a headache, not the slightest desire for drugs or other chemicals that would assuage the terror that I really didn’t have about anything. Years later, a friend told me that in the past Peter had said to him that ‘the worst thing that could happen to me would be if Jenny became a successful novelist.’ It wasn’t my fault that I was, as papers and magazines have suggested, a cuckoo in Peter’s nest. Read anywhere with the London Review of Books app, available now from the App Store for Apple devices, Google Play for Android devices and Amazon for your Kindle Fire. Eventually she exploded, talking to the women as if they were children who knew nothing about the world and its difficulties. In her books as well as in life, she explored the possibilities of psychoanalysis, telepathy, meditation, déjà vu and dreams. From then on, Doris Lessing was established and the other books came swiftly. I mention these two puffs of fantasy to emphasise that I’m not attempting anything like a biography of Doris or Peter Lessing, still less my own autobiography: I’m writing a memoir, a form that in my mind plays hide and seek with the truth. Doris Lessing, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist, who has died aged 94, was one of the towering figures of modern literature; in the course of a writing career that spanned the latter half of the 20th century, she commented on its grand sweeps and shed light on its many absurdities. How stupid can you people get? I could see that. But I knew that others were. She was less than enthusiastic about marriage, once remarking: “I do not think marriage is one of my talents. What surprises me, given that her life in her twenties through to her forties encompassed several of the touchiest aspects of some of the touchiest subjects in social discourse – motherhood, the parental division of labour, sex roles, gender identity, the family and its constitution, ambitious women, sexually active women and so on – is that no one much cared. Pausing rather crossly on her front path, she said: "One can get more excited", and went on to observe that since she had already won all the other prizes in Europe, this was "a royal flush". They were received in silence, no one took or was invited to take a different position. And it was true that the argument stopped for the time being, even if the details of the argument remained unresolved. I don’t have favourite walks (or even like walking), but Doris did. With The Fifth Child (1988) she resurrected the myth of the changeling to paint a merciless picture of ruined family life. A lesson I certainly learned in part from Doris. But, he said, now moving in with the big weapon, you can have a real influence on what people think of you. This site requires the use of Javascript to provide the best possible experience. I have no idea how people disembarked from a plane. In The Four-Gated City (1969), the last in the Children of Violence series, Doris Lessing moved her writing away from the sturdy realism of her earlier novels into the realms of the fantastic and the paranormal. To each of these beliefs, she brought a tireless enthusiasm that sometimes obscured judgment. If there is only so much social energy to go round in any given group, you could say that I elbowed in, loud, loving argument and discussion, and took Peter’s portion. Healthy people don’t lie down in the middle of the road and allow a bus to roll over them – not unless something in them is acting out damage done long before. ", Nick Pearson, her editor at HarperCollins/4th Estate, said: "I adored her.". Again I doffed my cap at Doris, her withering looks and shrugs. I suppose I was seen as too close now to the subject not to be considered a danger. Lessing's last novel, although several earlier books have since been re-released as e-books, was Albert and Emily, published in 2008. The best among her short story collections, for example, The Habit of Loving (1957) and To Room Nineteen (1978), are tantalising glimpses into the hearts and lives of many different kinds of people, described with a vision accentuated by the demands of brevity. To the end of her life, she remained immensely pleased with her lack of education. She was a prolific writer, producing approximately a book a year for nearly 60 years. Please include name, address and a telephone number. He was 16. Come round and have a cup of tea and we can talk sensibly about it.’ I put the phone down and before I’d finished my sentence telling Roger what Doris had said, we were both laughing helplessly in recognition of the simplicity with which Doris approached little matters like leaving a husband or wife and sorting out the children. I was in the privileged position of having enough money to live on from teaching, and then when I had a breakdown and actually started to write my first novel she gave me an allowance. What kind of eulogy could be written for a man who from 19 had never worked or had a proper job, no real relationships, sexual or otherwise, who had barely gone outside for the last half of his life, who lived alone with his mother, lay on his bed when he wasn’t watching television in the afternoon and evening and eventually became so gross, in the sense of fat and uncouth, that very few people could put up with it? I was impressed with his technique, but very far from persuaded. She had been a tomboy who wanted to hang on to the privileges that boys and men had. Even then, as with Ruth Ellis, the last woman executed in England, there is an evil, compelling genius – David Blakeley, murdered by her as her only escape – or, as with Myra Hindley, an evil, compelling ‘mad’ genius, Ian Brady, virtually taking over her soul by making her do the most unimaginable harm to innocent children. His friends from St Christopher’s came and we remembered the fun we sometimes had at Charrington Street, sitting around the kitchen table, or gathered up in Peter’s room. The manuscript was in the suitcase she carried, they say. (Gottfried died, an ambassador for East Germany, in an ambush in Uganda in 1979.) Reading Jenny Diski’s judicious discussion of Doris Lessing’s voluntary separation from two of her three children, I was reminded of hearing the topic raised at an event in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the mid-1970s (LRB, 30 July).

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