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There is no way to know..you are correct. I'm going to have to send these style gauges out to be backdated. I guess I ought to say "long-hood" instead, but in 1974, Porsche added impact bumpers that changed the look of the 911. The absense of a sunroof (which, including the mechanism, weighs like 90lbs btw) made this car a great performer when paired with the 911 engine. There'd be benefits for those of us in other parts of the globe, too. As soon as we get those flares on, the car will be ready for assembly. Over here in the US, the VarioRam was first introduced in later model 993s. ProtoSport will handle it. *Engine or Engine Parts Request:  Use the box below to describe I believe they're actually different than the SC flares (but not sure), so I'll have to deal with that later. I don't like my cars to be any other color than black and this car was white, so I wasn't really that interested. A pair of vacuum actuators (one per side) retract the trumpets so the primary runners breath from both upper and lower intake tract and throttle bodies. Thanks for tuning in. Part 2 is on the way! Nice little RSR conversion in the background there. I had to get a damn Geiger counter to make sure it was safe to work on. Mine, as you know, are polished. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll be ready by the time you're here, but I'm trying to get the car into the body shop this week (flares, paint, window seals, hood latch, etc.). A little over 1 day left everyone to bid on the coolest 912 on the planet. The owner however, offered to take me for a ride in the car. I've had my eye on this little piece for years, and it's been sitting in a display case for a very long time. When you enter the #'s into the PET, you get a "superceeded part #". It even has my beloved mirror (except one too many for my taste). The other option is to just put the damn SC flares on and try to forget about it. I've been trying to move heaven and earth to get these damn flares. With a simple ECU reflash and a nice exhaust, this lump will make a solid 300 peak hp at the crank on regular gas, and more bottom end torque than a 3.8 (because Vario Ram manifold)! That gives it a power to weight ratio of 6.7. Maybe it'd be cooler to leave it alone. They are a strange offset and the tires looked more square than the front ones when stretched over the 9's. I went with LED lights. This car will weigh an estimated 2000 lbs and make 300 hp (and believe me, that's a conservative #, because the engine reflash and exhaust could give this car up to 320 hp). This is exactly how I want my car to look, except black. The difference in time between a straightforward reseal/rebuild and a big power build could be months. In the Porsche 912, the four-cylinder engine from the Porsche 356 was installed. He got rid of the cookie cutter wheels and got a proper set of Fuchs. If it's still light enough, then perhaps I'll put a few light speakers in there. I just got the chrome headlight rings. Enough said? If I find them, I'll put 'em up. With 2 clocks, you can be right 4x per day. Based in the engine room at our brand new, state of the art building, this is an enviable opportunity to work with great people for … The ECU is being plugged in tmrrw and theyr'e working on the exhaust. They can safely and reliably extract 800+ hp from the air-cooled cars, and over 1000 hp from the later 911's. The shop owner said no one has pressed the buttons in years, so I'm amazed that there's still energy stored in that mechanism. They make me want to achieve some kind of success so I can have such fun. The 904 inspired hand formed aluminum scoop feeds air over the cooler. I can see that the tire says P6000. The 911 Turbo and 911 GT3 are saddled with an engine-size tax worth 25 percent of their already-lofty pricetags, while the Carrera, Carrera S, Targa, and new Carrera T wind up stuck with a 12 percent engine tax. The good news is that Porsche offers these flares new. Looks like the owner before the previous owner had it wrapped in black vinyl. Everyone in this industry knows that you cannot give a complete estimate until you have taken apart the engine. With the 3.6 VarioRam and the narrow body, the car should be be positively lethal! Porsche replaced the 912 with the 914. Even though the RS flare was made to accomodate a 9" wide wheel (on the track), I've never seen or heard of one delivered with this option. You have to break the paint anyway, right? The clock was in a box, which was stolen, Can't even tell you how pissed I am about that! fuel source (carbureted, MFI, EFI), and what exactly will the BreitWerks will work with you to ensure we select and install the most effective replacement for your specific application. parts we have in stock. A base 911 Carrera costs $91,100 in the U.S. build, or high performance searching for a certain Porsche 356 - 912 - 911 - 930 rebuilt or Hard to believe but true. submit the following information (Please only submit your Engine In the other left-side quarter behind the left rear wheel, houses the spin on WIX oil filter. Stick on another 12 percent, and you're looking at a price of $102,032. Apparantly that's kind of the same way a 993 oil cooler sits in a 993 (see video explanation). If any one whats to add or question any thing I post please do. document.write(''); This is, apparently, the quickest 991-generation Porsche in the world. Please Note:The entire suspension and brake systems have been renewed. The correct one is a huge, ugly, grey colored, saussage-shaped monstrousity. 3. Some are street car guys, others are track car guys, and some fall somewhere between. There are many more tire choices available for 16". Polished is too bight. It's fantastic body work. This was a sort of cheap and dirty way to get a 911... buy a used 912 and put the flat six in it.. I plan to dd this car and want to be able to take wifey out in it and have her be comfortable. Tell us about the suspension setup please. The car feels fantastic! Not sure if want. Now the question is, does it belong in the cockpit of this car? If you were to try and make a fiberglass hood for this project, you might have to lay down so much fiberglass that it winds up being so heavy it's not worth the trouble in making it out of FG. Sorry its been a while I took a break from the engine to go to a boy scout camp with my son. 993 Headers coupled to a very inconspicuous looking, but very angry sounding exhaust. I just got a RennShift for my 901 box, I know the guy from the 914 boards and he's VERY helpful and easy to work with. At least I can get the iPod interface to work. The bottom one a Carrera flare. The case was cleaned, inspected, and then wrapped in plastic while the original forged crank was being turned, balanced, magnafluxed and heat treated. build your Porsche  356 - 912 - 911 - 930 engine, Turns out I won't need to keep looking for the pics of the bodywork! ..the trust you must put in me to DIR. 5. Been test driving. Back on track! Unfortunately, I failed to realize that the '73 RS had wider fender flares than the '76 911/12, so we're going to have to go back now and weld on some proper RS flares. Look at those things!!!! Price Request if you are either a PERFORMANCE & DESIGN customer or you are seriously considering having us The offset is very well suited for an unmodified SWB rear quarter. He put white numbers and red needles on the early (green) gauges!! the Porsche 356 - 912 - 911 - 930 engine you're I'd be willing to exchange them both for a $50 donation to either March of Dimes or Memorial Sloan Kettering. All Rights Reserved. It can be equally annoying if the gear throws are too short. They are by far, the fastest Porsches I have ever been in or driven. Carrera tail replaced the standard decklid. It will out handle most 911s and other vintage sports cars in my opinion. #theRinstitute #stinger912r #1 #1670lbswet#lighterisbetter #1720ccracemotor. This Turbo Targa has 301 hp. Can the flares currently on the car be hammered into the correct shape? @the_r_institute. When they were ready to replace the 914 with with the 924, they brought the 912 back from the dead. ....however, my daily driving style is to match the revs practically every single time, unless of course I'm using the clutch as a brake. They did indeed get sick from eating radium. Chrome can be like opening up a can of worms. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. To receive a PERFORMANCE & DESIGN estimated price to rebuild, restore, custom There's no doubt the 915 can handle the power of a NA 993 motor, but mating it up with a clutch and flywheel requires some skill. Almost bulletproof! I went with Patrickvr6's suggestion. As to the gauges, I'm going with the green!! If it doesn't work, easily reversible. This is the hard part of the transformation. ..(a classic beauty, driving a classic beauty ....the beautiful and talented Belgian driver - Vanina Ickx ). Interiors, stereo, ICE, fabrics... whatever you want. My friend went on to tell me that the car is a lightweight 911 that seemed to be exceptionally quick for a MFI 2.7.

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